The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook

The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook

by Lynn Grabhorn

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ISBN-13: 9781612830957
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,216,923
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About the Author

Lynn Grabhorn was a motivational speaker, real estate agent, and educational materials producer. Her main claim to fame was The New York Times bestseller, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. She died in 2004.

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The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook

By lynn grabhorn

Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Lynn Grabhorn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-641-2


Tenet One We realize we are vastly more than our body


* begin the walk out of limitation

* learn where our identity comes from

* open the door to true self-responsibility

* plant the first seeds toward accepting our own divinity

Principle #1 We are thought manifested into a life form

We think we are our bodies; we are not. We think we are our problems, or our ancestors, or our many identities. We are not. We are not our sex, or our illnesses, or our desires.

We are not our loves, our pains, or our addictions. What we are is a piece of the All That Is, sired by the light, in order that the "isness" might experience itself greater than it was before.

We are the embodiment of a love so vast, so incomprehensible, that we run from its power. Yet that power is what we are.

We are the higher power that is greater than ourselves.

We are a marvelous creation of mind in matter.

We are the ongoingness and foreverness of everything that is.

We are a portion of the infinite, a piece of God destined to wake up one day and remember just that.

We are incomprehensible forces of energy living for now inside physical instruments, because that is what we chose to do.

We are a portion of the whole; therefore what God is, is what we are.

We are power centers of unlimited magnificence, supreme intelligences who have never been separated from our source, for we are that source.

We are what we look outside ourselves to find.

We are the love we seek, the joy for which we yearn, the fervor of life we think we have lost. Our longing is but the pressing call of our soul to wake up, and to remember. This, then, is our grand journey home.

Discuss and/or Journal

1. What is "thought" to you?

2. Where does it come from?

3. How do we originate it?

4. What does it do? What is its purpose?

5. Can it harm us? Can it help us? How?

6. What does this mean: "We are thought manifested into life-form"?

What we are is pure, raw, source material manifested into form to learn and understand how to manipulate that energy in physicality. Pure, raw, source material is thought in its highest (frequency) form. Social consciousness is impure source material in one of its lowest (frequency) forms. Either way, we are source material manifested into form.

Who cares anyhow? If we want to stop struggling, we had darn-well better care. If we want to stop pain, we had better care! If we want to create our lives in any way other than what they are right now, we have got to care.

So here's how it comes down: We are not our bodies; we are energy. We are electromagnetic beings, sending out electromagnetic waves that come from our emotions. Every thought we embrace has its own frequency, bringing back to us exactly what we send out. We are not our body; we are mind IN body.

Realize that your present difficulty is only a small part of you, and the rest of you is doing quite well, thank you.

Principle #2 We are not our problems

All those things you listed in the previous exercise are just good old-fashioned problems. Until we can at least entertain the idea that we are greater than our bodies, we will continue to live for only one thing in life: our problems!

We think we are our bodies, and we think we are our problems. Of course, we are neither. Yet holding on to our problems is the very thing that keeps us from filling that longing inside. Once we find our inner core, once we come to know our true Selves, problems vanish. That's what this Playbook is about! But before going on, we need to know where our problems come from in the first place!

Discuss and/or Journal

1. What do you think a problem is?

2. Could you describe one of yours in just one sentence?

3. How do you think we get problems?

4. Why do you think we have them?

Problems give us our identity!

* Problems are our number one addiction.

* We are addicted to negative feelings.

* Our lives are a constant acting out of our addictions.

* We live for our addiction to our problems, day in and day out.

* Problems give us security.

* They are like old friends: known ... familiar ... predictable.

* Problems give meaning to a life without purpose.

* To the degree that we deny our true essence, will we have problems.

* Problems and blame go hand in hand.

* Because we don't understand how we get what we get, we blame others.

* We place blame outside of us for most events in our lives.

* The surest way to maintain problems is to maintain blame!

* Problems come from our beliefs.

* Beliefs form our reality (as we will come to see).

* Beliefs carry powerful emotions.

* And emotion is what causes the experience (as we will find out).

The belief creates the problem!

* Every belief we have carries its own emotion.

* It's the emotion of the belief that's the culprit.

* It's the emotion behind the belief that magnetically attracts.

* A belief is a thought, and thought creates emotion.

* Beliefs make up our subconscious.

* Whatever we believe, we live.

* Whatever we believe, we attract.

* Or ... whatever we believe, we repel.

* Beliefs create our reality.

* If we believe a thing, the effect will follow, no matter what.

* If we believe a thing, we will experience what we believe.

* Until we can control our beliefs, they will control us.

Explanation Break

"If this Tenet is about us being more than our bodies, how come we're into all this stuff about beliefs, beliefs, beliefs?"

Here's how come: We touched on it lightly, but now let's really look at it. If we can swallow the notion that our beliefs create our experience, that our entire physical environment is the materialization of our beliefs, that our beliefs form every moment of our reality, and that if we really believe a thing, the effect will follow whether we want it to or not ... well, if we can ultimately swallow all that, we just might realize how unimaginably powerful we are.

Sure, a lot—if not most—of our beliefs have come from others, but until we can see that we are not at their mercy unless we believe we are, we remain in that vicious circle where we're constantly reinforcing all the stuff we're trying so desperately to change. And wondering why it's not happening!

Here's the bottom line: Until we can completely and unequivocally accept the idea that our beliefs form our reality, our reality is not going to change. Period! And we will never, but never, come to believe that we are any greater than these dear bodies. Yes, the bodies are a wonder, but they are simply not what we are. Never have been, never will be. So if we can match up at least some of our beliefs with some of our problems, and vice versa, we just might be willing to accept that we are ever so much more than our bodies.

Two kinds of beliefs

Universal: These are the beliefs common to many, such as "humans will always kill," or "you have to work hard to get ahead." These are the ones we build our lives from. Because they are so common, they are also powerful, making them a major influence in our daily affairs.

Personal: Yours alone, such as "I'm too fat," or "I'm not handsome." It doesn't matter a hoot how many of each kind of belief you list in these next two exercises, only that you are aware of how much the beliefs of others—that you have adopted as your own—control your life. Do everything you can to connect a belief to a life experience. Perhaps a belief is "Short men are rotten lovers." Or "Women aren't as smart as men." Or "I'll never get ahead financially." Any kind of habitual thoughts you have that are limiting. Ready? Go for it.

When you finally understand that you can generate that which you have been desperately looking for outside of yourself, you become the master of your life.

HOMEWORK: Belief Busting

How do we get rid of those beliefs we now see as destructive? One way is to play "let's pretend" to generate the emotion opposite the one that comes from the belief you want to change.


The more often you generate that new feeling, the faster you'll change what you want to change. Every day pick a belief you hold about yourself (whether universal or personal) and conjure up the opposite feeeeeling. One-a-day! For instance, let's say you believe yourself to be a people-pleaser. So you conjure up the feeeeeling of saying "No," or walking away, or letting someone get their own coffee. If you believe yourself to be shy, conjure up the feeeeeling of being gregarious, interested in people, a good conversationalist, etc. Pretend. Ask your guidance for help, and then STAY ALERT for the miracles that will begin to happen.

Stay alert for the miracles that will begin to happen


If you've got a real stickler, work on it for a whole week. Play. Have fun. Conjure up new images that bring up new feelings. As you'll soon see, feeeeelings are what make this all happen, because as you feel, you become. The more you do this homework, you will literally create a new internal blueprint from the neuro-pathways that are being imprinted in your brain. But you must get into it emotionally, or it will just be a waste of time. If you don't feeeeel it, forget it!

Now be physical

When you're ready, take this to the next level and physically act out the opposite of what you want to change. You're still pretending, but now you are energy in motion, creating new pathways for your brain to respond to.

For instance ... shy? Then smile at someone. Believe you are poor? Then put a fifty-dollar bill in your wallet. Believe you are a timid speaker? Then get in front of your mirror and cut loose.

Imagination is the closest we get to divinity in physicality. So imagine! Be sure to always generate the new emotion that is opposite the old one. Do this regularly, and you will soon find yourself becoming a deliberate—rather than accidental—creator of your experience.

And always, always, make this fun!

Change the feeling, and you'll change the belief.

Principle #3 What we see in the mirror is only an instrument

For ease of reference now, we're going to call that vaster portion of ourselves our "entity." It is the unlimited and indefinable being we truly are, reaching far beyond our limited ideas of God. So, if this vast something is what we really are, what is it we see when we look in the mirror?

Deep inside each of us is a little spark that is incomprehensibly powerful. That little spark is what we are, for it is a piece of our entity. It is All That Is, learning to experience more of itself in this wondrous thing called a body. Inside us, our entity can explore its potential and understand more of what it is, meaning more of what we are.

However, let's not downplay the body. While it is nowhere near the totality of what we are, it holds the knowledge of all that has ever been or ever existed anywhere in any universe. Our journey, then, is to get the two together, entity and body. This is the journey home, the journey into remembrance, the journey back to the love from which we came and from which we were made. This is the creation of heaven on earth.

As soon as we allow ourselves to explore possibilities beyond physicality, our minds will open like whirlwinds. No, we're not talking "spirit world" omnipresence. And no, we don't get there by dying, for dying is just stepping into another frequency that feels good, but where we're still basically physical. What we're talking about here is learning to touch the realness of ourselves while still in this body. When we can reach in and touch that life spark, we step into a world of incomprehensible joy. We've mastered physicality, and we'll never have to do anything else except play out our physical games for the remainder of time we choose to stick around.

If you have this book, you're hell-bent on discovering who you really are, because you've heard the call of the entity-you. You're working to find yourself, to understand yourself. Above all (and with the relieved assistance of your delighted entity), you're working to slice away at that thing we call "image" so you can touch the true You that lies within.

Image! That's the operative word here. Until we can see that image has been dictating our lives, not much is going to change. So we're going to work at slicing away at that image, forcing new joy and new feelings into these bodies. We'll have a sharp awareness of what our images are doing. And we're going to work toward eliminating our boundaries, one by one, until there will be nothing for us to do but live from that inner spark, in joy, in harmony with all Life.

Discuss and/or Journal

1. I now believe that God is ...

2. Can you handle being a divine presence? If so, explain how it feels.

3. What do you think is the biggest block to believing in your divinity?

You are a child of the stars, sired by the light. Wake up to what you really are and always have been. You are the same energy as the universe, the pure positive energy of All That Is. Your will and God's are one and the same; only your ego tells you differently. See if you can repeat the following statements without flinching. If you can't, leave them alone for a few weeks, then come back to them later.

Say them over and over. Make yourself feeeeel what you are saying, even if it terrifies you. If you can, allow yourself to feel the love, the beauty, the preciousness, the awesomeness, and the truth of what you speak.

God's will and mine are the same.

I am not good; I am not bad. I am all that is, meaning all the good and all the bad.

There is not now, nor has there ever been, any person or power greater than that which I am.

I am the pure, positive, ever-flowing, ongoing energy of the universe.

I am a pinch-off of the source; therefore, the source and I are one.

I cannot separate myself from the energy from which I came.

I am a being of love and light, more powerful than 10,000 suns.

I can become whatever I desire to be.

I am forever.

I am not my body, my ego, or my problems.

I am what I have always been ... I have only been wearing a mask. meditation

Feeling the God you are

Get yourself centered ... ask those who walk with you for assistance ... ask your inner being, your life spark, for assistance ... and now express your de-sire to feel your God-energy, for indeed, it is what you are. It is not apart from you now, nor has it ever been.

Go inside to that safe place where your life spark resides, that place just behind your heart ... open up to your inner being ... allow the feeling of love desire to feel it. So express, ask, invite.

Focus on the heart area, and now bathe yourself in love. Wrap yourself in a blanket of loving warmth. Yes, do it yourself ... to yourself, then stay alert for whatever may happen within your body.

Now repeat to yourself, "I am love, I am love, I am love." Then change it to "I am loved, I am loved, I am loved." Keep your focus on your heart area. "I am loved ... I am loved ... I am loved ... I am loved."

Over and over and over, in the stillness of your being, in the quiet of your person, ask again and again to feel the love.

You may feel heat ... you may feel a wash of love ... you may have tears ... you may feel nothing. There is no right or wrong. If you felt nothing, not to worry. You will. For what God is, you are.

You need only ask to connect with your entity, and one day ... one wonderful day, you will feel that brief moment of indescribable love flood over you. Look for it. Ask for it. It is you.


We accept that we are not separate, not alone; we are one with All That Is


* begin to fill the emptiness within

* are introduced to frequencies of thought

* begin the move out of social consciousness

* start the not-so-long journey back to oneness

Principle #1 Separation is an illusion

Since long before Jesus ever walked the face of this earth, man has felt himself as apart from his "maker." When the words of what would become the Bible were finally put into print, they not only continued to foster the erroneous belief that man was separate from his maker, but served to cement that belief. Though the words of Jesus echoed over and over that "the Father and I are one," there was enough misinterpretation of his work imbedded within the biblical pages to secure the impenetrable belief that man was a lowly, sinful creature to be punished righteously by a vengeful being from the unseen.

'Tain't so! The aborigines know it. The Native Americans and a bunch of others know it. It's all the rest of the world that feels alone, abandoned, rejected, and ... separate.


Excerpted from The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook by lynn grabhorn. Copyright © 2010 Lynn Grabhorn. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

The Real Beginning v

How to Use this Book x

Tenet 1 We realize we are vastly more than our body 1

Tenet 2 We accept that we are not separate, not alone; we are one with All That Is 21

Tenet 3 We understand that all circumstances are our own creation 39

Tenet 4 We giggle at why we are here 59

Tenet 5 We welcome, even invite contrast 79

Step 1 Identify what you don't want 81

Tenet 6 We are learning to unleash our desires 97

Step 2 Identify what you do want 107

Tenet 7 We are mastering the art of energy flow 119

Step 3 Get into the feeling place of your want 122

Tenet 8 We listen, we watch, we trust and allow; then-and only then-do we act 149

Step 4 Intend-and allow-it to happen 169

Tenet 9 We acknowledge that well-being abounds 173

Tenet 10 We live from the Now, not from the Past 193

Tenet 11 We stretch our God-consciousness daily 209

Tenet 12 We approve of ourselves, no matter what 237

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