Exquisite Hours

Exquisite Hours

by Joshua Humphreys


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Exquisite Hours by Joshua Humphreys

Anaïs Spencer travels the world lying to men. As an imperilled Mossad agent, an international aid worker, a Venetian countess dispossessed-for seven years her first-class flights and hotel suites have been paid for by the hapless men upon whom she subsists.

But Exquisite Hours is a novel about a beautiful young woman who is tired of wandering. Confessions of love are becoming chronic. Anaïs is too often having to resort to her last line of defence-the rufie.

In a matter of days she flees from Hong Kong to New York to Missouri to Bangladesh to Bangkok, at last to Venice, where she falls in love with her false-speaking match, a handsome young liar who survives by giving very fanciful city tours to very credulous tourists.

But will her deceitful past allow Anaïs a happy future?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781519645999
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/20/2016
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Joshua Humphreys was born in Melbourne in 1985. He was miseducated at La Trobe University where he read Modern and Ancient History. He spent two years writing and performing in comedy plays and doing stand-up before deciding that he should be writing novels. So he has spent the last few years gallivanting around Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. In 2015 he published his first novel, Waxed Exceeding Mighty. For six weeks he smuggled copies of it into London bookstores and exhorted his social media followers to steal them. Thus was born #stealthisnovel.
He is extremely fond of watermelon. The ferocity of his tap-dancing is unrivalled, except in China, where his style is derided as only semi-ferocious. His favourite films are Lethal Weapon 2 and Dragonheart. He is currently writing the screenplay for Armageddon 2-Liv Tyler's emotional journey in learning to forgive Ben Affleck for leaving Bruce Willis on that asteroid. His favourite band is Limp Bizkit and yes his Fred Durst impersonation is astonishing.
In 2009 Humphreys travelled to East Africa, where he was one of the first white men to see an ostrich eat nails. In 2012 he went to the Holy Land where he, like fellow monarchs Edward VII and George V before him, had a Jerusalem cross tattooed on his forearm; he brags now about how good his hummus is. He was for a brief interlude in 2013 the wolfcatcher royale to His Highness The Duke of Bavaria and later that year went to Capri, where he assaulted a woman in the forehead with a crayfish. In 2014 he travelled through Central America-in Belize was taught how to make rice wine from a donkey's unhappiness and in Guatemala learned that wearing weasel's testicles as a necklace is more of a superstition than a contraceptive.
He is fluent in Armenian, Cherokee, and Gibberish, and can read Latin, though he does not know what any of the words mean. He may or may not work for MI6 and can run really, really fast. He is a qualified mahout. He is very happily banned from France. He has not ever lost at paper-scissors-rock. And despite his own frequent assertions he is neither Mel Gibson's son nor Hugh Jackman's nephew. He currently divides his year between London, Italy and Vietnam.
Exquisite Hours is his second novel.

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Exquisite Hours 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
LadyCoco More than 1 year ago
Exquisite Hours is the perfect novel for those who love books and for those who hate books. Literature lovers will rejoice in this thoughtfully written narrative of the beautiful Annaïs Spencer who travels the world lying to men, and moviegoers who have never stepped foot in a bookstore will surprise themselves by their inability to put down Annaïs' mesmerizing journey that reads more like a film than a novel. This story invites and maintains the reader's attention excellently, partly due to the expert marriage of eloquent narration and comedic dialogue, resulting in intelligent prose that is effortless, adventurous, and cheeky. But the most interesting trait of Joshua Humphreys' second novel is the intimate sensitivity of Annaïs' nature, which moves the reader to sharing in her emotions, yet before three tears can be shed, Humphreys has diverted us with a witty joke that amazingly makes those emotions seem all the more real. Exquisite Hours is a gift to seekers of truth and honor, and a heartbreakingly beautiful reminder that all the securities of a settled life can be found in someone we love with whom we bravely choose to progress onward. "Exquisite hours, enveloped in light and silence, to have known them once is to have always a terrible standard of enjoyment." Thank you, Joshua Humphreys, for raising that terrible standard of enjoyment to an even more terrible height.