Export Import Business Guide: Global Self Learner's Choice Book

Export Import Business Guide: Global Self Learner's Choice Book

by Mahipat Singh




Foreign trade is one of the most lucrative and profitable business of present economic scenario. The necessity of foreign trade is due to the basic attributes of manufacturing or supply-demand chain. The production of certain goods or commodity in a country demanded by other nations creates the basic framework of foreign trade. There are several regulations and restriction involved in Foreign Trade. The concerning government review and impose restrictions or tariff on import or export of certain products to improve economy. Foreign Trade abides by the international trade rules and regulations which were enforced to protect the global economy, illegal international trade or consumer right of a nation.Globalization, advances transportation and industrialization have assigned broader dimension to business by enabling Foreign Trade. Foreign Trade covers a wide spectrum of definition with simple and basic description as trading goods and services destined to abroad nations. Import and export are two basic attributes of foreign trade framework. Import refers to bringing commodities or goods to your country from other parts of the world adhering to social welfare and maintaining the enforced import laws and procedures for trade purposes. Economy Developments by Liberalized Trade Laws, Bilateral Trade with Concessional Tariffs are important matters, to look into fast growing globalization, where the world economy is enhancing by Trade laws amendments and liberalization, develop to Bilateral Trade relations with import with Tariff concession and removing to trade barriers. Web technology and its impact on trade electronic devices and platforms continue to grow in different ways . Marketers and advertisers web forum are aware of the power of digital technology. Consumers in digital form on their doorstep is to find information about products and services online.

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Publication date: 02/27/2017
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About the Author

Mahipat Singh is an Editor and Writer of this Book "Export Import Business Guide". I am an expert in Foreign Trade matters, Business Sciences Research, Foreign Trade Research and Consultancy in India and Overseas.

Mahipat singh is dual post graduated in International Business and Foreign Trade from Pondicherry University and Bachelor of Arts, from M.D. University, India with 22 years working experience in Foreign Trade Market Research & Development, Foreign Trade Legal Advising on Trade & Tariff Matters, Business Science Research, Web Science Research And Development and Digital Trade Promotions.

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