Exiting the Game: Volume 1

Exiting the Game: Volume 1

by Donald Beach Howard Jr.


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Exiting the Game: Volume 1 by Donald Beach Howard Jr.

First and foremost, I give God thanks for the ability to expand my mind to show His children we all can change. I knew it would be hard to change my life around, but with God all things are possible and it is the way into the Light of Success. I've walked many days in the mist of darkness, but He sent Angels down to guide me along my sinful way in life itself. So thank you Carol Dickerson-Watkins, Larrika Bishop, Marie Dickerson, James Dickerson, and Carl Williams for your loving support. Without this love I couldn't reach this goal, which God placed in my path. So I hope all my sisters and brothers take the dark veil off the naked eye to see what God has planned in our life as Sinners to become Saints. I dedicate this first book of "Exiting The Game" to this world of life, and all the love ones were lost in Satan's dark world of pain and destruction.... Amen

This fiction novel has been written by Donald Beach Howard Jr. "Exiting The Game" was based on the streets activities of life, which revolves around the world today.
Thank You and please give the Lord a try

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ISBN-13: 9781504966740
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/05/2016
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

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Exiting the Game Volume 1

By Donald Beach Howard Jr.


Copyright © 2016 Donald Beach Howard Jr.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6674-0


"Exiting The Game"

The New Beginning

At the age of seventeen, I became a worker for Satan inside a small town called Louisville Kentucky. I was never to know that I was focused on a dream, which was never going to end. However, Satan showed a glass dream, that was soon to be shattered in a blink of an eye. I was dealt a handful of negative cards at a early age. I soon found out how to manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal. I could feel myself falling in the hands of a dark God with negative beliefs. Still I was a troubled kid at heart, with anger flowing throughout my veins. Never to know my father was murdered in the exact lifestyle by his own friend. I was lost on this dark journey fighting my own trials and tribulations here on earth. Therefore, fire racing throughout my veins ready to get paid in life. I was lead in a dark world of marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and pills. Along with people who used and shot these drugs into their veins with needles. Basically torturing their own temple without any remorse. I felt Satan's dark vibes racing throughout my soul as well as ready to wheel and deal. Family members, mother, fathers, sisters, and brothers lusted for a narcotic I possessed in life. As I found out the hard way in life, because this would lead to my own karma on this negative journey. I was carefully schooled on how to create crack-cocaine. I would have divided these nuggets up into twenty-eight a gram, and have them ready to be severed like a fast food restaurant. This was a hot commodity and the price for this type candy was know where near cheap. Twenty-eight grams went for eight hundred to a thousand dollars a pop. This was a give and go business! Plus, a no friends game! If you came into this type of lifestyle as a boy, it definitely turned you into a man. I would always walk, talk, and keep my hand on the trigger at all times. Because in a blink of an eye anything could have gone down in this type of game. Robbed or Killed! I chose to killed or be killed in the cards I was dealt. However, three older cats were putting me down who I knew my whole life. The click was solid, and if you challenged anyone of us, it would be on like shoot it up bang-bang and everybody must die. This was the case in our eyes. Although, my stepfather let one female live, which was exception to the rule. This mistake gave him life without the eligibility for parole. I see all kinds of friends in my past life as a square Joe. Now they label me as the man with all the coke. I dwell in the projects like a small Nino Brown. If you weren't selling our narcotic on the block, you were asked to leave. If not! You were carried off one way or the other, peacefully, violently, of your own choice. I had three younger cats working under my supervision by the names of Wayne-Head, Shitty, and King-James. All three of them had hell racing from out their heart. They would kill their own mother and father if it needed to be, to show the loyalty. Of course, plenty females came with the game. They wanted to be involved with something much bigger in life. I was taught a female was like a viper, a snake, which could slip pass a male's security system without being peeped. Then we were in for the taking at any cost. Even if your life needed to be. So this is why I kept me two bad ass bitches on my side at all times. They were twins that most people couldn't tell them apart, but there was only one way! Angel had coal black silky hair and arched eyebrows, but Diamond had flat black hair and no arch in her eyebrows. They were two down to earth females, who knew how to treat me as a drug dealer. Both of them sat by my side watching every move I made like bulldogs. So when I was called for twenty-eight grams of half powder and half hard. I would respond by getting in touch with my three youngsters, and explain what the present buyer needed. One would stay by the vehicle running, while holding his firearm. It would be loaded, cocked, and ready to spoil a nonbeliever's intentions. However, the other two youngsters made the deal. One was the mouth piece to conduct business, while the other one like an eye spy on point. Watching every move, a person made in the house. He scooped out girlfriends, mothers, friends, even the kids. This was to make sure the transaction was successful without any bloodshed. After the deal was complete, I was called with it's a rap. Then the three youngsters would make their way to the honey-cone hideout to be safe. Therefore, the vehicle was switched. Then they would make their way to the presence of me, Angel and Diamond. The money was set aside, because I would ask questions about the transaction. This was to see if they felt safe or in a jam. A smile or a frown would let me know the business. However, a frown would piss me clean off , and time of business had to change. Then Angel and Diamond knew it was time to boot up. These two vipers would be set on a mission of let's get it without a doubt. I knew the game had to be played raw, because the negativity had to be plugged in a devilish way. The role I played was to get shit done in the right way. Even if it came down to misplacing a face from the game I played as a drug dealer. Then away two females went with Satan pulsing throughout their veins, ready to get close to a dirty soul. To put him or her to sleep in a nasty way without any remorse. For thinking negative thoughts or plotting against or table of life. I wasn't worried about the twins doing dirt, because my judgement day would come in due time. Still the twins stood there waiting on a response from me. Everything was a go at a hundred percent Wayne-Head explained. Then King-James blurted out! It was a smooth drop. The hood was like a ghost town, with bitches dropping it like it was hot ready to get a blast of the narcotic. After the fact a female was trying to sell her soul for a hit of the drug. Standing in their face shacking, begging, asking outlandish questions trying to get a free hit. Then he stated, that it hurt his feel with a sad look on his face. Quickly I cut the conversation short, and stopped him in his tracks. This is Satan's game homie! The strong survive and the weak must die. So what our youngster? Because I can feel there is loose love running in your heart, that needs to be fixed. He explained know that's not it Dee! So what is it then, and please answer with the right answer. Still Shitty, Wayne-Head, and the twins stood there waiting on an answer from their partner in crime. He quickly struck a conversation about his brother's situation. From letting me know of him being strung out on the narcotic. Deep down I could feel his pain, but that was the wrong feelings to contain as a drug dealer. So I pulled him by his collar, and told him in a nice way. That shit happens! Please deal with it because this drug has no friends. This drug takes over the mind, body and soul. My brothers in the same damn boat. If I let my pride and joy stand in the way. I'll fall weak in the dope game player. I learned to walk over my feelings and that shit hurts. Now my job is to serve the world, and protect this table of life at all cost. So snap out this fucked up state of mind, and let the world revolve. In this business a person needs a clear mind to be safe you feel me James? After the long conversation he nodded as if he heard me out and clear. So I continued to school him with knowledge, that was passed to me from Jam. I explain this shit to the table because I live by respect, honesty, and loyalty. However, this is to keep everyone safe in Satan's game. If one falls weak that could be the breaking of the camel's back, and this table will be destroyed. Does everyone understand? Everybody knew that I was talking from the heart, because my eyes were bloodshot red. So James spoke up out of the blue. I do understand Dee! I'll work on my inner feelings, that could cause a slight problem in our bondage as partners. What I need to focus on is this table of life, and just learn to get money. I could feel a good spirit lingering throughout my body like a blessing. So I quickly jumped up like a madman! Now let's get back to business, because Spider wants an ounce and a half out West. He has $1250 cash! Tell him to pay me the rest on the next re-up. Immediately the youngsters were in the wind to get the product from the honey cone hideout. When they arrived at the spot everything was ready to be delivered. The 42 g was placed on the scales, weighted, bagged, and secured safely inside the vehicle. Now the mission was in process to go make the transaction.


Time of Business

The arrival of Spiders. James standing by the running Buick with the chrome 45 Colt P-10 waiting on a nonbeliever with the wrong intentions. However, Shitty trailed behind Wayne-Head, because he contained the narcotic for the buyer. Shitty approached Spider while Wayne-Head eyes on the prize. One older cat lingered in the living room, while the deal took place. Immediately after everything was set to make the transaction there was a knock at the door. It was unexpected visitor, and time of business had to change. So Shitty ask Spider to come to the vehicle to get the product? Spider got real upset about going outside to do the transaction. He felt vulnerable out in the open, and began calling him out of his name. So immediately I was called and it wasn't cool at all! Shitty explain the situation and what was going down, but not what he said. I was in flames and I ask to speak to Spider. I told him if that was me making the deal would he do it to me. There wouldn't be anyone in the house while I conducted business. It will be just you and me! No sisters, no brothers, no fucking body! Just us two! So do you trust me or not player? Yeah man it's cool he explained. Alright then my man! Please go to the car and make the deal, because I'm on a set schedule homie. You're slowing down my business, and I have shit to do now as we speak. Do u feel me man? Now let me speak to Shitty so we can get the ball rolling. Shitty get the 1,250 and give him the product from the vehicle. Your words are golden, so he's on your time. Plus, your word is the last words that needs to be said in any transaction. Our table is our table! What isn't from this table player I'll deal with it myself. So let's get it, and tell him about the money shit. That's all he needs to worry and about at this time! Then Shifty, Wayne-Head, and Spider went to the Buick that was still running. They were greeted by James. The deal was made, so the youngsters got in the vehicle and pulled off . Away they headed towards the honey-cone hideout to get off the polices radar. Then I was called again. Shitty said dealing with Spider was going to be a problem, because he wants to be a king. So I yelled out a king! A king of what? Then Shitty blurted out the streets. I could feel a hateful vibe dwell through my body which gave me the chills. No! I'm going to make a visit with Spider myself. So get here, and we'll talk from there youngster. After hanging up the phone, I wondered what to do with this nonbeliever that dwelled in the same game. When the youngsters arrived. I could see in their eyes there was something that they were afraid to tell me about the Spider situation. Wayne-Head started explaining how everything went down. How after getting the narcotic he called them do-boys, and that another word for flunky. I feel he needs to be touched in a way Dee, that a person cannot imagine. Because I'm not know ones do-boy! I could feel the devil lusting throughout three young hearts. Plus, everything that came from their mouth was directly from Satan Himself. Angel and Diamond standing waiting on a devilish call dressed in black, ready to judge a nonbeliever. I yelled out get my shit! Angel quickly left my side, and went towards the room to get my problem solver. She brought me a change of clothes, that would blend in with the shadows so I wouldn't be seen on the block. I knew I had to be invisible, so I got dressed and put on the Teflon vest. Then grabbed my 9mm Kiel Tex with the built on infrared beam and scope. I told them nobody gets away when it goes down when this baby is in my hand. When everything hit's the fan please don't nut up. Because no nut, no glory! So let's do this quick, fast, and in a hurry. Make no mistakes! I have to get home to my wife and kids before this shit hit's the news. Quickly we all loaded up into the vehicle with a sense of hell, and were out to do the work of Satan Himself. Minutes away from our destination, I was called for two ounces. One soft and the other hard. I started thinking to myself, should I get this money or the nonbeliever. I couldn't decide so that's when Satan stepped in and made the final decision. Therefore, in a way I couldn't remember so I wouldn't nut up. We were all headed towards the forbidden spot where life, and death both existed at the same time. As we pulled up to the area it appeared to look like a ghost town. I felt as if I was being peeped out, but there was no one in the area. With my heat seeker on my hip, I quickly rushed into the building where everything was supposed to go down. As I walked off the elevator onto the second floor there were two females standing in front of Spiders door getting ready to knock. So I cleared my throat to get their attention. Can I help you ladies with something? They both turned and smiled with a spaced out look on their faces. I ask why they were there? I could see in their eyes that they were already wired up and wanted to be re-up on this of drug. Spider was expecting them so he could pull a trick with them both at the same time. The girls were two friends who had no money, but wanted to sell their bodies for the next hit. I felt as if I was just in the nick of time for the taking, while his guard were down. Spider thinking to see two spaced out bitches ready to be freaked. So I thought the scene out. The takeover was going down with two spaced out hoes. Who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and six angry spirits out for blood. Still ready to let loose and bring judgment down on him and the click. The girls locked on the door repeatedly. I could hear footsteps growing closer to the door so I backed up to be safe. Then I heard a male voice from the other side of the door yelling out, there here boss out of excitement. Spider said ok and open the damn door! Suddenly, the door swung open and we came in like hell was to freeze over. We started handling our business! One dude yelled out it's a set! Gun shots rang out and the room lit up like 4th of July. That's when two of Spiders partners, and the two chicks were killed immediately during all the gun fire action. I pointed my gun directly at his dome, at point blank range. Then told him to hurry up and put some clothes on, because we were going for little ride. As he started getting dressed, out of fear he asked was he going to die? To let him know I meant business. I told him that if he made any sudden moves, he would be left here to rot like his friends on the floor. So stop staling, asking questions, and come on! Look here buddy! You already know what the deal is Spider? It's your damn mouth! I don't like how you disrespect this table of life. You know I have a reputation and business to maintain. Now you sit here crying out for a soldier to spare your ass. Oh yeah! By the way! There's someone who wants to talk to you personally in seventeen different ways. If you know what I mean! We all head back down to the vehicle, and dipped out from the negative area. To get to the lowest spot, like the book of dominos.


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