Extraordinary: The world sold you a map. What you need is a compass.

Extraordinary: The world sold you a map. What you need is a compass.


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The world sold you a map to success, and you followed it—only to find that the world’s version of extraordinary is the trap of the ordinary. Your to-do list keeps growing, you haven’t been to the gym in weeks, and your family wants more time with you. You are doing your best, but you’re exhausted and unfulfilled. How did you get here, and where are you going?

Michael Dauphinee understands that you don’t need a map with a final destination; you need your own compass. In Extraordinary, Michael provides four points on a compass that help you discover and live out your God-given calling.
  • Identity: Instead of telling yourself what not to be, embrace who you are and utilize your natural strengths.
  • Permission: Don’t limit yourself. Share your ideas and pursue your aspirations without needing approval from others.
  • Courage: Overcome your fear of failure and close the gap between wishing and doing.
  • Generosity: Don’t tie your hope to your resilience. Anchor to something bigger than yourself. 
 It’s not too late to live an extraordinary life. Unleash the power of your true north, dream again, and live in the direction of you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781424556885
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 09/04/2018
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Michael Dauphinee helps leaders navigate their greatest challenges. After finishing college, a stint working in juvenile drug rehab and six years with Hewlett-Packard convinced him he had to work for himself. Founding the Dauphinee Group in 2005, Michael became one of the world’s most sought-after strengths consultants, training and coaching at companies like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Detroit Lions, the US Olympic Committee, Upside Travel, Kaiser Permanente, Chick-fil-A, and United Way Worldwide.

In 2010, Michael expanded into international development, specializing in security, governance, and justice in fragile and conflict-affected environments. He currently coaches entrepreneurs, embassies, universities, and governments in Nigeria, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Afghanistan.  Inspired by his trek through Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, Michael founded Dauphinee Adventures in 2013. Clients have trekked hundreds of miles with him in Chile, Peru, and Nepal while wrestling with their most significant questions.

Always looking for ways to inspire others to navigate their lives courageously, Michael is a popular keynote speaker and shares daily inspiration online. Connect with Michael at michaeldauphinee.com.

Table of Contents

Foreword Paul Aden ix

1 Extraordinary 1

2 Navigation 10

Part 1 Identity Where are You?

3 Defining Identity; The Questions 20

4 Talent 27

5 Purpose 37

6 Passion 48

7 North Star / Compass 59

Part 2 Permission Where Are You Going?

8 Defining Permission 65

9 Authority 75

10 Vision 82

11 Power of Permission 90

12 Permission to Poke the Universe 97

Part 3 Courage How Will You Get There?

13 Defining Courage 104

14 The Formula 113

15 Common Courage 123

Part 4 Generosity How Do We Keep from Getting Lost?

16 Defining Generosity 133

17 Multiplication 138

18 Moments 147

Part 5 The Direction OF YOU

19 Follow the Relationship 156

About the Author 165

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