Exclusive / A Touch of Heaven

Exclusive / A Touch of Heaven

by Samantha Chase

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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ISBN-13: 9781492622680
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 206,460
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she's not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene...oh, and spending time with her husband of 27 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

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Exclusive / A Touch of Heaven 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 6 months ago
Two books in one from Samantha Chase is a win/win in my opinion. The characters were strong and I found them all easy to relate too. Exclusive Taylor Scott is given the opportunity to interview a famous reclusive author, an opportunity she leaps at as this could more her career to the top. Little does she know that this interview will change her life in more ways that one. The author’s assistant Mike turns out to be a man from her past? Has fate put him in her pathway for a reason? What will happen when Taylor has to chose between her career and her chance at love? Can she chose one over the other or is she doomed? A Touch of Heaven Regan Amerson is deeply attached to her family home and is resentful that her mother has decided to sell. When fate intervenes and her mother is chosen to get her home renovated Regan has more to deal with than ever before. Sawyer Bennett is the host of the renovation show and he finds himself attracted to Regan who wants nothing to do with him. Can Sawyer get through the walls that Regan has erected and show her that he is worth taking a risk on?
Lelim0612 3 days ago
OK Ladies, do you like romance? Well this book is romance times two. You get two wonderful stories for the price of one by the phenomenal author Samantha Chase. This is a re-release of two of Ms. Chase’s previously released books with some tweaks (sorry, I do not know the tweaks because I had not previously read these books). So here is my review: Exclusive: I really love it when two people go from friends to love interest to lovers. Mike and Taylor knew each other in school years back. Mike was the kid in school that many of the parents and other kids frowned upon, because of his penchant for getting into trouble. But Taylor, she never held Mike’s past against him, and he never forgot that. He was half in love with her back then, but Taylor was dating Mike’s best friend and so, in his eyes, she was off limits. Fast forward 10 years, Mike now works for the famous reclusive author Jonathan Wade. Taylor has been invited to come up to Maine for two weeks and interview the famous author. She is finally going to make a name for herself. Best of all, she finds out that the Michael Greene that works for Mr. Wade is the same Mike Greene she knew in school. However, Mike is still a bit of an idiot. No, ladies, I am not going to tell you why, and spoil the book for you. I will say I loved reading about these two falling in love. I could not put my reader down until I was done with this story. These two were meant for each other. A Touch of Heaven Back when I had more time to watch TV, my two favorite channels were the Food Network, and HGTV. I loved watch all of the creativity happening on all of the shows. I nearly flipped when I read the blurb for this story. It reminded me about some of the shows I used to watch on HGTV. BUT, this, this was SOOOOOOO much better!!!! This story certainly ran the gamut of emotions for me. I definitely got the warm and fuzzies, while reading this book, but I also laughed my butt off at times, and wanted to really hurt people at other times. This story was two love stories in one. Regan and Sawyer and Caroline (Regan’s mom) and Max (Sawyer’s Dad), I loved reading about both romances. Then, there was that as…..PG, PG, have to keep this PG, that devil Devin. I definitely wanted to smack him upside his head with a 2 x 4, better yet a sledge hammer. I think my favorite part (other than the ending, sorry ladies, no hints), is when Regan goes to her mom’s house, opens the….STOP, I said no hints. Let me just say this, I laughed my as…, PG, PG, butt off!!!! Both stories are well worth the read. Once I start each story, I could not stop until the end. Thank you, Ms. Chase for the many hours of reading enjoyment you give to your readers. You are one of the authors that can always bring the emotions to the forefront in her stories. They are the kind of romance books that I love best (emotional). Thank you for reading my review. Now, ladies, what are you waiting for, go hit that one-click button and start enjoying this book!
JustNicole 4 months ago
This book with 2 different stories was very enjoyable! Exclusive... Reporter Taylor Scott is contacted to interview a famous author and sent to a non-disclosed location. Once there, she realizes an old friend, Mike Greene, is to show her around while the author is out of town. This was a fun read, kind of predictable, but recommended all the same. A Touch of Heaven Regan and her mom, Caroline, are remodeling Regan's childhood home to sell, when Caroline is approached by Max and his son, Sawyer, who do a home remodeling Reality TV show. Regan is opposed to the remodel, until she feels sparks with Sawyer. A Touch of Heaven was a great story with a couple HEA's! I have always been a Samantha Chase fan! She is an amazing author!
SarahBethL 4 months ago
I loved this story, as Taylor & Mike were friends from years ago but lost touch. Taylor works as a reporter & due to a story she was assigned she was reconnected with Mike,who knew everything about the subject of the story Jonathon Wade. Mike had been the reason Taylor had been given the assignment & enjoyed catching up with her. While Taylor was getting information about Jonathon from Mike, sparks flew & they grew closer. Taylor had to decide if she was going to write this interview that would launch her writing career or choose love instead. Sawyer & his father work together on a home makeover show & needed a new angle for a new episode. They found their new client in Caroline, a widow who is trying to get her house ready to sell. Sawyer wasn't too happy about it but knew they had to do this makeover. Caroline's daughter Regan was not happy that her Mom was going to have the house changed as she has memories from the house, of growing up & her late father. She was against this redo & not only butted heads with her Mom who was all for the makeover but also with Sawyer. I loved these characters.
MLH438 5 months ago
Samantha Chase is a wonderful writer, and these two previously-published novellas in one volume are a treat. Exclusive Taylor Scott is shocked when she is offered an exclusive interview that everyone covets with reclusive mystery writer Jonathan Wade. In her research on the author, she notes the detective character in his books is constantly searching for the one woman who got away. "What must it be like - to be the object of one man's fantasies? To know there was a man out there who was consumed with thoughts of you and who would move heaven and earth if he could, just to be with you?" Taylor doesn't know it, but the fantasy is about to become reality. A Touch of Heaven Regan Amerson and her mother, Caroline, have made the emotional decision to sell their family home, when Caroline wins a home makeover. Max Bennett and his son, Sawyer, are the stars of The Bennett Project, a home improvement show, that will handle the renovation. Max and Caroline show that you're never too old to find love, while Regan and Sawyer prove that home is truly where the heart resides. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
OpheliaOA 6 months ago
Exclusive: I just really love Samantha Chase and Exclusive was another awesome short story. Taylor might not have been willing to go and interview Jonathan Wade especially when she needs to go by herself but meeting and reuniting with Mike totally made it worth it. She finally was able to put her past to rest and find her HEA. A Touch in Heaven: What a wonderful short story. Regan and Sawyer are so cute together. They might not have gotten along at the beginning but they attraction that they shared from the very beginning was hard to ignore. Regan might have been against the renovation to her old home but once she sees Sawyers plans for her house she can’t help but fall in love with changes. A Touch in Heaven was a really fun read! ***Received this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
ScrapNSign 6 months ago
Samantha Chase knows just how to reel you in for these two unexpected romances. She'll draw you in, make you fall for the characters and then rip your heart out right before putting the pieces back together. I definitely had to console myself with chocolate during this one, but will definitely be reading both stories again!
CharlotteLynnsReviews 6 months ago
Samantha Chase is a go-to author for me. I know that when I pick up her book I’ll lose myself in her words, find a setting that I can’t wait to visit and hate to have to leave, meet characters that I want to make friends with, and read a story that I can’t put down. This book was a bonus for me. Two stories in one magnificent book. As I finished each one I thought oh, yes this one will be my favorite. Exclusive was a great once upon a time friends to lovers story while A Touch of Heaven is a look at how life changes can open up new adventures and bring a new love to your life. Exclusive is the first story in the book and it is perfect. A once bad boy now has turned his life around and has never forgotten a girl from his past. The twists and turns of Mike and his illusive boss were not as much of a surprise to me as how deep Mike’s feelings were for Taylor after all these years. I could see how this story would come together and loved watching both Mike and Taylor come to grips on their feelings, their lives, and their priorities while making decisions that affected their careers, their hearts, and each other. A Touch of Heaven is a story showing how Regan is struggling with her mother’s decision to remodel and sell her childhood home. While the mother takes Regan’s concerns into her thoughts while making decisions I liked that the mother did what she knew was right but didn’t push Regan’s concerns away. She addressed them, gave them the weight they deserved, and explained her reasoning as to why she had to continue on the path she did. The contractors who did the job were perfect. Cute, fun, and professional as they took a family home and showed the ladies the potential it held. This is a great two story book. I liked that they were both stand alone books.
Rhondaz 6 months ago
5 STARS FOR TWO FANTASTIC BOOKS!! This is a perfect book, you will receive two phenomenal stories from the amazing Samatha Chase. Exclusive.....Is sweet perfect story with great characters that keep you flipping pages. Taylor and Mike have a second chance story to tell you. A Touch of Heaven......This is a sweet beautiful love story that we grow to love from this amazing author. Sawyer and Regan have fantastic story with lots of feels to tell you. Looking for a a great read on a cold weekend, look no further this is your book with 2 stories in one book.
KirstinA 6 months ago
A Touch of Heaven--I always love a good Samantha Chase story. They are always well written and keep you entertained until you get that happy ever after. This book was no exception. Sawyer is a contractor with a tv show. Regan is unhappy about her mother selling her childhood home, but is even more unhappy when she finds that they are going to be on a tv show renovating the home prior to selling. When she meets Sawyer, she isn't sure if she should protest, or get to know him better. A great read! Exclusive--I really enjoyed this book. First of all, I liked that Taylor was outgoing and smart and cautious and spoke her mind. She stood up for herself. I liked Mike as well. He came from a hard childhood to become a better man. I liked that there was highs and lows and the relationship wasn’t perfect from the start. It was real. What I didn’t like was that it seemed like nothing was ever resolved between them. They fought, some time passed and they reconnected without reconciliation. Overall, it kept my interest and was a good story.
Cali-Jewel 6 months ago
This is two, count them two heartwarming, sweetly sexy and emotionally thrilling romantic journeys for the price of one.... Loved all the witty banter and engaging charters. Each story in this set is so uplifting and romantic they are filled with passion, longing and lots of personal growth... I could not get enough of this writers story telling style. Highly entertaining reading.
sbart84 6 months ago
A reissue of two classic Samantha Chase romances that been updated with new content. Loved them both, I read this book in one day, could not put down. Plus she had me at the mention of ice cream in both of the stories!! Exclusive Taylor gets the exclusive interview with recluse author, Jonathan Wade.She has to spend two weeks on his farm up in Maine. When she arrives she finds a friend from years ago as the personal assistant, Mike Greene. As their friendship develops into more of a romance, secrets come out. Will Taylor risk her career for love. This is a fast paced story, of a re-connection that develops into deeper feelings. I really enjoyed the story and the description of Maine, felt like I could close my eyes and I was there with them. I now want to go to Maine and ride my bike through the small towns. A Touch of Heaven Regan is having a hard time with her mom wanting to sell the house that she grew up, but her mom is ready to move on with her life. Her mom, wins a home makeover from a reality tv show. Regan is furious with her mom. Sawyer the host of tv show is not happy with the situation either, working along side his father until he meets Regan. There is an instant chemistry between the two, but Sawyer is hiding a secret from her. This story is fast paced and the heat level is up a notch for Samantha Chase. Loved the connection between Sawyer and Regan. I had to laugh out loud a few times. The ending was just perfect.
EileenAW 6 months ago
Samantha Chase, a master at writing romance novels, delivers two sweet love stories, Exclusive and A Touch of Heaven, where the lies and hidden facts can greatly affect the love relationship between two deserving people. Exclusive is a sweet story that allows two former friends a sort of second chance after not seeing one another for close to ten years. Struggling journalist Taylor Scott is given the opportunity of a lifetime when reclusive best-selling author Jonathan Wade requests she be assigned to his first-time ever one on one, exclusive interview. When Taylor finds herself with the author’s assistant, Michael Greene, her high school boyfriend’s former best friend all does not go according to plans. For one week Michael and Taylor deal with their attraction to one another as Michael prepares Taylor for her exclusive interview. As these two spend time together, getting reacquainted, feeling grow, a romance begins, and emotions are tense. When Taylor discovers Michael’s lies and omissions, she will have to choose between the publishing the story that could launch her career and an unexpected chance at love. A Touch of Heaven follows the budding relationship between carpenter, renovator, and reality TV host Sawyer Bennett, and spa owner Regan Amerson. Regan’s mother Caroline has the opportunity to participate in a reality show to renovate their family home, a home Caroline is hoping to sell. However, Regan struggles with the show’s direction as she fears her childhood is slowly being buried behind a modern update, erasing the memories of her late father. As her mother begins an affair with Sawyer’s father, contractor Max Bennett, Regan and Sawyer keep secret the beginning of their friendship and romance, fearing repercussions from the show’s producer. As love grows between Regan and Sawyer, there is a potential fall-out as Sawyer’s lies of omission threaten his relationship with the woman he is growing to love. Ms. Chase wrote two delightful stories; filled with sexual chemistry, fun dialogue, and endearing characters. These stories were wonderful from start to finished, with an amazing HEA. I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
shobeteener 6 months ago
Taylor is given the chance of a lifetime to interview a recluse of an author. She arrives and is given the chance to become reconnected with an old friend, Mike. Regan is having a very hard time with her mom wanting to sell their family home and when she wins a homemaker from a popular TV show that takes it to a whole other level. Sawyer is doing the best he can to ease the transition for her. Both women think they have been tricked and now have to see if they have it in them to make their own leaps of faith to have their own happily even after with two amazing men. I absolutely love the way Samantha writes. She just sucks you right into the story.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Another homerun from the AMAZING Ms.Chase who gives us two heartwarming stories in one great book!! In the first story Exclusive we meet Taylor & Mike. Taylor is trying to achieve her dream of being a journalist in NYC so while working at a magazine she's offered the opportunity of a lifetime interviewing a reclusive bestselling author. When she gets to Maine she meets the caretaker who turns out to be a guy Mike that she knew in high school so Taylor thinks she's there because he recommended her for the job. You really have to read this story to see how it all works out for Mike and Taylor and the elusive Mr.Wade. Nobody writes these genuine heartfelt relationship stories better than Samantha Chase. Now onto the second story the bonus book if you will A Touch of Heaven. Here we meet Regan and Sawyer who are starting off on the wrong foot in Regan's eyes as she's convinced that Sawyer's father is trying to take advantage of her mother who he approached in the hardware store and told her that she won a home makeover. Max and his son Sawyer film a tv show doing home renovations but since Regan doesn't want to sell the house she grew up in she's skeptical. Can she get Sawyer to see things her way? What happens when the cameras start rolling and peoples feelings are involved? You really need to read this book to see the INCREDIBLE storytelling skills that are put on the pages for us to experience. Ms.Chase is genuinely gifted when it comes to tugging on your heartstrings and this book is another GREAT example of her talent!! I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
PennieM 6 months ago
Exclusive This was a fun and quirky story and the overall premise was great even if the characters got on my nerves at times. At least they had some redeeming qualities and with the story so well written it all worked out. Taylor is given the story of her career, the only catch is she will have to spend two weeks in Maine alone with a reclusive author in order to get the story. When she arrives in Maine she is met by a blast from the past, Mike, the friend of her ex-boyfriend and someone who had intrigued her that summer in the past. Watching these two get to know each other again but could they survive the interview? A Touch of Heaven Fun and sexy and just the right size for an afternoon read. Mom and daughter run a spa and dad and son have a home improvement show and BAM! the two are now intertwined. Mom is selling the family home and wants to spruce it up and while buying paint is approached by a camera crew and told she has won a home improvement. Oh, this does not go over good with her daughter. This was really two romances in one and definitely worth snuggling in on a rainy afternoon to lose myself. I recommend this one!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 6 months ago
EXCLUSIVE by Samantha Chase is a contemporary, adult , stand alone romance story line focusing on twenty-eight year olds, author’s assistant Mike Greene, and journalist Taylor Scott. NOTE: EXCLUSIVE was originally released in July 2014 Told from dual third person perspectives (Mike and Taylor) EXCLUSIVE follows the rekindling relationship and friendship between twenty-eight year olds, author’s assistant Mike Greene, and journalist Taylor Scott. Struggling journalist Taylor Scott gets the opportunity of a lifetime when reclusive best selling author Jonathan Wade requests our heroine for his first-time ever one on one, exclusive interview but all does not go according to plans when Taylor finds herself with the author’s assistant Michael Greene, her high school boyfriend’s former best friend. For one week Michael and Taylor will dance around their attraction to one another as Michael prepares Taylor for her exclusive interview. What ensues is the building romance and love between Taylor and Michael, and the potential fall-out when Taylor discovers Michael’s lies about the who and what of his life. EXCLUSIVE is a sweet but predictable story of second chances, of a sort, between former friends who have not seen one another for close to ten years. The premise is captivating and charming; the romance is clean, all of the $ex scenes fade to black or are implied; the characters are colorful and charismatic. EXCLUSIVE is an animatd and encouraging tale. REVIEW: A TOUCH OF HEAVEN by Samantha Chase is a contemporary, adult, stand alone romance story line focusing on carpenter and renovator Sawyer Bennett, and spa owner Regan Amerson. NOTE: A TOUCH OF HEAVEN was originally released in September 2013 Told from dual third person perspectives (Regan and Sawyer) A TOUCH OF HEAVEN follows the building relationship between carpenter, renovator, and reality TV host Sawyer Bennett, and spa owner Regan Amerson. Regan’s mother Caroline has the opportunity to participate in a reality show to renovate their family home, a home Caroline is hoping to sell, but Regan struggles with the show’s direction as she fears her childhood is slowly buried behind modern update, erasing the memories of her late father. As her mother begins an affair with Sawyer’s father, contractor Max Bennett, Regan and Sawyer keep secret their building friendship and romance fearing repercussions from the show’s producer. What ensues is the building love between Regan and TV host Sawyer Bennett, and the potential fall-out as Sawyer’s lies of omission threaten his relationship with the woman he is growing to love. A TOUCH OF HEAVEN is a sexy and engaging story line. The character driven premise is emotional; the romance is intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text; the characters are energetic and inspiring. A TOUCH OF HEAVEN is a delightful and playful tale of finding love and happily ever afters.
TerryL56 6 months ago
Exclusive Taylor is a struggling journalist who gets the break of her life when an anonymous reclusive author asks for her, specifically, to write a story on him. When she gets to the author’s farm, the author’s assistant (Mike) is an old friend and he is to relate background information on his boss. The attraction between them is undeniable and it doesn’t take long for them to act on it. This is a very sweet romance. I just loved Taylor ... she was just so real. It made me kinda mad that Mike thought so little of himself ... that he couldn’t get over his childhood. This is a great book to curl up with because it just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. A Touch of Heaven Sawyer and his dad Max are the stars of a reality renovation show. When Caroline wins a home renovation from them, her daughter Regan is not happy about it. Regan doesn’t want the home she grew up in to change even though she knows her mom needs to sell it because it’s just too big for her to take care of. Even though Regan resents Sawyer for disturbing her childhood memories, she can’t deny the attraction she has to him. And Sawyer can’t stop thinking about the little dynamite with a temper ... named Regan. I loved the fact that there are actually two love stories in this book ... Sawyer and Regan along with their parents, Caroline and Max. I laughed so hard when Regan caught her mom and Max in bed together. The chemistry between Sawyer and Regan just about melted the words off the pages. Another great story by Ms Chase. I received an ARC courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
JaneN17 6 months ago
Very Entertaining! Two great stories rolled into one boxed set! Each story is a different romance and are fun, loving, sexy with a couple surprises. I really enjoyed both these stories!
astroyic 6 months ago
Exclusive- Taylor Scott is a journalist for Newslink Magazine, living paycheck to paycheck. Until an opportunity of a lifetime falls in her lap. She receives exclusive rights to interview Jonathan Wade, a best selling mystery writer, who is a recluse and no one even knows what he looks like. Taylor’s assignment is for her to be available for at least two weeks, with the first week interviewing his assistant and the second week interviewing Jonathan. But when Taylor arrives she comes face to face with a man from her past. A best friend of one of her ex-boyfriends Mike Greene. These two are totally taken by each other. Their sizzling chemistry jumps off the pages as they get reacquainted once again. But when Jonathan Wade decides the interview is off, will Taylor destroy his trust, for an opportunity of a lifetime or will she do what is right for her heart? Exclusive is a fantastic, second chance love story that will pull at your heartstrings while you root for a HEA. This story is filled with emotion, heat, drama, an excellent love story and sexy times. It really has it all. A must read for sure. A Touch Of Heaven.- Regan Amerson and her mother Caroline are close, they have a business together and they talk everyday, but when Caroline puts the family home up for sale, it is something that Regan just doesn’t want to support, even though she will get half the money. But when her mother wins a home makeover on “The Bennett Project” on the Home Improvement Network it is the last straw. And Regan is willing to fight dirty by being rude and difficult to get out of the show. Sawyer Bennett has been working with his dad Max for the last five years on “The Bennett Project” and it had been fun at first but not anymore as more of the decisions had been taken away. But now that they were wanting to sensationalize the show it was the last straw. But when Regan goes to Sawyer to be rude and difficult they both are left breathless. Will Sawyer be able to get Regan on board and please her and her mother at the same time? You don’t want to miss this one. This was just so freaking entertaining, charming and had some great Lol moments, I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. But it also delivered on the heat factor. It was just so fun and had a fantastic build. I loved it. Get ready for sweet, sexy and a whole lot of laughter with A Touch Of Heaven. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
UpAllNightBB 6 months ago
5 Stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Do you have that one unicorn author that you automatically one-click? Well, for me, Samantha Chase is my unicorn author. I have been a fan of hers for a long time now and her new release, Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven, is downright outstanding! In Exclusive we meet Taylor, a journalist that is just starting out her career. Taylor is offered her biggest interview to date with the popular recluse author, Jonathan Wade. Jonathan Wade takes pride in his privacy, so much pride that there are very few people who know what he looks like. When he decides to come out into the limelight of the public eye, his only requirement is Taylor must do the interview herself. When Taylor arrives in Maine she is met with Mr. Greene, Jonathan Wade’s assistant. As it turns out, Taylor already knows Mr. Greene as they were friend’s years ago. Right off the bat, you can tell Taylor and Mike are attracted to one another. The chemistry from all those years ago is still present and introduces a whole new level to the interview itself. I instantly fell in love with both Taylor and Mike. The way Samantha has written their story is remarkable. There is not much I can say about Exclusive without giving the book away in its entirety. I can say that you can find what you are not looking for in the most amazing ways. Exclusive will have you hooked from page one and when it's over, you'll be craving more. In A Touch of Heaven, we meet Regan and Sawyer. Regan’s mother, Caroline, is selling her home and Regan is having a tough time coming to terms with it. When Caroline unintentionally wins a home makeover, Regan is anything but thrilled. Throw in Sawyer, the designer and contractor, and you have yourself one hot mess. I was blown away by the chemistry between Regan and Sawyer. Of course, Regan does her best to fight it but Sawyer understands her more than she cares to admit. I cannot tell you how many times Regan made me laugh with her wit. Not to mention one scene that is just hilarious. There are so many things I can go on about, however I refuse to give spoilers. The bottom line is this, you will LOVE every aspect of both Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven. They both have amazing characters and a dialog you will love. Samantha has this way to hook you with her words and believe me, you will be hooked.
KindleKat64 6 months ago
Two books in one complete with wonderful characters and happily ever afters!! Exclusive I really liked this story not just because it was different but I also loved the characters so much. Mike and Taylor knew each other 10 years ago when she was dating his friend. He’s never been able to forget her. He knows she is a journalist now so he puts a request in with her boss for her to come to Maine to do an exclusive interview with his boss, reclusive author Jonathan Wade, on his farm. Taylor is thrilled to get the opportunity to interview Jonathan Wade although a tad nervous to go up to Maine alone. She can't believe when she gets there and Mike is the assistant who will show her around and take care of preliminaries until Mr. Wade returns from a trip. They have chemistry that is obvious and Mike hopes to get to know her again while she is there but that is simply an understatement. He has never forgotten her and always wanted her and is hoping the feeling is mutual. Can they get over the hurdles thrown at them by the unusual situation they find themselves in and find a HEA together? This is a fast read but very enjoyable and sweet. A Touch of Heaven Loved the concept of this story too! It is also another quickie but such a good story. Again it was a little bit different and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Regan’s mother Caroline meets Max in the hardware store when she was there buying paint to spruce up their home before selling it. Max and his son Sawyer have a reality home improvement show on TV and Max tosses the idea out to Caroline. Regan is hung up on not really making many changes to her family home because it is the way her father loved it. She is dead set against doing this show. She just wants to continue to run her spa and not get involved in this. Sawyer and Rgan have definite chemistry from the get-go which is pretty difficult to ignore. I love the dynamic between Sawyer and Regan as well as Max and Caroline. Love the way things turn out for all of them and what transpires is exactly what I was hoping would happen.
sferguson0822 6 months ago
This was a fantastic duo that I devoured in no time!! I definitely recommend one clicking this!! Exclusive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was a great read. I loved the reunion between Taylor and Mike. Their chemistry was off the charts, and I love how Mike had this sweet side that went with his broody one. Taylor had me laughing at times, where I feel like she kept putting her foot in her mouth and became such a relatable heroine. I would definitely recommend one clicking this book! A touch of heaven ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was also a great read. Sawyer was a sexy hero that made me swoon quite a bit, and he’s definitely got a bit of alpha in him. Regan was an awesome heroine, who had my heart breaking at times when she was faced when changing her childhood home. There was a certain smarmy character I would’ve loved to seen punched in the face a time or ten, but we can’t win them all lol. This is also a must read!
Bette313 6 months ago
You really can't go wrong with a Samantha Chase book so this one with two of her stories is a sure winner. I read both of these stories several years ago and just re read each of them enjoying them as much the second time as I did the first. This book is a great one to grab and relax with for the perfect escape. I highly recommend it. Exclusive - Fantastic read with some amazing characters and an intriguing storyline. Author does a great job of keeping the mystery going until the perfect time. A Touch of Heaven - Fun sweet love story -two actually- about people who knew they were missing something in their life but not sure what. Light, sexy, and fun!
heater_28 6 months ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** Exclusive follows Taylor, a young woman who is given a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview a reclusive bestselling author. He has never been photographed or interviewed before, so this could be the piece that launches the rest of her career. The assignment requires her to travel to his home in Maine and Taylor is in for a surprise when she arrives and discovers that the author's assistant is someone she used to know. This book definitely has an air of mystery to it, and even though it is easy to predict, it didn't make me want to get to that part any less. Both characters have their issues, but I couldn't help but root for them as I made my way through this story. In the end, it left me with a smile on my face. A Touch of Heaven finds Regan, who owns A Touch of Heaven spa with her mother, grappling with her Mom's decision to sell their family home. Her father has been gone for a decade and it is just too much for her Mom to deal with any longer. Call it fate or luck, Regan's Mom is chosen to receive a home makeover on a popular television show. Regan was opposed to selling and she's even more opposed to any major changes being made. Sawyer, the host of the show, not only finds Regan to be a challenge work-wise, but he also wants to get to know her better personally. Will he be able to win her over in the end with both his design skills and as a man? Both of these stories were wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed them. There was plenty of heat and heart in both and I'd highly recommend them!