Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Expanded Study Edition: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Expanded Study Edition: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

by Lynn Grabhorn


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Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Expanded Study Edition: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn

Dream Big. Embrace Your Feelings. Create the Life You Want.

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting asks you to stop second guessing yourself and start believing in what you can achieve through the power of positive feelings. Have you ever been so wrapped up in day-to-day life that you stop paying attention to how you're feeling? Something goes wrong and you blame other people. The key to getting back on the right track is simple: focus inward, on what it would feel like to have it all go right. And it will.

Lynn Grabhorn reveals how to invite the positive to you by focusing on what you want. She shows that all it takes is a few bursts of pure, intense concentration. Allow yourself to start believing in what you can accomplish instead of what you can't and cut down on those negative feelings. Follow Grabhorn's simple steps and soon you'll be attracting the things you really want.

"Whether your want is to find the fastest way around the traffic downtown or to find a new mate, all you have to do is pay attention to the signs that will come to make it happen…and learn to trust them!"--from the book

Includes a 16-page study guide--for individual and group use.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781571747358
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 10/01/2015
Edition description: Expanded
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 167,583
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Lynn Grabhorn was a motivational speaker, real estate agent, and educational materials producer. Her main claim to fame was The New York Times bestseller, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. She died in 2004.

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Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

The Astonishing Power of Feelings

By lynn grabhorn

Hampton Roads Publishing

Copyright © 2000 Lynn Grabhorn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61283-347-7


how we got in this mess

* * *

How do we get what we get in life? Why do some people seem to have it all while others suffer so? Why did that bozo bump into you on the freeway? Why did that little child have to die so young? How come that guy got promoted, and not you? Why can't everybody have prosperity, and joy, and security?

In our everlasting search to find more happiness in life, we devour positive-thinking books by the millions. But if those books truly hold the secrets to an abundant and joyful life, why do we keep buying new ones? Oh sure, there are a few that have come close to giving us the keys to that elusive "good life," but no true winners; our lives don't do a lot of changing. "Maybe it was just the wrong book," we rationalize. "Let's try another one." Or another religion. Or a different kind of meditation. Or another teacher, or psychic, or doctor, or relationship.

We reach out anywhere and everywhere for relief from the tedium and struggle of daily living, yet the vast majority of us are still looking. How come? How come we've never learned the simple secret to living the good life, whatever that may represent to us? How come we continue to whack and scratch like frantic mad dogs to get what we want, when all along the key to obtaining our innermost desires has been as elemental as life itself?

If you really think that things come to you by some stroke of good or bad luck, or by accident, or coincidence, or by knocking your brains out against some very unsympathetic stone walls, then get a grip. This book could be dangerous to your discontent.

Slugger Jessie

Years ago, long before I had ever heard about the Law of Attraction, my friend Mindy insisted I go with her to see a Little League game. Her son played left field, but that's not why she wanted me to go with her.

The size of the weekend crowd surprised me. You'd have thought Babe Ruth himself was reincarnating for a guest appearance. But question her as I might, no amount of prodding would cut loose Mindy's little intrigue. So what the heck; I went along with it.

Her son came up to bat and struck out. Our side got two hits but no runs before the side was retired. Then came the other guys; you couldn't help but feel the crowd's excitement. A couple of young bulldogs strolled to the plate and promptly struck out, thanks to our team's terrific pitcher. Now it was Jessie's turn, and the cheers began. From both sides.

Jessie was small, I mean really small. His bat seemed longer than he was. He stepped up to the plate with unceremonious confidence and proceeded to hit the very first ball so far out over the bushes that they never did find it. I was flabbergasted, the crowd went ballistic, and Mindy looked at me and winked.

This impossible scenario repeated itself four more times. Little Slugger Jessie was a sensation, a phenomenon in the flesh. And with the research I was doing on the physics of manifesting, I damn sure wanted to find out what made this little half-pint tick, just as Mindy knew I would.

When most of the backslapping was over, I wedged my way up to him through the crowd and asked if we could sit down and talk for a minute. When we reached the top of the bleachers I said, "Jessie, how do you do that? How do you hit so many home runs?"

"I dunno," he offered innocently, waving a casual goodbye to some of his teammates. "Each time I get up to bat I just feel what it's gonna be like to connect, and I do."

Although I didn't know it at the time, Jessie had just described the fundamental principle of manifestation known as the Law of Attraction, the physics that creates every moment of our day.

Today Jess lives in style with a lovely wife, two great kids, a house of collectibles from their worldly travels, and a computer from which he makes copious amounts of dollars managing his investments. He passed over baseball as a career because he wanted to be his own boss on his own time. How has he become so successful? Same way he hit the ball: by feeling. Not by thought alone, by feeeeeling!

"Human Condition," My Foot

Didn't it ever strike you as bizarre that our lives should be so tough when we're all so brilliant? Here we are, this hugely intelligent species that can split atoms, fly to the moon, and create the Flintstones, yet we're all running around blowing each other up, having heart attacks, or starving to death. It makes no sense. How did we get into this mess? Or is it just the so-called human condition?

It all began uncountable eons ago with the first untrue declarations from those who desired power, who proclaimed that our lives revolved around, and were the result of, circumstances over which we had no control, including being dominated by others. Since that's what everybody has believed for untold eons, that's what we still believe to this day.

And so, like our parents before us and theirs before them, all the way back for God knows how many thousands of years, we have struggled, whacked, strained, worried, and died long before our time from the all too unnecessary demands of living. We believed it to be the human condition, part of the unfortunate affliction we have come to call reality.

But the human condition is a myth. And so, for that matter, is what we call reality.

The truth is, in our everyday natural state, we have the sacred ability to maneuver this thing called "our life" to be any way we want it to be. Any way! Bar nothing! From a happy family to a filled-in ozone layer.

So why haven't the zillions of books written on how to have it all, how to think and get rich, how to visualize our way to success, and how to acquire power through positive thinking shown us how to help ourselves out of this mess? Simple! Every one of those books left out the most important key of all time to life and living:

We create by feeling, not by thought!

That's right, we get what we get by the way we feel, not by trying to slug things into place or control our minds. Every car accident, job promotion, great or lousy lover, full or empty bank account comes to us by the most elemental law of physics: like attracts like. And since most of us haven't felt too hot about what we've had for most of our lives, we've become highly gifted masters at attracting an overabundance of circumstances we'd rather not have.

You want a new car? You got it! You want to work successfully for yourself? You got it! You want to close that deal? Make more money? Have a great relationship? Live without fear? Have a spiritually fulfilling life? Have superb health, freedom, independence? You got it, if you know how to feeeeel it into being.

The Law of Attraction — like attracts like — is absolute (and has nothing to do with personalities). No one lives beyond this law, for it is the law of the universe. It's just that we never realized until recently that the law applies to us too. This is the law behind success or failure. It's what causes fender benders or fatalities. It is, to the point, what runs every waking moment of our lives.

So if we want to turn our lives around, or bring in greater abundance, or health, or safety, or happiness of any kind, we have only to learn the simple steps of manipulating our "feelings," and a whole new world of plenty opens for the asking.

We Were Taught Backwards

Most of us haven't a clue how we get what we get in life. First there's that long list of things we want and never get, nor ever hope to get. Then there's that even longer list of all the things we don't want, yet seem to get more of with disheartening regularity. No one's to blame for this ceaseless dreambusting. We were just taught backwards.

Probably the most destructive thing we've been taught is that life is born of a series of circumstances served up to us on this gigantic platter called Pot Luck, or Fate, starting always with the parents we were born to and the environment in which we grew up. If we were born rich, we got a lucky draw. If we were born poor, struggle would be our more common destiny. If we found happiness, it was by the cherished touch of Lady Luck. If some drunken idiot crashed into us on the freeway, it was rotten fate.

We've been taught that we gain only as we labor, that action is the magic word. Do, do, do; work, work, work, strive, sweat, toil, and then if our luck holds, we just might come out ahead.

We've been taught by loving, misguided elders to be cautious and guarded. "Don't climb the tree, honey, or you'll fall." "Don't wear that silly thing, or people will laugh." "Don't forget to lock your doors, or you'll be robbed." We've become such a defensive species, our entire lives revolve around fearful credos of Be Careful, Be Cautious, Be Safe and Secure. Heaven forbid we should ever let that guard down!

But the greatest obstacle to living our potential comes from toddler days when we were trained to look for what's wrong — with everything! With our jobs, our cars, our relationships, our clothes, our shapes, our health, our freeways, our planet, our faith, our entertainment, our children, our government, even our friends. Yet most of the world can't even agree about what right or wrong is, so we war, and strike, and demonstrate, and make laws, and go to psychiatrists.

"That's life," you say. "We have to take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs. We have to be on guard, work hard, do things right, be watchful, and hope for a break. Yes, that's the way life is."

No, no, and NO! That is simply not the way real Life is, and it's time we faced up to how we actually do create what we have in our world, our empty or full bank accounts, our grand or boring jobs, our good fortune or bad, and everything else in this arena we so nonchalantly call reality.

How do we do it? Don't laugh; it all comes from ... how we're vibrating!

Look, Ma, I'm Vibrating

Everything in this world is made of energy: you, me, the rock, the table, the blades of grass. And since energy is actually vibration, that means that everything that exists vibrates. Everything! Including you and me.

Modern-day physicists have finally come to agree that energy and matter are one and the same, which brings us back to where we started: that everything vibrates, because everything — whether you can see it or not — is energy. Pure, pulsing, ever-flowing energy.

But even though there's only one energy, it vibrates differently. Just like the sound that pours out of a musical instrument, some energy vibrates fast (such as high notes) from high frequencies, and some vibrates slow (such as low notes) from low frequencies. Unlike the tones from a musical instrument, however, the energy that flows out from us comes from our highly charged emotions to create highly charged electromagnetic wave patterns of energy, making us powerful — but volatile — walking magnets.

That's nice, but who cares? Well, if you want to know why you've had to struggle so hard with your life, you do! If you want to know how to change your life to be exactly the way you want it to be, you had darn well better care, because the electromagnetic vibrations you send out every split second of every day are what have brought — and are continuing to bring — everything into your life, big or small, good or bad. Everything! No exceptions.

From No Commissions to No Commissions

Central California is a mecca for those who love to sell land. Cattle ranches, vineyards, resorts, residential developments, dairy farms, planned communities; if you have the know-how and patience to bring a deal to the table where all parties are panting to sign, you can make a fortune from the gargantuan commissions.

Tom was an acquaintance of mine who did just that with outrageous regularity. He was a real estate broker in his mid-forties (we were about the same age), and an acknowledged pro with commercial land sales.

I had just sold another business in Los Angeles and moved to the central coast with no idea of what to do next, until I met Tom. Within a few months I acquired my real estate license and began my apprenticeship in earnest under Tom's masterful tutelage in his well-known real estate office. Since my sales would fatten his pocket as well as mine, he took the time to teach me well. We'd spend long hours poring over comparisons of grape harvests, soil tests, and potential feed yields of various land segments that would be capable of sustaining "X" number of cattle. Considering the closest I had ever been to a cow or cattle was store-bought milk and steak, and that while I had once been a hearty drinker, what I knew about wines would fit on a pinhead, I found the instruction fascinating.

Tom worked with me for months before allowing me to get my feet wet. While I was learning about this new world, I was also developing a plan to market central California lands to off-shore buyers. By the time I had finished the first phase of my apprenticeship, I had formed the specialized real estate firm of Western Lands, USA, along with a marketing concept that was so flawless, I wondered why no one else had thought of it before me.

That's where I made my first mistake. My plan was so easy, so foolproof, so ready and ripe to produce huge sales, I just knew there had to be something wrong with it. It was too good. It would all happen too fast. Someone would steal it. In fact it was so good, it flat-out spooked me.

Finally the day came. I was out showing my first chunk of land, a large ranch overlooking the magnificent coastline of Big Sur, California. Not only was the price well into the millions, but the commission would be far more than I had made collectively during my entire working life. In a few weeks, buyer and seller agreed. I had a sale and went into instant panic.

Tom was pleased; everybody was pleased; I was terrified. And the closer we got to closing, the more paranoid I became. It was all too good to be true, too easy, too incredible. My stomach churned like a packed washing machine.

Tom pooh-poohed my fears by telling me how proud he was of me, and that he had never seen such a clean, uncomplicated deal. But I was a nervous wreck. It was too unreal, it would never happen. And it didn't! On the day — the day — the big sale was to close, the buyer found legal cause to back out. My worst fears had come to pass.

Twice more that happened until I finally told Tom I just couldn't handle the pressure and stress of these big-commission closings that came down to the wire but never happened. All he ever said was, "Sweetie, you blew 'em away with your fears. You gotta feel those tender little suckers close, feel yourself shaking everybody's hand, and feel yourself out there celebrating. You gotta know it's going to work, honey, or trust me, it never will. If you can't feel it happening, it won't."

I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. After the first sale bombed, I had immersed myself in all the best-selling books on positive thinking and how to get rich quick. But when two more sales blew up in my face that were also within days and hours of closing, I decided this potential fantasyland was not for me, and opted to open a mortgage company, which had considerably less apprehension involved.

It wasn't until years later when I had finally gotten involved with the Law of Attraction that I realized what Tom meant. Without even realizing what he was doing, Tom had learned to command energy to his advantage. Instinctively he knew that closing deals meant more than just thinking big, thinking positive, or making good contracts. Tom, like Jessie, somehow knew you had to feel your desires into being.

Tuning Forks and the Law of Attraction

Way back in the thirties a couple of guys in the Orient were attempting to prove that thoughts were real things, and that different kinds of thoughts create different kinds of vibrations. So they decided to see if they could actually photograph vibrations of thought. And by golly they did, right through steel walls, an experiment that's been replicated many times since.

But they also proved something else perhaps even more important. They found that the more emotion the thinker/sender charged his thoughts with, the clearer the picture turned out to be! These fellows were possibly the first to prove that there is magnetic energy attached to our thoughts, and that thought is propelled by our emotions. What they missed, though, is that because the vibrational waves (emotions) we send out are magnetically charged, we are literally walking magnets, constantly pulling back into our world anything that just happens to be playing on the same frequency or wavelength.

For instance, when we're feeling up, filled with joy and gratitude, our emotions are sending out high-frequency vibrations that will magnetize only good stuff back to us, meaning anything with the same high vibratory frequency that matches what we're sending out. Like attracts like.


Excerpted from Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by lynn grabhorn. Copyright © 2000 Lynn Grabhorn. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


chapter one How We Got in This Mess,
chapter two Our Magic Genie,
chapter three No, No, Not That (Step One),
chapter four Yes, Yes! That, That, and That! (Steps Two and Three),
chapter five Conditions Be Damned,
chapter six Ye Gads, I'm Feeling!,
chapter seven The Force IS with You (Step Four),
chapter eight Money! Money! Money!,
chapter nine Relationships and Other Treasures,
chapter ten Living the Body, Dying the Body,
chapter eleven Your Suit of Well-Being,
chapter twelve Thirty Days to Breakthrough,
Study Guide for Individuals and Small Groups,

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