Exile in Erin: A Confederate Chaplain's Story: The Life of Father John B. Bannon

Exile in Erin: A Confederate Chaplain's Story: The Life of Father John B. Bannon

by William S. J. Faherty


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John B. Bannon excelled in four distinct capacities: as a pastor of a thriving Catholic congregation in St. Louis; as a chaplain with the First Missouri Confederate Infantry at Pea Ridge, Corinth, and Vicksburg; as a diplomat winning Irish support for the cause of the Confederacy; and as Ireland’s greatest preacher in the 1880s.
William Barnaby Faherty’s latest book, Exile in Erin: A Confederate Chaplain’s Story, looks at new historical research and covers the entire life of this great man. It examines Bannon’s boyhood in Ireland and his early years as a priest in St. Louis. Bannon gave up a major parish to serve the spiritual needs of the soldiers in the field—the only chaplain in either army to do so. He turned Irish opinion to sympathy for the South, then reoriented himself in his native land after the war. His preaching was part of a devotional revolution that put new life in the Irish Church.
In reading Exile in Erin, Civil War buffs will view the conflict from an unusual vantage, students of Irish history will understand the Celtic religious scene from Catholic emancipation in 1827 to the vote for home rule, and all readers will meet a towering and inspirational personality.

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ISBN-13: 9781883982478
Publisher: Missouri History Museum Press
Publication date: 10/01/2002
Edition description: 1
Pages: 256
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About the Author

William Barnaby Faherty, S.J., is Professor Emeritus in history at Saint Louis University. He is the author of numerous books, including The St. Louis Irish: An Unmatched Celtic Community, Moon Launches, and St. Louis: A Concise History.

Table of Contents

1.Early Years2
2.St. Louis: Church and Community8
3.Early Years in St. Louis14
4.The Nation Walks to the Brink26
5.Father Bannon Goes "South"42
6.Curtis Moves into Arkansas52
7.The Greatest Battle of the Trans-Mississippi60
8.Reminiscing About Pea Ridge66
9.Changing Fronts74
10.Luka and Second Corinth90
11.Vicksburg: Citadel above the River102
12.How Great a Chaplain?116
13.Confederate Agent126
14.Whither the Call?140
15.Reorientation in Erin144
16.Into the "Heart of the Irish Church"150
17.By Train or by "Bian"160
18."A Pulpit Orator of the First Rank"172
19."The Only Possible Candidate"188
20.A Time of Jubilees198
21."Furl the Banner"206
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