Exquisite Betrayal

Exquisite Betrayal

by A. M. Hargrove


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* This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with mature content and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

A male Romance Author... a convention in Vegas... a female book blogger... a goal to lose her virginity... what happens when you mix all the above?

Fallon McKinley is headed to Vegas for the Wicked Wenches Romance Con and losing her virginity is only one of her goals. The other is to meet her favorite author of romance novels, R.T. Sinclair. What she doesn't realize is that the sexy green-eyed god she rams into at the airport is the real R.T. When they keep running into each other, she's shocked, but excited, because the attraction is irresistible.

Ryland Thomas Sinclair doesn't want anyone to know his true identity. He's the author that all women love, but everyone thinks he's a female. He hides his persona behind the public face of his twin sister, keeping his own a secret. But after meeting the lovely Fallon, his intentions to avoid a relationship come to a screeching halt. She's put an unwanted kink into his perfectly laid out plans. His unusual reaction surprises him because after a heart-shredding breakup a few years ago, he's managed to avoid women at all costs.

Resisting Fallon becomes more difficult than he imagines. Soon things are spiraling out of control, until a major miscommunication has Fallon walking out of his home and his life. Will Ryland Thomas succeed in losing the woman he loves? Or can he win her back?

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ISBN-13: 9781494296889
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2013
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

A.M. Hargrove lives in South Carolina with her husband and family. After spending years in the corporate world, she now enjoys writing fiction while she is fully caffeinated. She also thinks coffee and chocolate should be added to the USDA food groups.
Oh, and ice cream too!

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Exquisite Betrayal 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
We are all klutzy in our personal lives, things happen that we wish never did or if they did, that an audience wasn't present. I loved Fallon and all her rough and tumble edges … she isn't perfect, things go wrong for her at the absolute worst time … I related to this because I have had several of these moments myself so this book was fun to dive into. From the first moment when she "crashed" into Ryland Thomas, her embarrassment was off the charts while her physical reaction almost did her in. Ryland Thomas is shocked by his reaction to the woman who crashed into him so when he bumps into her again he has to find out her name. A great romance is started that isn't smooth sailing by any means. Ryland Thomas is good at being a class a jerk due to past issues. Fallon just wants someone to love her for her … when you meet her mother you will totally understand (worst book Mom I have ever read). As with all good stories we need an off the charts misunderstanding that is multi-faceted and creates some fabulous groveling moments. A fun, sexy read that kept me laughing and sighing all at the same time!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jendsmit_ More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, it is a very very solid 4 stars.  I love this author's writing.  Her stories flow so well for me.  I loved these characters.  I mean Ryland Thomas is just amazing!  Fallon is great as well. I loved this book and I loved how the author wove an author/book/blogging convention into the story!  I don't know a blogger who doesn't want to attend Vegas at least once!   I don't want to give too much away in the story, but I was in from the beginning all the way through to the last page.  I loved how everything went so wrong for Fallon and yet so right at the same time.  Ryland Thomas was amazing from the beginning and even when he was dumb as dirt, he still managed to work through it. I loved watching this play out between the characters.  It is really an emotional roller coaster and so full of fun.  I think anyone who loves to read adult contemporary romance will enjoy this one! Would I recommend it - yes! Exquisite Betrayal is a fun & sexy, irresistible story told by two amazing characters.
OurFictionalBoyfriends1 More than 1 year ago
The moment I read the synopsis for this book it caught my attention, I mean what book blogger wouldn’t like to meet the author of her favorite books. Not only that but to find out said author is a sexy man and there is attraction between us (sigh my dream come true). This book definitely had potential, for the first time in a long time I was not frustrated with the female character I was actually team Fallon throughout the book. I didn’t feel like I connected with our male character like I usually do. I’m always the reader that defends the guys even if they’re douche bags.  The reason I am rating this book a 3.0 is because it was so predictable. Fallon McKinley is headed to Las Vegas to a book convention and with hopes to lose her virginity. Walking out of the airport she trips and falls in to the arms of Ryland Thomas; personally I found this a little too similar to Fifty Shades.  Ryland Thomas is just the most frustrating fictional man I’ve come across. He writes beautiful novels but wants nothing to do with women. He’s had his heart broken before (predictable right). So without giving too much of the story away I will try to tell you what happens and it will be up to you dear readers to decide if this is the book for you.  So Fallon has had a rough life with a mother that seems to not love her. She was jealous of the love her father had for her. While Fallon is in Vegas she meets Ryland Thomas who claims he is there for the convention as well. During the convention Fallon and her group of friends meet with author R.T Sinclair; from here on the book went south for me Ryland and Fallon crashed into each other. Then they bump into each other a few more times. They end up in his hotel room. He walks out on her and then once again fate brings them back together. By this point I was frustrated the best part of the books was that Fallon was a strong girl that did not go looking for Ryland Thomas she made him come to her.  Now the name of the book is Exquisite betrayal I Expected some serious exquisite betraying but this was not the case it was a simple misunderstanding that could have been cleared up if Ryland Thomas wasn’t so stubborn. I love a stubborn man but this guy took this to a whole other level (someone please slap some sense into him)   ***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***
ysar More than 1 year ago
Fallon couldn’t be more excited. She’s headed off to Vegas with her blogging besties for a romance novel convention featuring her favorite author, R.T. Sinclair. She’s going to cut loose with her friends, meet the writing genius behind her favorite books, and maybe even finally lose her V-card with the drop-dead gorgeous man she keeps running into everywhere they go. A few too many drinks land her in his hotel room for the night, and while it’s a total disaster, the next morning seems more than salvageable. But a series of mishaps leaves her stranded with no ID, no money, and no way to get home except the handsome stranger who just might be the most infuriating man she’s ever met. Ryland and Fallon’s chemistry is palpable and makes for some incredibly steamy bedroom scenes, which was reason enough to enjoy the book. But I also love the way Fallon stands up for herself. Where most books like this have a female lead who tends to hold back, Fallon has no trouble putting Ryland in his place when he screws up. And for his part, Ryland is quick to admit to his mistakes, another rarity for romance novels. But... This book is a lot higher on the cheese factor than I would have liked, to the point that I quit reading it about halfway through. But after it sat here for a week, I found myself curious, and I picked it up again. This time, I started over, skimming past the way-too-much-heart-spilling and weird co-dependency the characters had with each other, and I not only managed to finish it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit more this time around. The Verdict... While the story in many ways follows the standard plot for romance novels, it does so in a way that is at times refreshingly different. The beginning of the story was absolutely hilarious, and Fallon’s blogging friends were simply awesome. It’s rare that I actually laugh out loud while reading much of anything, but the airport scene had me in stitches. Unfortunately, though, that humor didn’t really carry over into the rest of the story, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an entertaining read. It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride of drama, complete with miscommunication and lots of sexual tension that makes for some intense make-up sex. It moves from lighthearted to melodramatic without missing a beat, so if you’re looking for an emotionally charged read, check it out.
caucasian More than 1 year ago
Like the blurb says, Fallon is Ryland Thomas' huge fan. Ryland's got girl issues. Put a nosy and persuasive sister in the mix and BOOM, chance encounters lead to intentional flirting. Fallon is strong. Ryland is wary. But neither of them can resist the attraction that keeps them on edge. Ryland tries, Ryland fails! But you think Ryland's true identity is the exquisite betrayal? Think again! I could feel it coming but even then, I read this this story till 4 am. Again. These damn good books really keep me awake at night! Ryland's future seems to be brightening after the horribly embarrassing incident at Vegas. But she can't avoid thoughts of Ryland Thomas. And he can't write any good stuff after hurting Fallon. Both of them are so crazy for each other you hate them for not finding a way to be together sooner. Fallon's problems were realistic and Ryland's trust issues too. In the end, the unexpected one fixes things. They've gotten past the betrayal, but can they go back to where they were?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
Loved this story...loved the characters, loved the storyline...just loved it. I mean, how absolutely great is this storyline? An author and a blogger falling in love? I haven't seen this story done before and glad that someone finally took the ball and ran with it. Letting us bloggers having a little bit of time in the spotlight. In fact, I love that Hargrove used a few of us bloggers in her story. (It’s one of those cases of the last names have been changed to hide the real identity of those involved kind of things.) But I thought it was an absolute genius idea to add us. Especially me. (Ha!) And in no way does that play apart in my rating this book 5 big ol' stars. That is all due to that wonderful storyline. I am just glad I play a sensible role in this one. The other book I was in had me as a drunken groupie. Ah, such is the life of a book blogger. But seriously love the relationship between everyone in the story. Bloggers and readers alike form certain bonds and it is like a family. If not stronger. Now Ryland was my most favorite part of the story. He is one of those good guys...the ones that was raised right and knows how to treat a lady. So glad to see his fame as an author didn't leave him cocky and all turd like. I think it is refreshing to see a good guy in a book every now and then. And Hargrove wrote him to perfection. Sure he has issues...who doesn't? He is still one of my most favorite guys of 2013. Ab-so-lutely. There was a one-two sucker punch nearing the end that had me literally gasping. My heart was in pieces for Fallon and I am sure you will be the same way when you get to it. How dare some people! How freakin’ dare them. I was coming unglued and needed Fallon to get her justice. I can't wait until everyone gets a chance to read this one. Hargrove keeps getting better and better with her stories and I cannot wait for more of her stuff. I started this book late in the evening and did not put it down until nearly 1 am. I had to finish it before I fell asleep or I would have been up all night tossing and turning wondering what happened to them. Would they find their way back to each other? Yes, it was a must I finished the book before I went to sleep. So what are you waiting for? Go get it and prepare yourself for some fun times and epic romance!
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Exquisite Betrayal by A.M. Hargrove is a standalone book about a male romance author that hides his identity and falls in love with one of his biggest blogger/promoters all while everyone thinks "R. T. Sinclair" is his twin sister who makes public appearances for him. A emotionally heavy romance tale filled with comic disaster, painful life struggles, knight-in-shining-armor moments, some stupidassery (to quote Fallon), and some major heartbreak. Ryland Thomas and Fallon have a rough go of it, with ups and downs and in-betweens. They're both in love, they both make mistakes, and they both are stubborn but this book has a Happily Ever After and is a really awesome read! Sometimes you want your characters to be as normal and everyday as possible and these two are, well Fallon is anyway, but the things they go through are exceptional and it was a nice escape to read about such heart-achingly beautiful love.
srfeike More than 1 year ago
Off to Vegas for the Wicked Wenches Romance Con (um, yes anyone?), Fallon not only gets to meet her fellow bloggers for the first time but also one of her favorite authors, R.T. Sinclair. But things don't go quite as Fallon had hoped and at the end of the weekend she finds herself stranded in Vegas with no money, no ID, and no way home. Sounds like a good time to me. Luckily (or maybe not), Fallon goes home with Ryland, the sexy guy she met in Vegas, until she can get things straightened out and can get herself back home. Fallon was hilarious. She is smart and sassy, even if she does not always make the best decisions. Ryland is seriously sexy, and an overall good guy. The best thing about the characters is that they made mistakes, sometimes big ones. They were not perfect, but they were good together, and the chemistry between the two is smoking hot. There were a lot of ups and downs in the story, an emotional whirlwind. Overall this was a great story. It had a lot of funny laugh out loud moments but also some tender moments between Fallon and Ryland. Thank you to A.M. Hargrove for providing me with a copy of her book!
EMAReads More than 1 year ago
First, a love story between an author and a blogger-AWESOME! And not just because I am a blogger...who may or may not have mad girl crushes on many of the authors I follow…and MAY have asked some of them to marry me…but I digress. Fallon is hilarious- the inner monologue running through her head had me dying. As soon as she lands in Las Vegas the fun begins. An aside- I love how she met her co-bloggers, very similar to how I met Janette! Both of us loving on books and their authors.  Books rock. Fallon keeps running into RT- everywhere. In the meantime she and her blogger girls meet Tilly –RT’s sister and the keeper of his biggest secret. One that comes back to blow up in everyone’s face. RT is a little bit broken. He had his heart crushed by an ex and his best pal, and hasn’t really gotten over it. Then he bumps into Fallon and the sparks fly- plus a nipple… The attraction is there for both of them. But life seems to get in the way. Then secrets and lies are revealed. And the secret that I thought would be the worst isn't. I love how AMH makes both of the main characters work for this love. Even if they are meant to be together they both have to do some growing up and healing on their own. This was a funny and tender love story. With a good amount of wit and snark thrown in. Loved it.
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
My rating: 3.5 of 5¿¿ Excited for her weekend away in Las Vegas, Fallon McKinley has a few goals in mind. First off, to finally hang out with her online friends and fellow bloggers, to meet her favorite romance author, R.T. Sinclair and lastly to lose her virginity. But she is barely off the plane or she ends up on her ass with her boob hanging out of her shirt being ogled by the most glorious set of green eyes she has ever seen on a man equally as scrumptious. How embarrassing! Only to bump into the same guy twice more under no less mortifying conditions. Being a male romance writer is not usually the greatest for sales, which is why, Ryland Thomas Sinclair asked his twin sister years ago to attend these public appearances for him. Nobody but the two of them and his agent are aware of R.T. SInclair's true identity. Which is part of the reason why, even though he thinks she is the most adorable and gorgeous creature, he tries to create distance between himself and the clumsy but cute blogger. But her draw is just too much for him to resist. Betrayal is something that Ryland is very sensitive to, having been at the receiving end of it, and he has avoided the possibility by simply not becoming involved. Being with Fallon, however, feels like it could be more than just a pastime and the thought of it sends him running in the other direction, leaving Fallon pretty devastated. She has her own history of mistreatment by the opposite sex, leaving her with insecurities and Ryland is adding on to it. Especially when he doesn't just run once........ Ryland will have to do some serious grovelling will he ever have a chance with Fallon again.... ***** Interesting trope with a good dose of humour!!! A fun story line with an interesting twist at the end that actually added overall value to the story. The book started off fairly good, with a strong sense of a comedic romance. The characters were somewhat over the top and without a lot of depth, but it fit in the overall style. The first 30% of the book is quick-witted and steeped in humour, with a loose and free style of writing. Then some drama was added to the story and suddenly I needed to look at Fallon and R.T. in a more serious light, and that is where I ran into a bit of trouble.......the tone of the story had changed a bit on me, and it didn't fit with the characters I had in front of me. Some of the more serious components were repeated a few times as if to make sure we are aware of their importance, just like some of the dialogue between R.T. and Fallon was at times a bit repetitive. All this occurred through the middle section of the book, which dragged a bit. Towards the last third of the book, the story entered it's most interesting phase, where intrigue was added, causing some major damage to both protagonists and triggered another breakdown of communication. This was the section of the story where I have to admit I was most engaged and even blinked a tear or two. EXQUISITE BETRAYAL was by no means a challenging read, so an easy one to throw in your bag or suitcase and read wherever, whenever...... ¿A unique, witty and at times touching read!¿ **ARC provided in return for an honest review.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
R.T. qualifies as a split personality. Fallon hates him and will never speak to him again-unless or until he kisses her or tells her about his tragic past. Disappointing
kvsgrimes More than 1 year ago
 I gotta say, the first chapter in this book is amazeballs!! I was dying laughing and it hooked me instantly. I just knew I was going to love it. I mean, a blogger convention in Vegas?? Oh yeah, it is going to be EPIC!! Then add a one of those bloggers being a virgin?? OH YEAH...beyond PHENOMENAL!!! But, it is not all about the convention and the heroines virginity.....A.M. Hargrove provided a great storyline with intriguing twists and shockers that kept me glued to those pages all the way through. I was laughing, screaming, swooning, fanning myself, and cringing from so many awesome moments found in this novel. Exquisite Betrayal donned some awesome quotes, fabulous scenes and a relationship that rocks you to your core. I hated seeing it end and it is definitely...One of my favorite reads of the year...