Experimental Music and Free Improvisation

Experimental Music and Free Improvisation

by Sol Nte


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Sol Nte wrote " Experimental Music and Free Improvisation " to be conceived as a follow-up to
" Experimental Music : Cage and Beyond " by Michael Nyman and " Experimental Music Since 1970 " by Jennie Gottschalk . Sol Nte visually proposes the idea of music on paper: Lists of names combining classical composers, pop musicians or contemporary artists together with graphic scores, traditional music notations, comments on improvisations, music software lists and musical drawings. Readers unfamiliar with any of the names or concepts can search online and instantly connect the dots for a variety of experimental music ideas. This is experimental music in its purest form, the free association in the musician's head with a nod to the perennial inspiration of John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and The Wire magazine as champions of experimentalism across time and genres. An essential read for people interested in: Cornelius Cardew , John Cage , Karlheinz Stockhausen , Sun Ra , David Toop , David Byrne , Nurse with Wound , Michael Nyman , Experimental Music
, Derek Bailey , Throbbing Gristle , Free Improvisation , Jennie Gottschalk , Thom Holmes , Electroacoustic Music , Pierre Schaeffer , The Wire Magazine , Eldritch Priest , Joanna DeMers , Steve Reich , The Velvet Underground , Terry Riley , Sonic Youth , La Monte Young , The Sex Pistols and Philip Glass etc.

Sol Nte has been making art, music, and words for the "no-audience underground" since the late eighties. With the exception of being included in a handful of exhibitions, dalliances with Fluxus in the nineties, and an extremely modest streaming revenue for his Pharaoh Sol free jazz albums, he is a refreshingly obscure unknown artist.

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