Exposure (Last Chance Series #3)

Exposure (Last Chance Series #3)

by Dee Davis
4.2 4

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Exposure (Last Chance Series #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Vonda_M_Reid More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating: 4.35 // Action: 4.25 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 4 / Sensuous: 2.5 / Suspense: 4.5 // Laughter: 2 / Tears: 0 . . . [paragraph] . . . Dee Davis has a remarkable talent for writing truly intriguing, action-packed romances. *Exposure*, the last book in "The Last Chance Trilogy" is no exception. Could not help but want to keep reading *Exposure* in rapt fascination after reading the opening scene -- and didn't lose interest, even after reading the last sentence of the epilogue. . . . [paragraph] . . . *Exposure* features: {1} Nigel Ferris, a gorgeous, extremely alpha MI6 agent, who allows himself to lower his emotional shields to find future happiness. {2} Melissa Pope, a vibrant, intelligent, gorgeous, strong-willed, self-sufficient CIA agent, whose emotional barriers were twice as thick as Nigel's. {3} A renewal of the romance that had started to develop between Nigel and Melissa fifteen years ago. {4} Plenty of action and adventure included in plot to keep story moving at a fast pace. {5} Inclusion of many different interwoven plot threads to keep the suspense level intense through entire book. {6} Although did not feel the depth of emotional connection to Nigel and Melissa that should have, Davis did bring heat and sizzle to their lovemaking scenes. {7} Well-developed, interesting secondary characters added great depth and interest to plot. Particularly liked the continued development of the protagonists from the previous two books of the trilogy. . . . [paragraph] . . . Wolf Bear Does Books presents a more in-depth, detailed review of *Exposure*.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Photojournalist, Melissa Pope, is on another assignment for the CIA. She is looking for a traitor in the UN who is heading a smuggling operation. Going to the UN as a photographer on assignment to cover the daily jobs of UN employees is the perfect cover. In Russia, terrorists have stolen R-VX, a deadly nerve gas. The members of Last Chance, Inc. are called in to locate the canisters before they can be used. Melissa is attending an embassy party where she has been told she would meet her contact. The last person she expected to see again, Nigel Ferris, a former lover, is her contact. Nigel had no idea that Melissa is CIA. The feelings these two still have for each other explode on sight. An attempt is made on Melissa's life and Nigel is the one person who can help her. Nigel secrets Melissa at a safe house owned by Cullen. They are soon joined by all team members of Last Chance. Reading this book was a good time spent with special friends from the other two books in this trilogy - ENDGAME and ENIGMA and a new friend introduced in this book. I enjoyed the whole trilogy and I'm sorry that Last Chance, Inc. had so few members. What a glorious ride delivered by Ms. Davis who never fails to deliver the best in romantic suspense.
harstan More than 1 year ago
CIA agent Melissa Pope uses her photojournalist skills as a cover to investigate who is using the UN Peacekeeping Operations to smuggle weapons and other illegal contraband. The current assignment allows her to see the East River as she is looking inside the Office of the Secretariat for the turncoat. At a reception honoring the Swiss delegation she encounters British M16 Special Agent Nigel Ferris they fell in love fifteen years ago while on assignment in Spain, but separated once the job was done. He seeks the stolen nerve agent taken in Russia as part of his job for the Last Chance task force and she has information for him. --- The next day at her information drop Ed fails to meet her at the rendezvous restaurant. However, while waiting Melissa eats tainted food someone poisoned her. The next morning Melissa wakes up in her home with vehicles surrounding her abode. Not wanting to involve her pregnant sister and with Ed missing, Melissa contacts the only other person she trusts with her life, Nigel, who immediately rushes to her side. He knows they must find the nerve agent. --- The latest E for excellence Last Chance romantic suspense thriller is a fabulous espionage tale that stars two strong protagonists, the return of the heroes from ENDGAME and ENIGMA, nasty but clever terrorists, and New York City. The danger they face as they seek clues to the whereabouts of the nerve agent before the terrorists cause destruction enhances the relationship between Melissa and Nigel. Dee Davis¿ final Last Chance novel is like the previous trio a delightful spy loves spy vs. terrorists in a tense thriller. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Photojournalist Melissa Pope, working with CIA, is investigating the fact that someone working for UN Peacekeeping Operations has been using Peacekeeping transports to smuggle weapons and other illegal goods. She gets the vital information and is to meet her contact at a party later that night. However, Melissa never expected her contact to be a blast from the past. ......................... British Special Agent Nigel Ferris is the contact for the US based group 'Last Chance'. It has been fifteen years since he last saw Melissa, but his heart has never forgotten. After collecting some information from her, they separate. Nigel did not expect to see her again. Yet when Melissa contacts him only a short time later, Nigel knows she is in trouble and does not hesitate to help. He takes her to his buddies of 'Last Chance'. ....................... Melissa had gone to a small diner to meet her handler, Ed. After some bad coffee and a bit of pie, Melissa is worried. Ed has never been late, much less missed a meeting. She leaves the diner only to find herself vomiting in a nearby alley from poisoning. When she comes to consciousness the next morning, Melissa finds herself covered in someone else's blood. Official looking vehicles surround her residence, so she calls Nigel for help. ........................... Melissa and Nigel find themselves deeply involved in a game of international intrigue. The race is on to not only clear Melissa's name of murder, but to locate a stash of nerve agent that is en route to the US. .............................. **** Here is another non-stop action romance from the fascinating imagination of author Dee Davis. I cannot help but wonder if the author has some sort of experience in black-ops since she is able to give such wonderful details throughout each novel. Not only are the characters believable in this novel, but the methods used to collect evidence and capture the bad guys are astounding. I learn something new in each book I read from Dee Davis. .............................. This is the third book in the 'Last Chance Trilogy'. I can only hope that I will see more of this agency in the future. ****