Excursion into the Endless Caves

Excursion into the Endless Caves

by Ralph Roberts


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Our universe is comprised of the several hundred billion stars just in our own galaxy, along with unknown billions of other galaxies, quasars, pulsars, and the like. Yet, despite all this, it is mostly empty space—the long, lonely interstellar distances, the nothingness of incredibly vast volumes of intergalactic spaces.

The cavern universe is solid to that same incomprehensible proportion—being made of an invulnerable substance not existing elsewhere. Instead, of having hollow areas where stars and planets exist in our normal space/time, this universe has extensive networks of caves—endless caves. Despite the popular laybeing’s belief that these hypertunnels run straight between star systems, they instead meander all over the place. Many are those lost there forever.

Because time and distance are much compacted in the endless caves, journeys of several light years are made in mere days.

At certain places in these networks of hypercaves are interspacially weak points. Here one gains ingress and egress to and from our normal universe.
And one should not attempt not an excursion into the endless caves alone—find a good guide if you wish to survive.

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Publication date: 01/28/1993
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Ralph Roberts is a decorated Vietnam Veteran and worked with NASA during the Apollo moon program. He built his first personal computer in 1976 and has been writing about them and on them since his first published article “Down with Typewriters” in 1978. He has written over 100 books along with thousands of articles and short stories. His best sellers include the first U.S. book on computer viruses (which resulted in several appearances on national TV) and Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola®, a cookbook that has been in continuous print for the past 17 years and sold half a million copies. He is also a video producer with over 100 DVD titles now for sale nationally on places such as Amazon.com. He has also produced hundreds of hours of video for local TV in the Western North Carolina area and sold scripts to Hollywood producers. Recently, for Packt Publishing, Ralph wrote Celtx: Open Source Screenwriting Google App Inventor, Google Plus First Look, and Yammer Starter Guide. Ralph and his wife Pat live on a farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina with two horses

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