Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 41, Issue 45: Published November 14, 2014

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 41, Issue 45: Published November 14, 2014

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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From the Editors:

A "political impeachment" was the spot-on characterization, by a Washington insider, of the Nov. 4 U.S. Presidential elections, which, as even top Democrats ruefully admitted, was a spectacular drubbing of Obama and his party. That it took place on the eve of the equally historic APEC summit in Beijing last week, where the emergence of a striking counterpole to the rapidly imploding trans-Atlantic financial imperium was further consolidated, was not lost on either side. This week's EIR examines both sides of this unbridgeable divide, beginning with our Cover Story. The sea-change in the U.S. has all but written Obama's political eulogy, and Lyndon LaRouche quickly responded, outlining the necessary next steps: Once Obama is officially removed from office, a new, viable government can and must be formed. "Endgame is coming on fast," he said, and, "The whole world will be affected by what the United States does in the coming days." Two additional pieces round out the National section: a reprint of LaRouche's "Four Laws" for economic recovery, first published in June; and a substantial excerpt from the LaRouchePAC Nov. 7 webcast, in which EIR's Dennis Small discusses the potential for positive change in the wake of the elections. Now spin the globe around to the other side of the world, where the APEC gathering in Beijing set the agenda for the new world economic order that the LaRouches have devoted the last 40 years to bring into being, and where Obama was clearly out of his element (Economics). This view is bolstered in Helga Zepp-LaRouche's interview with China Radio International. And in Strategy, Zepp-LaRouche recalls the Schillerian moment 25 years ago, when the Berlin Wall crumbled, a moment which was lost, but whose promise is now being revived by the forces for a New Paradigm, centered on the BRICS and their allies. As the U.S./NATO/EU troika drives for confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, there are promising signs of rapprochement between Japan and China (International). And China's Chang'e-5T mission is bringing that nation closer to its goal of landing astronauts on the Moon. Also on the international stage, we look at moves by the Saudi Kingdom to sabotage recent positive developments involving Iran, including diplomatic progress between Tehran and Washington. Finally, in our Feature, we bring you speeches from Panel III of the Schiller Institute Conference in Germany last month, on "The New Silk Road and the New Paradigm for Mankind."

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