Explorations in Foot Fetishism: a guide for couples and others

Explorations in Foot Fetishism: a guide for couples and others

by Don Tootsies

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Explorations in Foot Fetishism: a guide for couples and others by Don Tootsies

A foot fetish is depicted by the media as weird, or worse. In actuality, it’s THE most common fetish. Millions of people have one. It’s the most normal, natural thing in the world, despite how it’s portrayed. Foot fetishism has been recorded in every society and throughout history. This eBook is meant to dispel myths surrounding foot fetishism. It’s for a couple looking for new ways to explore, a person who wants to learn about it, someone who has a partner with the fetish, or is considering approaching theirs with it.

From this eBook you will learn:

  • How normal it is. 
  • The history of foot fetishism.
  • The scientific basis.
  • The psychological basis.  
  • Famous fetishists.
  • The multitude of aspects and associated verbiage. 
  • Tips for him and her. 
  • An interview with a famous author & dominatrix. 
  • Some moves to try.
  • Three role-play scripts--sensual domination, the bratty princess, and the dominatrix.

I have had two partners who ended up loving foot play. One was totally grossed out by it, initially, and the other, hopelessly ticklish. For each, foot play became a springboard to exploring other kinks and sexual interests. With this eBook, I hope to bring a sense of normalcy to foot fetishism, help those who have it feel comfortable with it, and allow couples new ways to explore, ones that make them feel closer and able to reach higher vistas of fulfillment and bliss.

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ISBN-13: 9780692854068
Publisher: Addictive Content LLC
Publication date: 04/02/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 61
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About the Author

I'm a full-time, freelance writer whose lived in Africa, Asia, and a short while in Europe. I've visited 13 different countries and most of the states in the contiguous US. Besides being a restless a traveler and a writer, I'm a hopeful romantic, an amateur chef, an avid reader, a passionate lover, and a sensualist extraordinaire.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Foot Fetishism
Attention Foot Lovers! You Are So Normal
The History of Foot Fetishism
The Scientific Basis
The Psychological Basis
Different Aspects
Famous Fetishists
For His Eyes Only…
For Her Eyes Only…
Interview with “The Mistress”
Moves to Try
Foot Fetish Scripts
Foot Fetish Script I: Sensual Domination
Foot Fetish Script II: The Bratty Princess
Foot Fetish Script III: The Dominatrix

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