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Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 9: Published February 27, 2015

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 9: Published February 27, 2015

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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From the Editors:

The resistance of the Greek government to the British Empire's scorched-earth policy, has the potential to catalyze a movement to sink the whole bankrupt London/Wall Street system, and that's what should be done, Lyndon LaRouche has stressed. Otherwise, these British lunatics are pushing us straight toward World War III. Our Feature outlines the case for Greece dumping the debt: it's been a gigantic swindle on the part of the international bankers, who now demand the country further destroy itself. Even the United Nations has shown that the Troika conditionalities have been deadly. We append a recent precedent for writing off fraudulent debt-the case of Ecuador. Another major flank against the Empire, and its stooge Obama, is the focus of our Economics section, which deals with the recent scandals blowing up around Britain's historic major drug bank, HSBC, the former Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., better known as the central bank for Dope, Inc. Pulling this string goes directly to the top of the enemy of the human race-and we will be pursuing it further. Under International, we continue our expose of the Nazi factor driving the crisis in Ukraine, which, despite the concerted efforts of the Normandy Four (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France), threatens to explode into all-out war. Meanwhile, the BRICS nations are working diligently along the lines of "development is the new name for peace." We feature three stories you won't find elsewhere in the English-language press: 1) the recent African Union/China deal for continent-wide infrastructure; 2) the recent Maritime Silk Road conference which promoted the Kra Canal; and 3) Argentina's launch of the Atucha II nuclear plant. In recent weeks, LaRouche has repeatedly warned about the dangers of the Jeb Bush Presidential candidacy, as a potential killer blow by the British Empire against the U.S. See our preliminary profile of Jeb as what he really is: a representative of the Bush dynasty of British/ Wall Street agents, committed to fascism and war. Our Science section this week presents the transcript of a recent LaRouchePAC New Paradigm show, featuring Phil Rubinstein, a longtime leader of the LaRouche movement, part of the ongoing series devoted to exploring the scientific basis for the thesis that man is not an animal. These weekly programs are archived and available at www.

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