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Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 8: Published February 20, 2015

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 8: Published February 20, 2015

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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From the Editors:

Lyndon LaRouche has identified the removal of Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, as a crucial requirement for stopping the Obama Administration's confrontational policy with Russia, which threatens World War III. We spotlight the role of Nuland, and her accomplices, in our Feature package this issue, including with dossiers that virtually no other English-language press dares to publish. In fact, the "mainstream" U.S. press won't even give coverage to prominent political figures, such as former Reagan Administration ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock, who oppose the lying "narrative" that Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive outlook is the cause of the current East-West conflict. We provide the full transcript of one of his recent speeches, which should cut through the brainwashing you otherwise encounter virtually everywhere. For an in-depth treatment of how and why the current crisis has come about, however, there is no substitute for Helga Zepp-LaRouche's latest major speech, given at the Feb. 14 Schiller Institute conference in Manhattan (National). We publish the full transcript, and recommend that you also view the afternoon of presentations, which can be found at While the bankrupt London-Wall Street crowd demands war, the good news is that so much of the world is not only resisting the diktat, but forging an alternative. Greece's latest moves in this direction are featured in Economics, as the new government refuses to submit to blackmail to pay debt which is illegitimate. Look for our upcoming study that will document just that. As for the BRICS dynamic, that continues to make major strides. Arabic-language editor Hussein Askary reports on the significance of President Putin's recent visit to Egypt, which has huge potential for the entire African continent (International). The BRICS alternative to the bankrupt Trans-Atlantic system is also elaborated in a speech by Indian economist Jayshree Sengupta given to a Schiller Institute seminar in Paris, which we publish in full. The South Korean government's resistance to the Obama Administration's war drive in North Asia is the subject of another article in International, while we update the fight to release the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry in National.

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