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Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization: 4th International Conference, EMO 2007, Matsushima, Japan, March 5-8, 2007, Proceedings / Edition 1

Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization: 4th International Conference, EMO 2007, Matsushima, Japan, March 5-8, 2007, Proceedings / Edition 1


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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, EMO 2007, held in Matsushima, Japan in March 2007. The 65 revised full papers presented together with 4 invited papers are organized in topical sections on algorithm design, algorithm improvements, alternative methods, applications, engineering design, many objectives, objective handling, and performance assessments.

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ISBN-13: 9783540709275
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #4403
Edition description: 2007
Pages: 954
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Table of Contents

Invited Talks.- Aspiration Level Methods in Interactive Multi-objective Programming and Their Engineering Applications (Abstract of Invited Talk).- Improving the Efficacy of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Real-World Applications (Abstract of Invited Talk).- Decision Making in Evolutionary Optimization (Abstract of Invited Talk).- MOEAs in the Design of Network Centric Systems (Abstract of Invited Talk).- Algorithm Design.- Controlling Dominance Area of Solutions and Its Impact on the Performance of MOEAs.- Designing Multi-objective Variation Operators Using a Predator-Prey Approach.- Capabilities of EMOA to Detect and Preserve Equivalent Pareto Subsets.- Optimization of Scalarizing Functions Through Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization.- Reliability-Based Multi-objective Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms.- Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms on Complex Networks.- On Gradient Based Local Search Methods in Unconstrained Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization.- Algorithm Improvements.- Symbolic Archive Representation for a Fast Nondominance Test.- Design Issues in a Multiobjective Cellular Genetic Algorithm.- FastPGA: A Dynamic Population Sizing Approach for Solving Expensive Multiobjective Optimization Problems.- Constraint-Handling Method for Multi-objective Function Optimization: Pareto Descent Repair Operator.- Steady-State Selection and Efficient Covariance Matrix Update in the Multi-objective CMA-ES.- A Multi-tiered Memetic Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Design of Quantum Cascade Lasers.- Local Search in Two-Fold EMO Algorithm to Enhance Solution Similarity for Multi-objective Vehicle Routing Problems.- Mechanism of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Maintaining the Solution Diversity Using Neural Network.- Alternative Methods.- Pareto Evolution and Co-evolution in Cognitive Game AI Synthesis.- The Development of a Multi-threaded Multi-objective Tabu Search Algorithm.- Differential Evolution versus Genetic Algorithms in Multiobjective Optimization.- EMOPSO: A Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer with Emphasis on Efficiency.- A Novel Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on ?-Domination and Orthogonal Design Method for Multiobjective Optimization.- Molecular Dynamics Optimizer.- Applications.- Sequential Approximation Method in Multi-objective Optimization Using Aspiration Level Approach.- Multi-objective Optimisation of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Drive Train and Driving Strategy.- Multiobjective Evolutionary Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting.- Heatmap Visualization of Population Based Multi Objective Algorithms.- Multiplex PCR Assay Design by Hybrid Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm.- ParadisEO-MOEO: A Framework for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization.- Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Resource Allocation Problems.- Multi-objective Pole Placement with Evolutionary Algorithms.- A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach for Phylogenetic Inference.- On Convergence of Multi-objective Pareto Front: Perturbation Method.- Combinatorial Optimization of Stochastic Multi-objective Problems: An Application to the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem.- Evolutionary Algorithm Based Corrective Process Control System in Glass Melting Process.- Bi-objective Combined Facility Location and Network Design.- Local Search Guided by Path Relinking and Heuristic Bounds.- Rule Induction for Classification Using Multi-objective Genetic Programming.- Combining Linear Programming and Multiobjective Evolutionary Computation for Solving a Type of Stochastic Knapsack Problem.- Hybridizing Cellular Automata Principles and NSGAII for Multi-objective Design of Urban Water Networks.- Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms to Assess Biological Simulation Models.- Engineering Design.- Improving Computational Mechanics Optimum Design Using Helper Objectives: An Application in Frame Bar Structures.- A Multi-objective Approach to the Design of Conducting Polymer Composites for Electromagnetic Shielding.- Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization of Steel Structural Systems in Tall Buildings.- Multi Criteria Decision Aiding Techniques to Select Designs After Robust Design Optimization.- MOGA-II for an Automotive Cooling Duct Optimization on Distributed Resources.- Individual Evaluation Scheduling for Experiment-Based Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization.- A Multiobjectivization Approach for Vehicle Routing Problems.- Designing Traffic-Sensitive Controllers for Multi-Car Elevators Through Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization.- On the Interactive Resolution of Multi-objective Vehicle Routing Problems.- Radar Waveform Optimisation as a Many-Objective Application Benchmark.- Many Objectives.- Robust Multi-Objective Optimization in High Dimensional Spaces.- Substitute Distance Assignments in NSGA-II for Handling Many-objective Optimization Problems.- Pareto-, Aggregation-, and Indicator-Based Methods in Many-Objective Optimization.- Quantifying the Effects of Objective Space Dimension in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization.- Objective Handling.- Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Procedures for Certain Large-Dimensional Multi-objective Optimization Problems: Employing Correntropy and a Novel Maximum Variance Unfolding.- I-MODE: An Interactive Multi-objective Optimization and Decision-Making Using Evolutionary Methods.- Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization and Decision-Making Using Modified NSGA-II: A Case Study on Hydro-thermal Power Scheduling.- Acceleration of Experiment-Based Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Using Fitness Estimation.- Prediction-Based Population Re-initialization for Evolutionary Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization.- Performance Assessments.- multi-Multi-Objective Optimization Problem and Its Solution by a MOEA.- The Hypervolume Indicator Revisited: On the Design of Pareto-compliant Indicators Via Weighted Integration.- The Multiple Multi Objective Problem – Definition, Solution and Evaluation.- Adequacy of Empirical Performance Assessment for Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimizer.- A Comparative Study of Progressive Preference Articulation Techniques for Multiobjective Optimisation.- Test Problems Based on Lamé Superspheres.- Overview of Artificial Immune Systems for Multi-objective Optimization.

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