Extinction Earth!

Extinction Earth!

by Nathan Hale

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Extinction Earth! by Nathan Hale

Since leaving the Marine Corps Mikal Ingvar had built a very successful small business building new homes and doing remodeling jobs throughout Northern Ohio. But, like millions of other small businessmen, when the American economy went into a tailspin, his business suffered. Then, when inflation turned into hyper-inflation while unemployment rose to over 50%, he lost his business, his home and struggled to even feed his family.
America, and his, situation only got worse! Jobs weren’t scarce, they were non-existent and the cities had become combat zones because people dependent upon the government were on the edge of starvation while the National Guard and Military couldn’t even begin to restore order. Both had been gutted by America’s politicians over the years in money saving efforts that translated into further government largess, while it lasted!
Broke, with his home going on the auction block in just a few weeks, Mikal receives a call from an old friend he had served with in the Corps with an offer of a job for him and a few of his friends. But to begin work they must travel almost half way across the wreckage of America to Wyoming!
As bad as the cities are the countryside is also in trouble. Farmers have joined together to fortify one of their farms, so they could survive the depredations of the ravaging gang bangers, protect their farms and their families. Outside of major cities, where the government can still maintain the fiction that the dollar is worth something, barter is the rule while you are solely responsible for your own safety. Law and order exists only when you are capable of self-defense!
Ing, his friends and their families leave Cleveland slightly ahead of the gang bangers final victory. Their plan is simple to take back roads, avoiding cities, across the country until they reach their destination in Wyoming. All three men had been Marine scout/snipers when they had been in the service and, in better times, had continued to exercise their skills with a rifle. Now they sincerely hoped that they wouldn’t need those skills because if they did their families would also be endangered!
But, after surviving a minor skirmish with a group of gang bangers, things begin to become weird when they help a group of farmers kill a group of predators that the world hadn’t seen in over sixty million years, fierce carnivorous animals that look like dinosaurs! Only they aren’t dinosaurs. The blood is the wrong color and the brightly feathered monsters feathers are tougher than armor!
The group continues on despite the increased danger. Frankly their only hope of long term survival is to get to Wyoming and establish a new life because they really have nothing left back in Cleveland. But the dangers keep multiplying because the number and variety of the predator monsters continues to grow.
Then they find out the real reason Ing's friend had offered all of them a job. They are the only hope Earth has of defeating an Alien race that has already begun to conquer Earth. The only problem is that these Aliens have never lost a battle in over sixty million years!

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Publisher: Nathan Hale
Publication date: 05/31/2012
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About the Author

I am a serious student of history, political, economic, military history, read copiously, often 2-3 books a week, and I have found this knowledge to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing: I understand what I have read, and I prefer original sources. The curse: mankind is really doomed to repeat the same errors endlessly. Do I take myself seriously? Not really, even though the characters I use in my books all have some basis in reality, I have found that the passions of youth really do mellow out as one gets older. I do take great pride in using weapons and systems that either actually exist, or are theoretically possible. Also the combat situations I describe are as accurate as I can make them. In my book Destruction of Civilization; The Apocalypse Begins the scariest part of writing it was seeing that the preconditions necessary for the story to actually happen were happening. I have now completed the next volume in the Death of Civilization series, Death of Civilization; Reclamation. The Death of Civilization continues with the novel I am currently hard at work on; Death of Civilization; Disaster! Extinction Earth! was a very enjoyable book to write and I have started the next volume in this series also. As a person, I am a grandfather of 3, a father of 2 boys and a girl, have been married to the same wonderful woman for 45 years, and have made, and lost, two fortunes, but have made my third, so I stopped while I was ahead. If you have questions, suggestions, or whatever, my author e-mail is; nathanhalethewriter@aol.com. I do try to check my mail daily but sometimes I forget because I'm having too much fun killing off a character or two.

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Extinction Earth! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is what you get when there are several plot twists in an already good story.
historyguy48 More than 1 year ago
Every time you think you know exactly where the plot is going the author throws in another twist. Like all of Nathan Hales books this is an excellent read coupled with engaging characters. Well worth taking a look at.