Expansive Thoughts

Expansive Thoughts

by Phillip D Collins


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Expansive Thoughts by Phillip D Collins, Angel Moon, Snow Moon

Expansive Thoughts offers a diverse collection of poetry, prose, and short stories. Featuring the work of three accomplished authors, this anthology examines a plethora of thematic threads. These are just some of the expansive thoughts presented herein:

In "Pure Shores," Angel Moon presents a complex dichotomy: a modest secretary and a hedonistic pop star. Little do these two souls know that fate has placed them on convergent paths.

In "Silent Pain," Snow Moon paints an emotionally compelling portrait of a young woman tormented by both loneliness and cryptic dreams. As her nocturnal visions gradually unfold, they guide her back to a past love that is not what he appears to be.

And, Phillip Collins offers "Of Angelic Blood," the story of an eccentric and insecure college student who falls in love with an angel . . . a literal angel! When he discovers the ethereal nature of his love, what began as a conventional romance becomes a spiritual journey.

Eclectic, evocative, and thought-provoking, this collection is an invitation for readers to open their hearts and minds to some truly Expansive Thoughts.

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ISBN-13: 9780595415502
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/27/2006
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

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Expansive Thoughts 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just as the book's synopsis implies, 'Expansive Thoughts' is a rather eclectic anthology of stories, prose, and poetry. The story genres range from speculative fiction to romance. Likewise, the poems encompass scathing social commetaries, jaded political satires, cerebral philosophical musings, and, of course, cathartic exhortations of love. Yet, the material never becomes stale or dull. Although the authors do cover some ground that has been mined by previous writers, they never become formulaic or uninteresting. In fact, there are even a few surprises 'particularly in the stories 'Secret Destiny,' 'Night of the Raven,' and 'Silent Pain''. Moreover, there does seem to be some thematic continuity among the pieces. All of the stories present characters that are, in some way, emotionally and spiritually detached. For instance, the central character in 'Silent Pain' 'a lonely and frustrated landlord named Raya' can no longer relate to herself or others. Likewise, the central character in 'Pure Shores' 'a high profile pop stars' has distanced himself from women because of a past relationship that resulted in heartache. Yet, the most emotionally and spiritually detached characters are found in the stories by Phillip Collins. In fact, the central characters in 'A Voice Unheard' and 'Of Angelic Blood' are virtually identical, although their paths lead down very different trajectories. At any rate, I personally found this thematic invariant within the story very compelling. Each writer has their own distinct voice and style. Snow Moon is unabashedly romantic, but, thankfully, never plunges into the campy cliches that are endemic to most modern love stories. There is an overtly dark side to Snow's stories. All of her work is awash in an unspoken anguish. 'Silent Pain' could actually be interpretted as an allegorical examination of the inevitability of death 'or, perhaps, the sadly enticing prospect of self-immolation in an unfulfilled existence'. This stylistic staple of Snow's artistic voice suggest a slightly cynical philosophical outlook, which is uncharacteristic of traditional romances. Whether readers embrace or reject such an outlook, they will always find themselves engrossed by the heartbroken souls that populate Snow's dark world. In this sense, Snow qualifies as the Joss Whedon of romance. Angel Moon 'whose name suggests a certain kinship with Snow' is brooding and contemplative. Her stories 'specifically 'Pure Shores'' examine the elaborate emotional and spiritual undercurrents of the human condition. Angel brilliantly captures the complexities of relational dynamics. Not a single character falls into simplistic categories or dualistic camps. In some instances, Angel's characters are enigmatic dichotomies that both embrace and, simultaneously, reject the very things that they hate. This holds particularly true for the central character of 'Pure Shores,' who has been victimized and, paradoxically, victimizes others. These internal contradictions bring more psychological depth to Angel's conflicted and angst-ridden characters. 'Pure Shores' also examines the Nietzschean theme of power, as is evidenced by the struggle for relational dominance between the central character and his love interest. For those who seeking a unique, multi-dimensional style of storytelling, they will find themselves more than satisfied with Angel's intriguing work. Lastly, Phillip D. Collins is extremely polemical, analytical, and intellectual. Although that description might suggest a somewhat lifeless style of writing, Collins' work is anything but passionless. In the course of reading just one Collins story, audiences will encounter a plethora of emotions. This holds especially true for 'Of Angelic Blood,' which might even make a few readers choke up a little bit. Collins' work is thematically dense, examining political corruption, moral complacency, emotional estrangement, social ostracism, and the eugenical d