Expecto Patronum: Using the Lessons from Harry Potter to Recover From Abuse

Expecto Patronum: Using the Lessons from Harry Potter to Recover From Abuse

by Matt Atkinson


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Those who treat the Harry Potter books as merely a series of children’s stories miss their real treasure. Sophisticated readers know that the books are actually an extended wisdom parable, with characters who grow in profound ways. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are not heroes because of their magical abilities, but because they struggle against despair, adversity, and injustice in ways that fans connect with.

Readers of all ages have loved these characters for years, but there is special wisdom in the books and films for those who have endured trauma and have struggled to heal from painful pasts. For them, Harry is a kindred spirit, rising above the cruelty he has survived by learning how to overcome his own pain.

Expecto Patronum offers insights from the Harry Potter parables for those who have struggled with trauma, depression, self-harm, loneliness, and self-doubt. It translates complicated psychological concepts about recovery from abuse, rape, and other betrayal traumas into terms that Potter fans can understand and apply personally.

Expecto Patronum just might unlock some of the treasure in the Harry Potter books in ways you may have not noticed before!

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