Extinction 2038

Extinction 2038

by P. R. Garcia

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The dinosaurs were almost all gone when the asteroid hit 65 million years ago, killed by the most powerful virus to have ever existed on Earth. This lethal pathogen has remained dormant, buried inside the corpse of a dinosaur it killed. Until now.

A group of paleontologists discover a new dinosaur species in the newly unthawed area of Antarctica, unaware of what lies inside. When an accident occurs, the virus is released. Its veracity and lethalness spreads across the globe in a matter of days, destroying three-fourths of all animal life, including mankind.

Trapped in Antarctica is a group a scientist who may have the cure for this deadly disease. But with no way to communicate with the outside world or a way to leave the continent, their cure cannot benefit anyone. Somehow, someway, they have to find a way back to what’s left of civilization.

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BN ID: 2940155133285
Publisher: P. R. Garcia
Publication date: 02/06/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

P. R. Garcia describes herself as a crazy, not-too-grayed haired old lady. Born during the winter of 1951 in Monroe County, Michigan, the youngest of three children, she attended Western Michigan University, where she majored in zoology. While living in Michigan, she became an award-winning basketweaver, carrying on the tradition of her maternal grandmother, Margaret Dark Feather. In 2008 she moved to southern California and became a volunteer at the Birch Aquarium of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a guide on the Gray whale touring boats. The following year she joined the Whalers, a dedicated group of volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum of San Diego, California, whose love of the Pacific cetaceans and other marine life off the shores of California matched her own. As a guide on the Hornblower and Flagship whale-watching boats, she introduced people from around the world to the wonders of the world of the Pacific cetaceans. In 2012 she combined her knowledge of these ocean mammals, her love of science fiction and astronomers’ exciting belief that life exists in the oceans beneath the ice shield of Europa, Jupiter’s ice moon, to create a new trilogy of an alien race from Europa, a race that has lived in our deep oceans for thousands of years. Using legends and known ancient landmarks from Earth’s past, she wove a story of intrigue, mystery, magic and adventure. In 2014 Ms. Garcia added three more books to the story of Europa. In early 2015, she began to tell Europa’s son, Prince Enok’s, story. Now an international bestselling author, Ms. Garcia is currently working on Book 10, which will be about Prince’s EJ’s twin daughters and the search for the destroyed colony on Mars. The Europa Saga may be the first multi-generational science fiction series ever written, spanning five generations of the Waters family. Start your adventure with a free copy of book 1 EUROPA Awakenings at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/633078 For a more traditional account, visit her webpage at http://www.prgarcia1.com SMASHWORDS Author Profile https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/prgarcia Please remember to leave a review of my book at your favorite retailer.

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