Exploring Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective / Edition 2

Exploring Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective / Edition 2

by Cynthia Crosson-Tower
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Pearson Education

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Exploring Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective / Edition 2

The new edition of Exploring Child Welfare reflects the author's strong practice perspective and incorporates new developments in welfare reform and child welfare services. The book provides a practical and thorough introduction to child welfare and welfare services. The author's strength is her ability to connect the underlying theories and systems of child welfare with real-life practice experience, stemming from over thirty years' experience in working with children and families. Includes a new focus on attachment theory and its utilization in child welfare services. For child welfare or social workers.

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ISBN-13: 9780205319534
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 08/21/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

All chapters conclude with “Summary,” “Exploration Questions,” “Activities for Applied Learning,” “Suggested Reading,” and “References.”


1. Children: Our Most Important Resource.
A Brief History of Child Welfare.
Providing Services for Children Today.

2. The Changing Family.
The Responsibilities and Rights of the Family.
The Setting for Today's Family.
Profile of Today's Family.
Types of Families.
The Emotional Climate of Families.
The Impact of Culture on Families.
The Family Life Cycle.
Stresses on Families.
When Families Need Help.

3. Childhood Poverty in the United States by Dee Whyte.
Childhood Poverty: The Facts.
Poverty Defined.
Why Child Poverty Is Expanding.
The Human Consequences of Growing Up in Poverty.
Recent Efforts to Fight Poverty.
The Economics of Poverty.
Reducing Child Poverty.
An Important Footnote.

4. Violence, Addiction, and Homelessness: Current Societal Problems and Their Impact on Children.
Children and Violence.
Children and Substance Abuse.
Homeless Families.
Homeless and Runaway Youths.

5. Servicing the Developing Child: Day-Care and School-Based Services by Mary Ann Hanley, Elaine Francis, and Matthew Porter.
Day Care: Serving Infants and Pre-School Children.
School-Based Services.

6. Counseling for Families and Children by Lloyd T. Williams.
What Is Counseling?
When a Family Might Seek Counseling.
Attitudes aboutReceiving Counseling.
Changing Attitudes about Counseling.
Types of Counseling.
The Counseling Process.
The Experience of Counseling.
Trends in Counseling Services.
Ethical Consideration in Counseling.

7. Protecting Children When Families Cannot: Child Abuse and Neglect.
Historical View.
Maltreatment Defined.
Reporting Child Maltreatment.
Court Intervention in Protective Cases.
The Role of the Protective Services Worker.
Reflections of an Abused Child: Consumer Perspective.
Future Trends in Protective Services.

8. Family-Centered Services for Children by Jennifer Savage.
Historical Development.
Defining Family-Centered Services for Children.
Family-Centered Services as a Continuum of Family Development.
Ethical Issues in Family-Centered Practice.
The Family-Centered Worker.

9. Court Services on Behalf of Children by Judy A. Noel with David Whelan.
A Historical Perspective.
Situations Warranting Juvenile Court Intervention.
Factors Influencing Court Intervention.
The Rights of Juveniles.
Juvenile Court Process and Procedures.
The Role of the Social Worker and the Court.
Consumer Perspective.
Alternative Approaches to Court Intervention.
Treatment of Juvenile Offenders.

10. Our Children's Children: Teen Parents and Their Children by Pamela Higgins Saulsberry.
Historical Perspective.
Societal Attitudes and Current Dilemmas.
Extent of Teen Births.
Services to Teen Parents and Their Children.
Grandparent Involvement.
Center for Teen Parents.
A Teen Parent's View.
Trends in Service Provision.

11. Children in Family Foster Care.
History of Family Foster Care.
The Nature of Foster Care Today.
Foster Parents.
Birth Parents with Children in Foster Care.
Children in Foster Care.
The Role of the Foster Care Social Worker.
A Former Foster Child Recalls Life in Care.
The Future of Foster Care.

12. The Adoption of Children.
The History of Adoption.
Definitions and Assumptions.
Issues in Adoption Today.
Adoptive Participants.
The Adoptive Process.
The Role of the Adoption Worker.
The Search.

13. Children in Residential Settings.
Historical Perspective.
Assumptions about Residential Care.
Types of Residential Settings.
Children in Residential Settings.
Life in a Residential Setting.
Working with Families of Children in Residential Care.
The Role of Staff in a Residential Setting.
A Former Resident Remembers: Jennifer's Story.
Problems in Residential Settings.

14. Our Children's Future.
What Is in Our Children's Future?
Preparing Those Who Help Children.
Child Welfare in the Twenty-First Century.


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