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Exchanges: Reading and Writing About Consumer Culture / Edition 1

Exchanges: Reading and Writing About Consumer Culture / Edition 1

by Ted Lardner, Todd Lundberg
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With general discussions from focused case studies, and academic and popular sources, Exchanges engages students and teachers in an analysis of consumer culture. Through readings that explore the intersection between consumerism and key themes-such as group and personal identity, education, entertainment, and place-the book documents the social space we inhabit. Pre-writing exercises, group work, and writing assignments involving Internet research explore consumer culture and illustrate how human beings are consumers, biologically and socially. For anyone interested in consumer culture.

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ISBN-13: 9780321037992
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 07/24/2000
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 656
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents


1. Life in a Consumer Culture.

Cultural Expectations and Personal Choices.

Writing in the Academic Community.

Exchanges and You.

2. Reading and Writing: Working Effectively with Exchanges.

Reading a Text.

Your Role as a Critical Reader.

Reacting to the Writer's Ideas.

Writing Summaries.

Your Role as an Inventor.

Your Role as a Collaborator.

Three Critical Moves in the Discourse of College.

Your Role as a Rewriter.

Writing to Participate.


3. Consuming Choices.

Background Readings.

Mark Sagoff, Do We Consume Too Much?.

Malcolm Gladwell, The Science of Shopping.

Louis Uchitelle, Keeping Up with the Gateses?.

Judith Williamson, Consuming Passions.

Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer, Blur.

Case in Point Readings-Adventures into Shopping Malls: Acquiring Goods, Creating Community.

David Guterson, Enclosed. Encyclopedic Endured. One Week at the Mall of America.

Sara Boxer, I Shop, Ergo I Am: The Mall as Society's Mirror.

Diane Barthel, Consuming History.

John Fiske, Radical Shopping in Los Angeles: Race, Media and the Sphere of Consumption.

Mariwyn Evans, Let Us Entertain You.

Writing Projects.

4. Social Groups and Shared Identity.

Background Readings.

Daniel Harris, Out of the Closet, and into Never-Never Land.

Andrew J. Hacker, Dividing American Society.

bell hooks, Re-Thinking the Nature of Work.

Roberto Suro, Children of the Future.

Case in Point Readings-The Group at the Center: Finding the Middle Class.

Anita Gates, America Has a Class System. See 'Fraiser'.

William McDonald, Movies Find a Way to Close the Glass Divide..

Susan Sheehan, Ain't No Middle Class.

Linda Chavez, An Emerging Middle Class.

Barbara Ehrenreich, The Yuppie Strategy.

Deirdre McCloskey, Bourgeois Blues".

5. Advertising: The Discourse of Consumerism.

Background Readings.

Jib Fowles, The Surface of the Advertisement: Composed and Consumed.

Irene Costera Meijer, Advertising Citizenship.

Stuart and Elizabeth Ewen, Shadows on the Wall.

Mary Kuntz, Is Nothing Sacred?.

Case-in-Point Readings: Public Images of Illegal Drugs: (Un)selling Bad Habits.

Annetta Miller and Elisa Williams, Peddling a Social Cause.

Barry MaCaffrey, The Next Front in the Drug War: The Media.

Jacob Sullum, Victims of Everything.

Ann Cooper, An Overdose on Reality.

Darrel&lgrave; Dawsey, Hard to Earn: On Work and Wealth.

Joshua Wolf Shenk, America's Altered States.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Advertisements.

This Is Your Brain On Drugs print advertisement.

Frying Pan television advertisement.

Teeth television advertisement.

Drain Cleaner television advertisement.

The Power of Grandma" print advertisement.

Writing Projects.

6. Entertainment: The Commodification of Enjoyment.

Background Reading.

Susan Douglas, Where the Girls Are.

Michael Mandel, Mark Landler et al., The Entertainment Economy.

Jamie Wolf, The Blockbuster Script Factory.

Neal Gabler, Life is a Movie.

Sallie Tisdale, Silence, Please..

Case in Point Readings: Women of Walt Disney: Selling Femininity from Cinderella to Mulan.

Scott Heller, Dissecting Disney.

Jill Birnie Henke, Diane Zimmerman Umble, and Nancy J. Smith, Construction of the Female Self: Feminists Readings of the Disney Heroine.

Laura Sells, Where Do the Mermaids Stand?

Movie Reviews.

James Bowman, Everything Old Is New Again.

Richard W. Hill, Sr., The Pocahontas Phenomenon, .

Elizabeth Chang, Noted With Resignation.

Steven Watts, The Disney Doctrine.

Michael Eisner, A Work in Progress.

7. Education: Investing in the Future.

Background Readings.

Rebecca Jones, Kids as Education Customers.

Mark Edmundson, On the Uses of a Liberal Education.

Jane Tompkins, The Cloister and the Heart.

Chris Liska Carger, Fading Dreams, Enduring Hope.

Deborah Meier, Choice Can Save Public Education.

Case in Point Readings: Higher Education: Looking For the College Premium.

Eric Hedegaard, The Undergraduate.

James Traub, Drive-thru U.

Darcy Frey, The Last Shot.

Gloria Steinem, Why Young Women Are More Conservative.

Ira Shore, Is Education a Great Equalizer?

Writing Projects.

8. Identity in Black and White: Negotiating Personal and Public Selves.

Background Readings.

Farai Chideya, Race Right Now.

Lena Williams, It's the Little Things.

Toi Derricotte, Diaries at an Artists Colony.

Robert Brooke, An Overview of Identity Negotiations Theory.

Case in Point Readings: Hip Hop Crossover: The Inner City Comes to Suburbia.

Marc Speigler, Marketing Street Culture: Bringing Hip-Hop Style to the Mainstream..

James Ledbetter, Immitation of Life.

Geneva Smitherman, They Done Taken My Blues and Gone.

Allison Samuels and John Leland, Rebirth of the Cool.

Armond White, On the Charts, Off the Covers: For Hip-Hop Acts that Boom, the Media Have No Room.

Eric L. Smith, Hip-hoppreneurs.

9. Our Places, Our Selves: Where We Come From, Who We Are.

Background Readings.

Wendell Berry, Conservation and Local Economy.

Yi-fu Tuan, Neighborhood.

John Brinckerhoff Jackson, The Accessible Landscape.

Dolores Hayden, Urban Landscape History: The Sense of Place and the Politics of Space.

Case in Point Readings: The Future is a Border: Crossing a Map Of Contested Terrains.

David McLemore, Hue and Cry: Writer's Purple House Has Caused a Stir in San Antonio.

Robert Kaplan, The Rusted Iron Curtain.

Richard Rodriguez, Poncho Pioneer.

Greg Hanscom, Tribes Reclaim Stolen Lands.

Joel Garreau, Edge City: Life on the New Frontier.

William L. Hamilton. How Suburban Design is Failing Teen-agers.

Writing Projects.

Points of Exchange.



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