Execution Of The Penalty - A Letter To James Dean

Execution Of The Penalty - A Letter To James Dean

by Brent C. Flynn



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ISBN-13: 9780615274430
Publisher: Blade Management, LLC
Publication date: 03/06/2009
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 0.65(w) x 5.50(h) x 8.50(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

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Execution Of The Penalty - A Letter To James Dean 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
Brent C. Flynn, with additional study and contributions by his wife Linda D. Flynn, has written a book that represents a courageous life well lived. But this fine book is not simply the story of a family's existence and history, it is instead a brave examination of a life ruled by the cult of Mormonism. Writing this book represents hours of research and even more hours of personal flagellation as the author unwinds the mysteries of his childhood and early adulthood as a devoted Mormon, a task that informs the reader about a sect that to the outsider is as much a conundrum as the many other religious sects of the world. The book reads well (Flynn is a fine writer) and presents an analysis of cult worship that is very much an eye opener. Flynn wisely begins his book EXECUTION OF THE PENALTY: A LETTER TO JAMES DEAN with a concise history of the founding of the Mormon religion by Joseph Smith. Not only does he document the passage to importance of this new religious cult, but he also involves his own family history, from the first member who fell under the spell through his own immediate relatives whose lives were ruled by the Church of Latter Day Saints. By the time we reach the birth and childhood of the author the reader has a substantial knowledge of the workings and beliefs of this cult and can comfortably understand the journey of a boy belonging to a cult, a lad who travels to Peru on his 'mission', his education, his marriage to Linda, and the trauma he and his wife faced with the birth of a child who due to medical neglect suffered irreparable physical damage. And this is the point the reader learns of the author's questioning of his religious views, a questioning that eventually lead to his leaving the church that had ruled his life. From this point on in the book Flynn and his wife carefully examine the flaws, abuses, and separatist dynamics of the 'only true church'. This section of the book is meant to uncover the misconceptions of Mormonism: it also serves as a guide to examining all cults and all organized religious beliefs. Flynn carefully and with great respect for honesty reveals his laborious investigation that points out the facts of cult worship in general and the Mormon church in particular. it is a fascinating and engrossing bit of detective work. He ends his life change in a beautiful letter to his son JD (James Dean Flynn) in which he points our the good aspects of ALL religions from ancient Egypt to the present ('love thy neighbor as thyself') and warns his son against the 'beliefs' that one 'religion' is the only path to happiness: 'Knowledge and reason are your best protections. Smile and enjoy the ride.' At this point in the book Linda Flynn presents a section titled 'A Crack in the Sky' in which she shares her personal history and commitment to the Mormon church and then proceeds to unravel the mysteries that surrounded the life of the founder of Mormonism - Joseph Smith. Linda likewise writes well and completes her personal entanglement with the cult of Mormonism with a finely addressed awakening. At the end of the book are multiple sections of references that document the findings of the Flynns, a fine section on The Characteristics of a Cult, and a lengthy bibliography. What makes this book by the Flynns so worthy of wide readership is the manner in which they share their personal involvement with a cult that disillusioned them. Grady Harp