Expect Great Things, Attempt Great Things

Expect Great Things, Attempt Great Things


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William Carey, often dubbed "The Father of Modern Missions," and Adoniram Judson, America's first intercontinental missionary, were pioneers whose missions overlapped in chronology, geography, and purpose. However, rarely are they both featured in the same volume or compared and contrasted. Here we have unique material by some of the world's leading experts on these two giants of missionary history, with perspectives on these men in ways never seen before. Especially relevant to this current age of World Christianity are the perspectives from India and Burma, the lands which received these men for their missionary enterprise.

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ISBN-13: 9781610976145
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 09/04/2013
Series: Studies in World Christianity
Pages: 162
Sales rank: 994,345
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Allen Yeh is Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Missiology at Biola University near Los Angeles, California. He is the co-author of Routes and Radishes and Other Things to Talk About at the Evangelical Crossroads (2010).

Chris Chun is Associate Professor of Church History at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary near San Francisco, California. He is the author of The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller (2012).

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Foreword David Bebbington xiii

Introduction Allen Yeh Chris Chun xv

Part 1 William Carey (1761-1834)

1 Let It Go: Lessons from the Life of William Carey Timothy George 3

2 William Carey as a Missiologist: An Assessment Timothy C. Tennent 15

3 Shoemaker and Missionary, William Carey: A Dalit Christian Perspective Chakravarthy R. Zadda 27

4 Prophetic Precepts or Divine Preeminence? Rammohan Roy vs. Joshua Marshman on the Significance of Jesus Sean Doyle 42

Part 2 Adoniram Judson (1788-1850)

5 Adoniram Judson and Orlando Costas: American Baptist Missions over Two Centuries Allen Yeh 63

6 From the Judsons to Global Christianity, 1812-2012 Todd M. Johnson 74

7 The Open and Hidden Legacy of Adoniram and Ann Judson: A Burmese Christian Woman's Perspective May May Latt 84

8 George Liele: American Missions before Adoniram Judson Soong-Chan Rah 93

Part 3 Two Great Mission Pioneers

9 "We Are Confirmed Baptists": The Judsons and Their Meeting with the Serampore Trio Michael A. G. Haykin 103

10 Bloodlines and Bloodletting: Historic Themes in Baptist Missions Jeff Iorg 113

11 The Sacrifices of Dorothy Carey and Ann Judson: Two Sides of the Same Coin Chris Chun 125

Index 137

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"The names William Carey and Adoniram Judson are easily recognized as the pioneers of Baptist missions. This volume helps us see them in a new light—as the forerunners of a multicultural world Christianity. This exciting volume brings fresh perspectives to the origins of modern missions. Yeh and Chun have done a fabulous job in assembling a range of authors who deepen our understanding of these legendary leaders."

—Dana L. Robert, Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission, Boston University School of Theology

"This book is a thoughtful theological reflection on the life and work of two significant pioneer missionaries. I strongly commend this book not only to students but also to mission strategists, theologians, historians, and others interested in Christian missions."

—Prosperly B. Lyngdoh, Associate Professor of Missions, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

"This book addresses neglected issues, fills important gaps, and affords widened perspectives in our understanding of Carey, Judson, and the early missions movement. Informative, encouraging, and inspiring, this is an important book."

—Gregory A. Wills, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Perhaps what is most remarkable about these figures of two centuries ago is that they continue to instruct us on points of missions, theological currents, and intercultural interactions. Baptist scholarship is also enriched by the variety of Baptists worldwide who have lent their voices to this commemoration. It has plainly charted a new future."

—William H. Brackney, Distinguished Professor of Christian Thought and Ethics, Acadia University

"For those who have wondered whether there was still a place for missions history in the emerging discipline of world Christianity, with its strong emphasis on the indigenous reception of the gospel over missionary transmission, Expect Great Things, Attempt Great Things gives a strong affirmative answer."

—Mark Shaw, director, Centre for World Christianity, Africa International University

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