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Exploring Microsoft Office 2003: With Additional Excel and Access Coverage / Edition 1

Exploring Microsoft Office 2003: With Additional Excel and Access Coverage / Edition 1

by Robert T. Grauer

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Exploring Microsoft Office 2003: With Additional Excel and Access Coverage / Edition 1

For Introductory Computer courses in Microsoft Office 2003 or courses in Computer Concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2003 applications.

Master the How and Why of Office 2003!  Students master the "How and Why" of performing tasks in Office and gain a greater understanding of how to use the individual applications together to solve business problems.

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ISBN-13: 9780132370363
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 01/05/2005
Series: Grauer Exploring Office 2003 Series
Edition description: SPIRAL
Pages: 1189
Product dimensions: 9.16(w) x 10.78(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Robert T. Grauer  

Dr. Robert T. Grauer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at the University of Mniami where he has been honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award in the School of Business.

Dr. Grauer has written more than 20 books on programming and information systems. His work has been translated into three foreign languages and is in use at all levels of higher education at both the national and international level.

Dr. Grauer has also been a consultant to several major corporations including IBM and American Express. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research in 1972 from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Maryann M. Barber

Maryann M. Barber is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Information Systems at the University of Miami. She has been honored with several teaching awards, including the Excellence in Teaching Awards for the School of Business, the Freshman Teaching Award, the Apple Polishing Award, the Student Government Professor of the Year Award, the Interfraternity Council Professor of the Year Award, and the University of Miami Excellence in Teaching Award.

Maryann is also the Faculty Master at Stanford Residential College. She is a member of numerous leadership honor societies at the University of Miami, including Iron Arrow, Mortar Board, and Omicron Delta Kappa.

Table of Contents

(NOTE: The Plus Edition extends the coverage of Access and Excel to six and seven chapters, respectively (as opposed to four chapters each in Volume I). It also maintains the same level of coverage for PowerPoint and Word as in Volume I so that both applications are Microsoft Office Specialist certified. The Plus Edition includes a new module on

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows XP 
Welcome to Windows XP
The Desktop  
  Moving and Sizing a Window
Anatomy of a Window  
  Pull-Down Menus 
  Dialog Boxes 
Help and Support Center 
Files and Folders
The Exploring Office Practice Files 
Connecting to the Internet   
Windows Explorer  
Personal Folders  
Moving and Copying a File 
Deleting a File  
Increasing Productivity 
The Control Panel 
The Search Companion
Fun with Windows XP 
  Windows Media Player 
  Digital Photography 
  Windows Messenger  

Chapter 1:Microsoft Word: What Will Word Processing Do for Me? 
The Basics of Word Processing  
The Insertion Point 
 Word Wrap
 Toggle Switches 
 Insert versus Overtype 
 Deleting Text
Introduction to Microsoft Word
The File Menu 
 Learning by Doing 
Introduction to Formatting 
The Spell Check
  AutoCorrect and AutoText
Grammar Check
Save As Command 
 Backup Options  
Chapter 2: Gaining Proficiency: Editing and Formatting 
Undo and Redo Commands

Moving and Copying Text

Find, Replace, and GO TO Commands


View Menu  Typography 

   Type Size 

   Format Font Command  Page Setup Command   

   Page Breaks 
An Exercise in Design
Paragraph Formatting 





Line Spacing Format Paragraph Command 

Borders and Shading Column Formatting

Chapter 3: Enhancing a Document: The Web and Other Resources

Enhancing a Document  

   The Microsoft Clip Organizer 

   The Insert Symbol Command

   Microsoft Word Art 
The Drawing Toolbar
Microsoft Word and the Internet 

Copyright Protection 
Wizards and Templates
Mail Merge 

  Chapter 4: Advanced Features: Outlines, Tables, Styles and Sections 

Requirements of a Term Paper  

  Bullets and Lists

  Creating an Outline  Tables
The Outline View

  The AutoFormat Command

Working in Long Documents

  Page Numbers

  Headers and Footers 


  Table of Contents

  Creating an Index

  The Go To Command


Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel: What is a Spreadsheet?  
Introduction to Spreadsheets  

   The Accountant’s Ledger 

   The Professor’s Grade Book

   Row and Column Headings 

   Formulas and Constants  Introduction to Microsoft Excel 

Toolbars The File Menu  
Modifying a Worksheet 
The Page Setup Command  

A Better Grade Book
Cell Ranges
Copy Command
Move Operation
Learning by Doing 

Format Cells Command



   Borders, Patterns, and Shading    


Chapter 2: Getting Proficiency: The Web and Business Applications

Employee Payroll 


   The Fill Handle

   CommentsExcel and the Internet 
Web Queries  

Chapter 3: Graphs and Charts: Delivering a Message 

Charts Types   

   Pie Charts  

   Column and Bar Charts   Creating a Bar Chart

   The Chart Wizard

   Modifying a Chart  Multiple Data Series  

Stacked Column Charts   Object Linking and Embedding   

Chapter 4: Using Spreadsheets in Decision Making: What If?  Spreadsheets in Decision Making  

   Analysis of a Car Loan  

   PMT Function

   FV Function

   Inserting a Function 

   The Goal Seek Command Home Mortgages

   Relative versus Absolute Addresses

   Mixed Reference The Grade Book Revisited

Statistical Functions

Arithmetic Expressions versus Functions

IF Functions

VLOOKUP FunctionWorking with Large Spreadsheets 

Freezing Panes 

Hiding Rows and Columns 

Printing a Large Worksheet

AutoFilter Command

Chapter 5: Consolidating Data: Worksheet References and File Linking  

Consolidating Data

The Three-Dimensional Workbook   

   Copying Worksheets

   Multiple Worksheets    Worksheet References

3-D Reference

Grouping Worksheets

The AutoFormat Command The Documentation Worksheet 
Linking Workbooks  

3-D Reference

Grouping Worksheets

The AutoFormat Command

Chapter 6: A Financial Forecast: Auditing, Protection, and Templates  

A Financial Forecast

   Advanced Formatting Scenario Manager  
Workgroups and Auditing 

   Data Validation  Templates  

Chapter 7: List and Data Management: Converting Data to Information

Lists and Data Management 

Implementation in Excel    

   Data Form Command  

   Sort Command The Text Import Wizard

   Excel and

Data versus Information     

AutoFilter Command 

Advanced Filter Command 

Criteria Range

Database Functions

Insert Name Command Subtotals  
Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts 



Chapter 1: Introduction to Access: What Is a Database?  
The College Bookstore

Introduction to Microsoft Access

   The Database Window 


   Forms, Queries, and Reports   Filters and Sorting  
Looking Ahead: A Relational Database  


Chapter 2: Tables and Forms: Design, Properties, Views, and Wizards  A Student Database 

   Include the Necessary Data

   Store Data in Its Smallest Parts 

   Avoid Calculated Fields Creating a Table

   Primary Key

   Views Properties  


   AutoForms and the Form Wizard

   Modifying a Form   A More Sophisticated Form

Chapter 3: Information from the Database: Reports and Queries  

Data versus Information    


   Anatomy of a Report

   The Report of a Wizard 

   Apply What You Know

   Bound, Unbound, and Calculated Controls Introduction to Queries

Query Design View

Selection Criteria
Access Functions and Calculated Controls
Grouping Records  
Crosstab Queries
Action Queries

Chapter 4: Proficiency: Relational Databases, Pivot Charts, and the Switchboard 
The Investment Database  
   Multiple-Table Queries  
   Maintaining the Database
The Import Spreadsheet Wizard
Total Queries  
   Microsoft Graph
Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
The User Interface  
The Switchboard Manager  
Other Access Utilities  

Chapter 5: One-to-Many Relationship: Subforms and Multiple-table Queries 

A Database for Consumer Loans 

   The AutoNumber Field Type  

   Referential Integrity

   Implementation in Access Subforms  

The Form Wizard    Multiple Table Queries  
Expanding the Database   

Multiple Subforms 

Chapter 6: Many-to-many Relationships: A More Complex System

The Computer Store  

   The AutoNumber Field Type

The Relationship Window  Subforms, Queries, and AutoLookup   
Parameter Queries
Total Queries
Learning by Doing   

Expanding the Database

The Sales Commission Query  



Chapter 1: Introduction to PowerPoint: Presentations Made Easy 

Introduction to PowerPoint

   The Common User Interface 

   PowerPoint Views

   The File Menu  Creating a Presentation

Slide Layouts Templates
The Slide Show

Delivering the Presentation Enhancing a Presentation

 The Microsoft Clip Organizer

   Office Art

   Microsoft WordArt  

 Chapter 2: Gaining Proficiency: Slide Show Tools and Digital Photography  
Slide Show Tools
Reviewing a Presentation
PowerPoint and the Internet

Copyright Protection Fun with Photographs

   Photographs, File Formats, and File Folders

   Transitions and Animations  

The Auto-Content Wizard   


Chapter 1: Using

Introduction to

Microsoft Word and

Microsoft Excel and

Microsoft Access and




The Totally Fit Wellness Center
Totally Fit Revenue Workbook and Chart

  (Excel) Report to the President

  (Word and Excel) Presentation to the President

   (PowerPoint and Excel)Last-minute Change

(Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) Importing Data

   (Access and Excel) Access Objects: Forms, Queries, and Reports

   (Access) An Access Switchboard

   (Access)Mail Merge

   (Word and Access)Worksheet References

   (Excel)Presentation to the Board

   (PowerPoint and Excel)Letter to the Board

   (Word and Excel)Create a Home Page

   (Word)Submission Checklist


 Alternate Airways

Objectives Alternate Revenue Workbook and Chart

   (Excel)Report to the President

   (Word and Excel)Presentation to the President

   (PowerPoint and Excel)Last-minute Change

  (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)Importing Data

(Access and Excel)A Relational Database

(Access)Access Objects: Forms, Queries, and Reports

  (Access)An Access Switchboard

  (Access)Mail Merge

  (Word and Access)Worksheet References

  (Excel)Presentation to the Board

  (PowerPoint and Excel)Letter to the Board

  (Word and Excel)Create a Home Page

  (Word)Submission Checklist


 University Housing

Objectives University Housing Workbook and Chart

(Excel)Report to the Provost

(Word and Excel)Presentation to the Provost

   (PowerPoint and Excel)Last-minute Change

  (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)Importing Data

(Access and Excel)A Relational Database

(Access)Access Objects: Forms, Queries, and Reports

(Access)An Access Switchboard

(Access)Mail Merge

(Word and Access)Worksheet References

(Excel)Presentation to Trustees

   (PowerPoint and Excel)Letter to Trustees

   (Word and Excel)Create a Home Page

   (Word)Submission Checklist


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