Expectant Mothers Fitness Tracker - Fitness Journal Happy Planner

Expectant Mothers Fitness Tracker - Fitness Journal Happy Planner

by Activinotes


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Just because you're carrying a baby doesn't mean like you should weigh like two! Maintaining a healthy weight is for your and the baby's benefit. Aside from eating the right food, you should also do the right exercises (after clearance from your doctor, of course!). Be guided on what to eat and how to move by keeping a record of your fitness routine. Use this journal today!

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ISBN-13: 9781683211525
Publisher: Mimaxion
Publication date: 02/07/2016
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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Having a place to record your thoughts on day-to-day events, historic occasions or just your feelings in general is a great way to reduce stress and easily work out solutions to problems. An Activinotes journal is your own personal place and no one else will see it unless you share it. There is no limit to what can go in your Activinotes journal. Doodles, to-do lists, whatever you can think to put on the page is appropriate. We also manufacture planners
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