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What if America's judicial system, designed to protect the innocent, convicts the wrong man and sends him to prison? Uriah Courtney was incarcerated over eight years--for a crime he did not commit. But God set him free--spiritually and physically--to a new life inside his heart and outside razor wire.   Exoneree relates how badly the judicial system can go wrong, but how intensely a dedicated few seek justice. It depicts God's protection amid the horrors of incarceration. Although it shows dark depravity, it shines with divine transformation.   A sensitive man who loved the outdoors and his family, Uriah viewed life imprisonment as a death sentence. Yet God worked through this trauma to bring him new life. Uriah's transparent narrative transcends most jailhouse conversion accounts, as he confesses how becoming a Christian helped him cope in some ways but didn't solve every problem.   Even after his release and exoneration through God's providence and the efforts of the California Innocence Project, Uriah faced unexpected challenges. In his warm and personable voice, Uriah describes how focusing on Christ helps him to continue overcoming the bitterness and anger often associated with trauma. And that's a story everyone needs to read.

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ISBN-13: 9781532614477
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 12/06/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 236
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About the Author

A high-profile exoneree, Uriah Courtney frequently speaks about the trauma of wrongful conviction, including at the International Innocence Project conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2015. He remains active with the California Innocence Project and advocates for justice reform.   Glenda Faye Mathes, a University of Iowa graduate (2006), writes professionally and is the author of Little One Lost: Living with Early Infant Loss (2012), two devotionals, and the "Matthew in the Middle" juvenile fiction series.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Two Reasons You Should Read This Book Michael Horton vii

An Unforgettable Moment Justin Brooks xi

Acknowledgments xiii


Austin, Texas - February 8, 2005 3


Chapter 1 Outdoor Boy 7

Chapter 2 Rebellious Youth 11

Chapter 3 Troubled Teen 17

Chapter 4 Wild Adult 25

Chapter 5 Broken Man 31


Chapter 6 True Unknown 39

Chapter 7 Shocking Revelation 43

Chapter 8 Violent Environment 49

Chapter 9 Temptations Torment 59

Chapter 10 Painful Progress 63

Chapter 11 Pre-Trial Anxiety 71

Chapter 12 Trial Trauma 77

Chapter 13 Post-Trial Despair 93

Chapter 14 Solitary Confinement 99

Chapter 15 Lengthy Limbo 107

Chapter 16 New Beginnings 119

Chapter 17 Budding Hope 135

Chapter 18 Invisible Progression 139

Chapter 19 Full Circle 145

Chapter 20 Amazing Days 149

Chapter 21 Release Odyssey 157

Chapter 22 Freedom Unease 169

Chapter 23 Legal Exoneration 175

Chapter 24 Church Home 179

Chapter 25 Free Indeed 181

Epilogue 185


Prison Poetry 189

The Exoneree Collaboration Story 197

Photographs 202

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