Ex-sistere: Women's Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures

Ex-sistere: Women's Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures

by Maria Jesus Lorenzo-Modia (Editor)




This collection of critical essays addresses literary discourses on the mobility of women writers in various Atlantic regions of Europe. These literary systems (Ireland, Galicia, and Wales) experienced a rebirth in the second half of the twentieth century through their respective modern cultural artefacts, and the first decades of the present century have seen new research exploring emergent literatures in Europe, new European identities on the move, and even the dialogue between the various cultures of the Atlantic archipelago. This book centres on women writers and how they deal in their work with the issue of mobility. Authors and critics have tended to analyse travel by focusing on the transgression of patriarchal models of Western societies by white, middle-class women, these previously being mainly restricted to the private sphere, as well as on postcolonial issues with ethno- and Euro-centric slants. Notions of the construction of otherness are at stake here, in that even white women may be considered as belonging to a different ethnic group when they are migrants, thus showing how vulnerable and dependent women can be when isolated in a different environment. The narrative of history as progress may also be challenged in the twenty-first century by visions of nomadic women at risk of being displaced, both in their homeland and abroad.

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About the Author

Maria Jesus Lorenzo-Modia is Full Professor of English Literature at Universidade da Coruna, Spain, and Dean of the Faculty of Philology. Her main research interests are modern and contemporary literature by women, translation, reception and cultural studies. She has edited several collections of essays on language and literature, has published on a wide range of topics in academic journals, and has contributed chapters to several international books, such as Invalids in War: Illness and the Irish Conflict in Medbh McGuckian (2010), Eighteenth-Century Irish Authors as New and Elegant Amusements for the Ladies of Great Britain (2011), James Joyce and His Female Predecessors (Papers on Joyce, 2011/2012), and The Reception of George Eliot in Spain (2015).

Table of Contents

Foreword Declan Kiberd ix

Introduction María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia 1

Galician Literature

Women's Mobility in Contemporary Galician Literature: From 'Widows of the Living' to 'I Too Wish to Navigate' María López Sández 10

Naming the Foreign: External Toponymy in Galician Poetry Written by Women (2000-2009) María Xesús Nogueira Pereira 27

The Chronotope of Galician Migration in Eva Moreda's A Veiga é coma an tempo distinto (2011) Olivia Rodríguez González 54

Virtudes and Isabel: Two Galician Women in London Xesús Fraga 74

Irish Literature

Ireland, Spain and Galicia in the Work of Honor Tracy José Francisco Fernández 96

The Discourses of Identity and Emigration in Christina Reid's Tea in a China Cup Ma Dolores Gómez Penas Ma Amelia Fraga Fuentes 111

On Not Leaving Belfast in Trouble: Medbh McGuckian as a Symbol of Irish Resistance María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia 136

Stand Still: Photographs of Irish Migrating Women Mamiela Palacios González 154

Welsh Literature

Indian Defences: Mobile Identities in Nikita Lalwani's Gifted Kevin Mills 190

Mobility, Migration and Settling in Mid-Wales Chris Kinsey 206

Contributors 221

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