Exploring the Southern Sky: A Pictorial Atlas from the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Exploring the Southern Sky: A Pictorial Atlas from the European Southern Observatory (ESO)


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On the occasion of its 25th anniversary the European Sou-
thern Observatory (ESO), is publishing a selection from its photographic treasures of the southern skies: 90 colour and
147 black and white plates have been reproduced. Thirty maps make it easy to locate the objects shown. Part 1 is devoted to extragalactic phenomena. Part 2 deals with our Galaxy.
Part 3contains the results from observations of minor bo-
dies in the solar system(asteroids and comets with an em-
phasis on the most beautiful Halley's comet photographs).
The final part presents the Observatory itself.

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ISBN-13: 9783540177357
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 09/28/1987
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 0.00(w) x 0.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

A Guide to this Book.- 1 The Universe and its Galaxies.- 1.1 A Look into Fornax.- 1.2 An Ordered Sequence of Galaxies.- 1.3 The Local Group.- 1.4 The Sculptor Group.- 1.5 Multiple Galaxies.- 1.6 Clusters of Galaxies.- 1.7 Peculiar Galaxies.- 2 The Milky Way Galaxy.- 2.1 Panorama of the Milky Way.- 2.2 The Milky Way from Orion to Puppis.- 2.3 The Milky Way from Vela to Carina.- 2.4 The Milky Way from Crux to Norma.- 2.5 The Milky Way from Scorpius to Scutum.- 2.6 Milky Way Objects at High Galactic Latitude.- 3 Minor Bodies in the Solar System.- 3.1 Meteoroids and Minor Planets.- 3.2 Comets.- 4 The Southern Sky and ESO.- 4.1 A European Organization for Astronomy.- 4.2 The La Silla Observatory.- 4.3 The Headquarters in Garching.- 4.4 The Next Generation of Telescopes.- Plate Data.- Index of Objects.

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