Existence: what it is and what we think it is

Existence: what it is and what we think it is

by Victor Senchenko


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Human existence is not complex. After all, it is based on the ability to provide three mental functions: that of fiction, of nonfiction, and a choice between the two. It is the choice that lends complexity to human view of everything: the constant permissiveness of choice to let fiction infiltrate and deform the reality of nonfiction.

The fact is we, humans, adore all fiction. The more intricate the stronger we become attracted. This means we continue to allow fiction to govern our understanding of physical reality, as if unreality is reality.

In order to change this situation, this book reveals what makes humans human and why we behave as we do. This information makes it totally clear why humanity had retained the social customs and traditions used to rule one failed civilization after another. The final part of the book provides knowledge that differentiates nonfiction of truth from fiction of fantasy: fiction that continues to be embraced and believed by humanity and science alike.

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