Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 16: Published April 17, 2015

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 16: Published April 17, 2015

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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Basing himself on the path-breaking scientificdiscovery of the Solar System itself by Johannes Kepler, Guest Editor Benjamin Deniston has just discovered an original breakthrough of his own-one which will revolutionize man's ability to solve such problems as the crippling drought which has struck the Southwestern states of the U.S. As to its profound implications for the Presidency: firstof all, former Gov. Martin O'Malley is the only prospective nominee who has exhibited any relevant qualifications. By contrast, Hillary Rodham Clinton has destroyed whatever qualifications she may once have had, after prostrating herself, against Lyndon LaRouche's express warning, before the bestial Barack Obama. But the Presidency is not a single individual, however qualified. It is an institution comprising a closely coordinated team of experts who are also creative thinkers, under the President, as exemplified by Lyndon LaRouche's vital participation in the Presidency, since the 1970s. That team must begin functioning now. The major question before the Presidency, so defined,today, is whether the Western states of the United States must be shut down, and their populations killed off or exiled because of lack of water as California's degenerate Gov. Jerry Brown demands. What question could be more important? But without consideration of what Deniston raises here, it is a question without an answer.

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