Excursions in World Music / Edition 2

Excursions in World Music / Edition 2

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Excursions in World Music / Edition 2

This introductory text offers readers a glimpse into the major musical traditions of the world by first presenting a lively vignette of a musical performance, followed by a general description of the society and its music. Each chapter features a specific area of the world, and is written in friendly non-technical language by a scholar who is a specialist in that region.

Excursions in World Music, 3/e gives students a concrete grasp of the rich diversity of the world's music by highlighting the most important social and musical aspects for each culture. The opening chapter provides an introduction to ethnomusicology and the study of world music by Bruno Nettl, one of the leading scholars in the field.


  • Musical instruments
  • The most important musical occasions
  • A survey of styles for each region
  • The social development of music
  • The meaning and value music holds for each society
  • Recent changes in musical traditions
  • Discussion of the musical selections on the accompanying CDs integrated into the chapters to make the book more effective for learning

New features to this edition include enlarged chapter-opening maps, which will help students focus on the regions discussed as well as major revision to Chapter 1, Introduction, Chapter 3, Music of the Middle East, Chapter 4, The Music of China, and Chapter 10, Native American Music. More depth and coverage is provided in these chapters than in previous editions, giving students a broader perspective on these musical traditions.

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ISBN-13: 9780137409112
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 08/28/1997
Edition description: Older Edition

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Studying Musics of the World's Cultures, Bruno Nettl.
Our Purpose: Presenting the World of Music. Notes on The Marriage of Figaro. Certain Basic Assumptions. Universals of Music. Musical Change, Transmission, and History. Musical Instruments. Why Do Different Cultures Have Different Kinds of Music. The Field of Ethnomusicology.

2. The Music of India, Charles Capwell.
Attending a Music Conference in Calcutta. Roots. The Karnatak Recital and Types of Pieces. Instruments. The Realm of Indian Music. Prospects.

3. Music of the Middle East, Bruno Nettl.
Concerts in Tehran. Music and Cultural Values. Middle Eastern Culture and History. Melody and Rhythm. Ways of Making Music.

4. The Music of China, Isabel K.F. Wong.
The Contemporary Scene. Instrumental Performance at a Teahouse in Shanghai. The Qin and Its Music. The Pipa and Its Music. Prominent Features in Culture and Music. Regional Styles.

5. The Music of Japan, Isabel K.F. Wong.
Hogaku Performance in Tokyo. Theater Music. The Religious Traditions. A Concert and a Court Tradition. General Tendencies and Characteristics of Hogaku.

6. The Music of Indonesia, Charles Capwell.
Javanese Music in Chicago. The Javanese Gamelan. The Cultural and Historical Significance of Javanese Gamelan Music. Music in Bali.The Influence of Foreign Artists and Tourists. Four Kinds of Popular Music in Java. Unity in Diversity.

7. The Music of Sub-Saharan Africa, Thomas Turino.
A Shona Mbira Performance in Zimbabwe. The Mbira and Some General Principles of African Music. Africa General and Africa Specific. Musical Values, Practices, and Social Style. A Sampling of Instruments. Urban-Popular Music Traditions.

8. The Musical Culture of Europe, Philip V. Bohlman.
Music in the Life of Modern Vienna. Europe as a Music Culture. Ideas about Music. Musical Instruments. History and Social Structure in European Musical Life. European Music in the Late Twentieth Century.

9. Music in Latin America, Thomas Turino.
An Andean Mestizo Fiesta in Paucartambo, Peru. Sociocultural Heritages and Historical Background. Mestizo Musical Values and Musical Style. Native American Musical Values and Musical Style. African-American Musical Values and Styles.

10. Native American Music, Bruno Nettl
“North American Indian Days.” Some Older Ceremonial Traditions. The World of Native American Cultures and Music. Ideas about Music. Musical Instruments. Aspects of the History of American Indian Music.

11. Ethnic North America, Philip V. Bohlman.
Music at the Urban Folk Festival. The Multiplicity of Musics in North America. Ideas about Music. Musical Instruments. Social Structure/Musical Structure. The Music of an African-American Community. Contemporary and Popular Ethnic Musics.


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