by Waldemar Janzen


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Exodus by Waldemar Janzen

To whom does primary allegiance belong? To great human empires, or to the God whose elusive presence we can never fully grasp?

Waldemar Janzen offers a fresh approach to the book of Exodus. The liberation from Egypt is a prelude to Israel’s unique calling to model before the nations a new life of service under God. Exodus portrays how God, through his servant Moses, wages a dramatic battle with Egypt’s mighty ruler for the release of enslaved Israel. The watching Israel wavers: “Is the Lord among us or not?” Even after Israel covenants to be God’s priestly kingdom and holy nation, Israel worships a golden calf. Once more God’s grace wrests Israel away, this time from slavery to doubts, fears, and self-centeredness. The people then focus faith on the imageless presence of God in their midst. God still wrestles for his people today.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780836191349
Publisher: MennoMedia
Publication date: 02/28/2001
Series: Believers Church Bible Commentary Series
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Series Foreword11
Author's Preface13
The Heart of the Old Testament15
Approach, Form, Style, and Implied Reader15
Structure and Unity of Exodus18
The Exodus Story20
The Distinctiveness of Exodus Within the Tetrateuch23
Chart: Exodus Within the Pentateuch24
The Theology of Exodus25
Chart: Overview of Exodus27
Outline of Exodus429
Anticipation: Focus on Moses
Part 1The Salvation of Moses, 1:1-2:2531
Israel in a Foreign Land, 1:1-2234
The Wider Context (Text in Biblical Context)39
Egypt Remembered39
A Wider Salvation (Text in the Life of the Church)40
Resisting Oppression/Genocide42
God's Covenant Faithfulness43
The Salvation of Moses, 2:1-2544
The "Precarious Escape" in Bible Stories50
Preservation Through Women50
A Child as a Sign of Hope51
Perspectives in Moses' Intervention51
Type Stories51
The Functions of Lament52
God's Ways52
Picking Up the Pieces54
Part 2The Commissioning of Moses, 3:1-7:755
God Calls and Equips Moses, 3:1-4:1757
Call Stories73
God's New Name: Yahweh (the LORD)74
Moses' Objections and God's Responses75
The Burning Bush76
The Divine Name77
The Call79
Moses Returns and Confronts Pharaoh, 4:18-6:182
Journey with a Mission89
Moses and Jacob90
God as Enemy?90
Israel's Oppression by Pharaoh91
Discouraged Messengers92
An Attacking God?93
Oppression in Egypt94
Discouraged Messengers of God95
God Affirms the Commission of Moses, 6:2-7:797
I Am the LORD (Yahweh)104
God's Covenant Faithfulness106
A Second Start108
Realization: Focus on Israel
Part 3The Salvation of Israel, 7:8-18:27111
God Overcomes Pharaoh, 7:8-11:10114
The Plagues134
Pharaoh's Hardening of Heart140
God and Evil: The Limits of the Subject142
The Plagues: History of Interpretation143
Does God Still Use Plagues as Judgment Signs?144
Human Behavior and Phenomena of Nature146
Pharaoh's Hardening of Heart150
Israel Escapes from Pharaoh, 12:1-15:21154
Festal Calendars167
The Passover and the Lord's Supper170
Divine Versus Human Perspective190
Crossing the Sea191
History of Interpretation194
Exodus Theology for Modern Western Christians195
God Wrestles with Israel, 15:22-17:16197
Israel in the Wilderness212
The Wilderness Period: Different Perspectives212
God as Healer214
Miracles of Feeding215
The Sabbath216
Enmity Between Israel and the Amalekites216
Israel's Wilderness Journey as a Paradigm for Life217
Tests and Temptations in the Wilderness of Life219
Divine Presence and Help in the Wilderness221
Israel's Escape Completed, 18:1-27223
Arrival and Fulfillment230
Part 4The Commissioning of Israel, 19:1-40:38231
Theophany and Covenant, 19:1-24:18234
Theophany at Mt. Sinai, 19:1-25235
The Ten Commandments (Decalogue), 20:1-21250
The Decalogue as a Whole268
The Individual Decalogue Commandments270
The Decalogue in Church History278
The Decalogue in Proclamation and Life279
The Individual Decalogue Commandments in Life280
Community Shalom in Daily Life (Covenant Code), 20:22-23:33285
Biblical Law Codes319
History of Interpretation320
The Covenant Code as a Christian Resource321
Covenant Conclusion, 24:1-18323
Mountain Theophany and Covenant330
Covenant Conclusion and Last Supper330
A Vision for Worship, 25:1-31:18332
Chart: Plan of the Tabernacle and the Court344
Leviticus and Numbers371
From Tent to Temple372
The Temple373
The New Testament374
History of Interpretation376
A Self-Styled Alternative and Its Consequences, 32:1-34:35378
The Golden Calf408
Moses as Mediator and Intercessor409
Judgment by Sword and Plague409
Moses' Shining Face409
Laws of Covenant Renewal410
A Foundational Text410
History of Interpretation410
The Modern Message of Israel's Rebellion411
Building for God, 35:1-40:38415
Chart: Paired Tabernacle Texts in Exodus417
God Among Us424
Lessons from the Tabernacle426
Outline of Exodus429
Israel in Egypt441
Name, Glory, Face/Presence, Hand/Arm447
Narrative Technique448
Pharaoh's Hardening of Heart452
Plagues, Signs and Wonders454
Promised Land455
Revelation and Mission457
The Route of the Exodus458
Source Theory461
Yahweh War463
Map of the Exodus466
Selected Resources478
Index of Ancient Sources480
The Author495

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