Exile & the Politics of Exclusion in the Americas

Exile & the Politics of Exclusion in the Americas



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Exile & the Politics of Exclusion in the Americas by Luis Roniger

This collection of essays brings together leading experts in the study of exile and expatriation, whose historical and comparative perspectives enable readers to understand the phenomenon of forced displacement in the Americas. Political exile, a major political practice throughout most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is still an under-researched topic. While ubiquitous and fascinating, with some notable and important exceptions, until recently it has been conceived as somewhat marginal for the development of these societies, instead being studied in the framework of traditional concepts and concerns in history and the social sciences. Following recent developments that highlight the centrality of diasporas and transnational studies, of transience and relocation, this book proposes that the study of exile should become a topic of central concern, closely related to basic theoretical problems and controversies on the structure of power, national representation and transnational displacement. The editors and contributors approach these issues through a nuanced reading of context and history. The work discusses the formative impact of exile in many of these societies at different times, while analysing how it evolved and changed its character throughout the centuries. The systematic studies brought together in this volume will likely generate new readings of history and the societies in the Americas and the Diasporas, moving away from the traditional understanding of national histories towards more regional, transnational and even continental dimensions.

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ISBN-13: 9781845196349
Publisher: Sussex Academic Press
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Luis Roniger is the Reynolds Professor of Latin American Studies at Wake Forest University. A comparative political sociologist, his work focuses on the interface between politics, society, and public culture. He is the author of six books, including The Politics of Exile in Latin America and Transnational Politics in Central America.

Table of Contents

Editors' Acknowledgments vii

Series Editor's Preface viii

Introduction: Exile and the Politics of Exclusion in the Americas 3

The Editors

Part I The Politics of Exclusion in the Americas: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

1 Political Exile in Latin America Mario Sznajder Luis Roniger 13

2 African Americans in Search of the Brazilian "Eldorado" Teresa Meade Gregory Alonso Pirio 35

3 Representations of Exile and those Exiled in Argentine History Silvina Jensen 52

4 The Spanish Exiles in Mexico and Beyond: A Comparative Perspective Nicolás Sánchez-Albornoz 70

5 Playing God: Choosing Central European Jewish Refugees for the Dominican Republic during World War II Allen Wells 80

6 Exile in the Andean Countries: A Historical Perspective Ricardo Melgar Bao 100

Part II The Cold War and Waves of Exile

7 Fleeing from MacCarthyism: US Expatriates in Mexico Diana Anhalt 121

8 Cuban Exiles, the Cold War and the Politics of Immigration Félix Masud-Piloto 136

9 Chilean Political Exile Thomas C. Wright Rody Oñate 145

10 Brazilian Exiles in the United States, the Campaign against Torture, and the Forging of a Human Rights Discourse for Latin America James N. Green 163

11 Exile as Rupture, Transformation and Learning Process: Argentineans in France and the Humanitarian Plight Marina Franco 183

12 Exiles and the Argentine Diaspora. Issues and Problems Pablo Yankelevich 198

Part III Exile and the Reconstruction of Politics and Identities

13 'Across Seas and Borders': Charting the Webs of Radical Internationalism in the Circum-Caribbean Barry Carr 217

14 The Brazilian Exile Experience: Remaking Identities Denise Rollemberg 241

15 Uruguayan Exiles and Human Rights: From Transnational Activism to Transitional Politics, 1981-1984 Vania Markarian 264

16 "Only the Fog is Real": Migration and Exile in Latin-American Literature Florinda F. Goldberg 286

17 Exile and Argentine Literature: Testimonies of Memory Sandra Lorenzano 311

18 Political Exile and Democracy Luis Roniger 328

Conclusions: Exile and the Setting of Future Research Agendas 351

The Editors 359

The Contributors 360

Index 364

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