Evolving Complexity: Time's Arrows and the Physics of Emergence

Evolving Complexity: Time's Arrows and the Physics of Emergence

by Harrison Crecraft




This book reveals a bold new physical explanation for “Why are we here?” Physics currently just offers reversible explanations, such as the universe somehow started off in an exceptionally improbable state, or there are multiple universes but we perceive only this exceptional one.

Physics interprets nature as friction-free and reversible. This means there can be no selection of possibilities. The future, as well as the past, is set in stone, and free will is only an illusion.

Dr. Crecraft corrects the accident of history that has led physics to interpret nature as reversible and deterministic, despite quantum randomness and our own experience. He extends physics’ existing conceptual foundation to accommodate the emergence and evolution of complexity. The book provides clear and specific explanations for:

· Why the universe has evolved to the point that we can ponder its origin;

· Time’s thermodynamic arrow of dissipation;

· Time’s second arrow of progress;

· The origins of cooperation and competition in evolving systems.

Understanding the emergence, evolution and behavior of complex systems is critical as we navigate our way through this increasingly complex world.

About The Author:

Harrison Crecraft holds a PhD in geological sciences. Throughout his career, he has probed beneath the surface to understand the “what” of complex non-equilibrium geological systems. In order to understand the “why” of evolving complexity, he has explored the conceptual foundations of physics and thermodynamics. His investigations have revealed not only why complexity evolves, but also why physics and thermodynamics have failed to shed light on this fundamental drive of nature.

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