Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

by Lynn Grabhorn


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ISBN-13: 9781571743817
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 03/02/2003
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,262,713
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.44(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Lynn Grabhorn began her professional life in advertising in New York City. She also founded and directed an audio-visual educational publishing company in Los Angeles, and ran a mortgage-brokerage firm in Washington. She died in 2004.

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chapter one

how we
got in
this mess

How do we get what we get in life? Why do some people seem to have it all while others suffer so? Why did that bozo bump into you on the freeway? Why did that little child have to die so young? How come that guy got promoted, and not you? Why can’t everybody have prosperity, and joy, and security?

In our everlasting search to find more happiness in life, we devour positive-thinking books by the millions. But if those books truly hold the secrets to an abundant and joyful life, why do we keep buying new ones? Oh sure, there are a few that have come close to giving us the keys to that elusive "good life," but no true winners; our lives don’t do a lot of changing. "Maybe it was just the wrong book," we rationalize. "Let’s try another one." Or another religion. Or a different kind of meditation. Or another teacher, or psychic, or doctor, or relationship.

We reach out anywhere and everywhere for relief from the tedium and struggle of daily living, yet the vast majority of us are still looking. How come? How come we’ve never learned the simple secret to living the good life, whatever that may represent to us? How come we continue to whack and scratch like frantic mad dogs to get what we want, when all along the key to obtaining our innermost desires has been as elemental as life itself?

If you really think that things come to you by some stroke of good or bad luck, or by accident, or coincidence, or by knocking your brains out against some very unsympathetic stone walls, then get a grip. This book could be dangerous to your discontent.

Slugger Jessie

Years ago, long before I had ever heard about the Law of Attraction, my friend Mindy insisted I go with her to see a Little League game. Her son played left field, but that’s not why she wanted me to go with her.

The size of the weekend crowd surprised me. You’d have thought Babe Ruth himself was reincarnating for a guest appearance. But question her as I might, no amount of prodding would cut loose Mindy’s little intrigue. So what the heck; I went along with it.

Her son came up to bat and struck out. Our side got two hits but no runs before the side was retired. Then came the other guys; you couldn’t help but feel the crowd’s excitement. A couple of young bulldogs strolled to the plate and promptly struck out, thanks to our team’s terrific pitcher. Now it was Jessie’s turn, and the cheers began. From both sides.

Jessie was small, I mean really small. His bat seemed longer than he was. He stepped up to the plate with unceremonious confidence and proceeded to hit the very first ball so far out over the bushes that they never did find it. I was flabbergasted, the crowd went ballistic, and Mindy looked at me and winked.

This impossible scenario repeated itself four more times. Little Slugger Jessie was a sensation, a phenomenon in the flesh. And with the research I was doing on the physics of manifesting, I damn sure wanted to find out what made this little half-pint tick, just as Mindy knew I would.

When most of the back-slapping was over, I wedged my way up to him through the crowd and asked if we could sit down and talk for a minute. When we reached the top of the bleachers I said, "Jessie, how do you do that? How do you hit so many home runs?"

"I dunno," he offered innocently, waving a casual goodbye to some of his teammates. "Each time I get up to bat I just feel what it’s gonna be like to connect, and I do."

Although I didn’t know it at the time, Jessie had just described the fundamental principle of manifestation known as the Law of Attraction, the physics that creates every moment of our day.

Today Jess lives in style with a lovely wife, two great kids, a house of collectibles from their worldly travels, and a computer from which he makes copious amounts of dollars managing his investments. He passed over baseball as a career because he wanted to be his own boss on his own time. How has he become so successful? Same way he hit the ball: by feeling. Not by thought alone, by feeeeeling!

"Human Condition," My Foot

Didn’t it ever strike you as bizarre that our lives should be so tough when we’re all so brilliant? Here we are, this hugely intelligent species that can split atoms, fly to the moon and create the Flintstones, yet we’re all running around blowing each other up, having heart attacks or starving to death. It makes no sense. How did we get into this mess? Or is it just the so-called human condition?

It all began uncountable eons ago with the first untrue declarations from those who desired power, who proclaimed that our lives revolved around, and were the result of, circumstances over which we had no control, including being dominated by others. Since that’s what everybody has believed for untold eons, that’s what we still believe to this day.

And so, like our parents before us and theirs before them, all the way back for God knows how many thousands of years, we have struggled, whacked, strained, worried, and died long before our time from the all too unnecessary demands of living. We believed it to be the human condition, part of the unfortunate affliction we have come to call reality.

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Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been on a roller coaster ride mission to manifesting my desires with self help books for over 25 years, resulting in silly giddy successes and disasterous failures. Hard as I attempted to follow the instruction manuals of the many Sages, I ultimately ended back to square one when the dust finally settled. I have voraciously read and embraced all the Masters works over that time; Napolean Hill, Catherine Ponder, Joseph Murphy, Abraham Maslow, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and many, many more. They all had me on the right track but seemed to be missing the piece that would keep me from getting thrown off the train (again!). Lynn Grabhorn has that missing piece in her wonderful book - 'Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting'. Tony Robbins gave you a hint of the secret with his 'passion' speeches but Lynn gives you the Holy Grail with her 4 Step Formula for summoning your Magic Genie. After spending decades developing carpal tunnel syndrome writing endless affirmations, getting cauliflower ear listening to subliminal tapes, wall papering ever mirror I owned with reams of 3X5 cards, creating mastermind groups, and spending a small fortune on self help books, tapes and seminars, I finally found out where the buck stops - right in the old GUT! You have to FEEL your way to your desires. It's the ONLY way. And since the Law of Attraction has been proven by the scientific community to include 'thoughts & feelings' on an atomic level (The Holographic Brain Therory by Karl Pribiam) FEELING it into your life is the fastest way to getting it there. Kudos to Lynn Grabhorn, and many thanks for the MAP to my hidden treasure(FINALLY!)
frenchgrl More than 1 year ago
I heard about that book from another spiritual one I was reading. Months later, I finally got it and it was a true eye opener. I've spend the last 2 years reading spiritual book after spiritual book discussing the law of attraction and the power within. This one might not be the most literary one but it is definitely the clearest one to follow. Everything is straight to the point and gives you easy steps to follow to change you life. I myself did do the 30 day program she advised for all to try and I can say that it did bring changes in my life and it made me a happier person. I try to do an exercises whenever I can and it is as practical as doing yoga for your body. Overall, an easy book that kids could also read and understand.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been searching for answers and peace to my inner wrestling with many issues of life. I don¿t know what I want, but I could use some kind of inspiration or teacher to nudge me, pull me out or whack my head when the inside chaos get the best of me. Then I saw ¿Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting¿ at my local Barnes&Noble. Lynn Grabhorn, in her unique way, shows the readers the missing link on manifesting our wants and living lives purposefully. She points out the good feeling or high frequency vibration is the key to achieve one¿s personal or professional aspirations. After reading the book, I am more aware of what I feel inside, what feelings accompanying what thoughts, and I begin to constantly check my feelings throughout the day. The awareness itself is liberating and scaring at the same time. Using the techniques in ¿Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting,¿ I begin to see why inner peace and success are yo-yoing in and out of my life. Lynn Grabhorn in her no-nonsense style points out though we focus on our wants, our feelings are somewhat screaming out totally different signals. Unaware, I am zooming in on the lack of what I want. Here I am, affirming good things in life while my feelings is far from ¿Feel Good¿ zone. The place where, as Lynn Grabhorn points out, dreams and creations are possible. Lynn Grabhorn suggests many ways on how to get to that ¿feeling place¿ or ¿turn-on feeling¿, as she called it. The peaceful inner place where we can access the life-giving flow and manifest our heart desires and live lives on our own terms, not by default. I still have feelings or thoughts I don¿t want to experience, and concerns or questions that makes me crabby. Using the techniques in ¿Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting¿ I find my way back ¿home¿, to the nature of my authenticity, vibrating in harmony with my Higher Self, Expanded Self, Spiritual Self, or ... you get the idea. Instead of dwelling on and struggling to fix whatever it is bothering me, I acknowledge and observe it while monitoring my feelings. The book is inspirational and thought provoking. ¿Excuse me, Your Life Is Waiting¿ will shows you how to get it, whatever it is to you. Read, experiment and verify it with your own senses and innate intelligent. To my fellow humankind I wish you success, love and peace
Kathy1208 More than 1 year ago
This book has changed my life. I have read a lot of books on the Law of Attraction and this really helps to pull all that knowledge together in a useful way. I feel more empowered, happy, and just plain joyful....it's all my choice.
mrp More than 1 year ago
Although Lynn is no longer on the planet, this book will change your life and how you FEEL. It not only makes a lot of sense, but I have friends who have thanked me over and over for me giving them this book. It is a good read, over and over again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My life has changed and I can't get over it! I have been a 'student' of New Age philosophies and holisitc healing for at least a decade. This book, written in simple language, pulled it all together and then took it to (literally) a whole new level. As soon as I began moving into my 'wants' and truly visualizing and feeling what I desire in my life, synchronatic events began to transpire. This is a must read for everyone! You certainly do not have to be into New Age 'stuff' or holisitic healing to enjoy and/or benefit from this book.
pwagner2 on LibraryThing 22 days ago
This book is easy to read. It is kind of the whole "the secret" premise, but easier to grasp. I found some of it irritatingly repetitious. Without it, the book would have been a lot shorter. I also had trouble with the last quarter of the book where she discusses how we attract the terrible things that happen to us and the world. i.e, a plane crash where everyone dies means everybody on the plane had the same negative frequency. I also can't justify sitting back and letting the bad stuff in the world go on without doing more than sending good feelings to the people involved, good and bad.
bugeyzz23 on LibraryThing 22 days ago
This book will be added to the list of BEST BOOKs I'VE EVER READ!!! Truly amazing. It goes one step further in the concept of the Law of Attraction, adding feelings and positive vibrations of matter (we are all matter) into the mix. Not only was it fascinating, but I started using the author's techniques the day I started reading the book, with almost immediate results. I would say it was "magical" but then, you probably wouldn't believe me. Those who will listen to me are sick of hearing about "THE BOOK" as I have been calling it, and I'm constantly calling them and emailing them about "what just happened" to affirm that the concepts in THE BOOK work!!!I feel very blessed and grateful for having received THE BOOK as a LIBRARY THING reader. :)
jensalittleloopy on LibraryThing 22 days ago
I received this via Early Reviewers and I really enjoyed it. Since I've read tons of books in this genre there wasn't much new information for me -- it dovetails with The Secret and Esther and Jerry Hicks' books quite nicely. What was really cool about this book, though, is that Lynn Grabhorn made the information entertaining and very accessible for people who might not otherwise be receptive to an idea like wisdom conveyed through a chanelled entity like Abraham or Seth. The tone of the book is very light and playful, so topics like how to move from a bad mood into a good mood seem less like work and more like a fun thing to try.Another thing I really loved is that Grabhorn doesn't provide a list of required exercises to move through the chapters the way a lot of other personal development books do. Sometimes I just want to read something positive without having to feel guilty about not "doing the work" the authors recommend. This fits that bill.I think the funny thing for me was that when I received this book I really needed a reminder to mind my mind...little synchronicities like that are precisely what this book is about.
realbigcat on LibraryThing 22 days ago
I have a rather large collection of what I call "self help" or motivational books so I was happy to receive this as an advance readers copy even though it's actually a rerelease. It seems that most reader's compare this book to the Secret and in some aspects I think that's true. Grabhorn takes what many other books in this genre profess and that is the power of positive thought or speech and relates that to feelings. I think she sums it up easily in her statement that any feeling/emotion that's not joyful is negative. Her book is well structured, easy to understand and mixes great humor. I can relate some of the concepts with Wayne Dyers work. It's unfortunate that she is no longer with us.
nasagirl on LibraryThing 22 days ago
This book gives a lot of practical advice from a new viewpoint. Instead of focusing on or acknowledging the negative. Focus on the positive feelings surrounding circumstances, etc you wish were reality. It creates an entirely different 'vibration' which is much happier than the poor, poor me way of thinking.
jaclynl on LibraryThing 22 days ago
As other have mentioned this book is very much in the same school of thought at the Secret. I found this book easier to understand than the Secret though and less new age (for me a good thing). If you have read other books of this nature I don;t think this book offers up anything new.
kellyoliva on LibraryThing 22 days ago
A fantastic in depth look at the law of attraction and how you can make it work for you. I recommend purchasing the Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting playbook to use while reading. The activities in the Playbook focuses your energy and makes it easy to put Lynne's advice to work in your life.
biunicorn on LibraryThing 22 days ago
Excuse Me, Your Life is WaitingThe Astonishing Power of Feelingsby Lynn Grabhorn This 245 page treasure was nothing short of amazing. I was just so impressed with the author as she takes us from one human escapade to another with humor, compassion and a good dose of pepper. This is a feel good book that can guide you along through the worst parts of discovery in such a lovely friendly manner that you hardly know you are finding your way out of that prison of your own making. There is a whole lot of manifesting going on and we can be a part of it. By taking good honest looks and making wiser choices this helpful read shows us that we can release old ways of thinking and usher in the new. I was especially drawn to the personal stories and how people like myself were able to wake up and have a life. My favorite was about the real estate office. I would recommend this much needed totally spiritually available teacher to anyone looking for the illusive butterfly of abundance. Thanks Lynn, may you continue to bring us many more gems like this one. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann
lisat781 on LibraryThing 28 days ago
I have to admit, I was not able to complete this book. While I liked the way Grabhorn wrote and enjoyed her sense of humor, the content was a bit too hokey for me. I had read The Secret and recognize that there is a lot to be gained from positive thought. However, after reading most of the Secret and about 1/2 of this book, I'm convinced that I am not a believer in the true power of positive thinking and that it will attract what you want in life. My review only pertains to that part of the book that I read and I'm noting that Grabhorn's writing was not necessarily what i disliked but the theory.
Iralell on LibraryThing 28 days ago
The author of this book seems to have taken most of her material from another group. She died soon after publishing the updated version in a way that belies her claims in the book. I can only say that, although I do think there is merit to the idea of the power of thoughts, there are MANY much better books out there on the subject. For example: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and more recently The Field by Lynne McTaggart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Worst book ever, some lame lady with no personal success at all making money by teaching how to get what she never got..........some "gurus" have the decency to not talk about themselves since they are real failures, this author, on the other hand, shares her mediocre life as a badge of honor. Let me tell you some of her biggest claims to faith that merit her on writing a book on how you should be a hit in this life, she got her dog to stop barking at passer-bys, she got somewhat better from some back pain, she still has a regular job, she goes on and on about how her tenants in the one small apartment in her property don't shut down the porch light at night and how after much inner work she got them to turn the light off, she then gets going on these same tenants again because they have not paid rent for months.......it doesn't end there, she says she has never looked better than she does now, there is actually a pic of her in the book back flap jacket, where you can see a butch looking, white haired, wrinkly, overweight lady, if that's the better she ever look I have no words. she then has a chapter on love life and relationships, she starts the chapter by saying she has never had any luck in relationships and has all but given up on it, but it does not stop her from writing a chapter to tell us how to go about it. I don't know if this is really funny or really really sad, waste of time, I could not finish this lady's manual for a success she never had. Shameless. how important it is to have people around you that reality checked you once in a while, otherwise this may happen, some random old lady with no accomplishments and a lousy life telling us the little people how to live, oh boy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love, Love, LOVE this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was recommended by a friend. She said it was well worth reading - and she was right. I have applied some of the ideas in the book and have been pleasently surprised by the outcome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought Lynn Grabhorn had some great ideas in her book.....if only we can do it..... I was very sorry to hear about her death and the possiblity that she may have committed suicide. Kind of didn't go with what she pushed in her book. Caused some mixed emootion there.