Excuse Me! Your Energy is Showing: What is Energy and why should you care

Excuse Me! Your Energy is Showing: What is Energy and why should you care

by Melissa Mintz




The entire Universe speaks and understands ONE language. This language is ENERGY.

Although you can't see energy, it can be perceived. Have you ever walked into a room and thought, "I could cut the tension with a knife"? You can feel and sense the energy around you.

Many people think energy is just some invisible substance floating around that only scientists care about, but that's just not true. You experience energy in every moment and just don't realize it. For instance, food and water are energy. Medicine is energy. The people you interact with all have a unique vibration and energy. Even the words you speak to your friends have a different energy than the communication you have with your co-workers.

We are born with the greatest superpower of all time, but we have no idea how to use it. Energy has intelligence, consciousness, and is palpable. We have the power to mold, shape, and communicate with this energy.

Every single human being has the capacity to heal themselves and others using only energy as the medicine. When your body responds to energy medicine, each cell alters and functions at a higher vibration to initiate your own innate healing ability.

If you know that you are a walking, talking energy field announcing yourself to the Universe, wouldn't you want to know what you are saying?

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Melissa Mintz is an Energy Medicine Healer and author. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

www.melissamintz.com facebook.com/melissamintzauthor

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