Eye of Light (Book II): The Playbook

Eye of Light (Book II): The Playbook

by Dawn Ann Totten


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As a simple guide to assist you in getting the most out of your life and experiences, the Q&A-style channeled messages are certain to help you feel less alone and more in control of your relationship and career fumbles and follies. Knowing how to classify your friends, family, and the people who surround you on a daily basis gives incredible clarity to the concerns you may have about who to trust with your dreams-and who to keep at a distance. Recognizing who plays the game with you and who sabotages you (or plays for another team) puts you in the driver's seat. The power to clearly see who supports you both directly and indirectly allows you to harness your inner wisdom and serve your self-and your purpose-better. Learn to connect with God Source more completely, and know who your teammates and support characters are. You will also learn how to "cut" non-team players, ball hogs, and glory hounds in a noninvasive and unaggressive manner. They will simply slip away, leaving you in a state of faith, trust, and work-with mindset. The recap sections throughout part one aid in ease of use and referencing. The last chapter, "Exercises and Processes," is all about you. Its purpose is to deepen your inner strength, your connection with Mother Earth and God Source, and anchor your knowledge of who you are and why you are here. Finally, we address changing your path, for those of you who are really fed up with this life!

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ISBN-13: 9781504344203
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/23/2015
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Eye of Light Book II

The Playbook

By Dawn Ann Totten

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Dawn Ann Totten
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4420-3



SOURCE: In the beginning, there was you. Until you were, nothing mattered. Traffic was unimportant, family fights didn't affect you, haircuts and bad hair days ... forgotten homework and skinned knees ... none of it was important. Money, getting a job, losing a job, loss of dignity, life, health, home ... Friends weren't, food didn't, weather couldn't affect ...

And then things came together. Literally, the energy of the universe.

In the beginning, and I mean the beginning of time as you understand it, there was no need for a playbook. There was nothing: even Adam and Eve were an upcoming creation, not yet even thought of. The beginning of the universe, this galaxy, this solar system — very specifically this solar system — are all creations of thought. My thought, which in turn means your thought. Somewhere in the very first moments of "our" thoughts was a decision that new beginnings shouldn't saunter in like a fog on a cold morning but with a boom! A bang! An explosion of energy so powerful that if there were anyone or anything around to witness its birth, they would truly be in awe.


That is what we were going for. I believe we absolutely achieved that. The idea of the WOW factor in creation continued forth with most of what we now consider commonplace. Only in very few instances has it reverted to a calm, quiet flow of energy.

Creating a child, a human life — the energy packed in the creation of a single person is enough to begin another solar system, and really is a microcosm of the cosmos. Humans, and I am generalizing, take life and the process too lightly. The act of making love should be truly considered making love. A human being is literally an encasement, a package, a container of pure love! Human beings have become tainted by their disregard for the wonder and miracle of their lives.

Take into consideration this moment.

You actively do this by sitting quietly and immersing yourself in this very thought: you awoke this morning. More incredulous, you trustingly lay down to rest, not likely thinking about whether you would rise again this morning. And to top it all off, you didn't make any decisions to awaken, to sleep, to breathe. Your beautiful encasement did the monstrous job of doing all of this for you and more in the moments leading up to, during, and even after this has been read.

That's a lot to consider.

I'll give you a moment with it.

For some reason when we become parents on earth, attention to the wonder splits. Suddenly, you aren't just you any longer. Even if you have married, you are for the first time two people. I am not referring to the mother and wife or father and husband. You are now guardian to another life. You are more important than you have ever been and you treat it as if you are less. The bliss of parenthood is diminished greatly by the energy surrounding it — the thought energy that the only important thing in your world now is the baby.

Some people fall to the other side of this spinning top, and put their husband or wife before the baby or themselves.

Healthy living requires that you give yourself exactly what you need first! That has nothing to do with designer clothing or gourmet desserts, by the way. I am merely suggesting that you focus on your encasement first. You will do disservice to the small being of light in your care by putting them first. An awareness of their needs is crucial, but if you ignore your body, your temple, your physical contribution, you will perish early leaving them to fend for themselves.

Even grown children need the mother and father.

Looking back through your life from this moment, take in the important facets your parents bestowed upon you. Some of your parents were biologicals and some were adoptive "step-ins" who filled the spot willingly or begrudgingly to give you direction and skills. Many of you have several parents who had nothing at all to do with your at home life, but who have given you tools and skills and positioned your mind to do great things. It is no one person's job to be everything to anyone, so be grateful and accepting of help from others.

Sometimes the great thing we have to offer is no more than bringing in the next generation. No contribution is too small. We are talking about human life. Much non-human life is dependent upon human life to exist, and therefore you are very, very important. The symbiotic relationships you take for granted or don't even recognize keep you alive, and curious.

So in conclusion, for the moment, you are incredibly important. Your play-book will consist of many positions, and your team members will be filling most of those positions.

It is no one person's job to be all of the positions.

And one cannot play the game alone.




ME: The confusion I have had over the difference between one's Soul and one's Spirit has slowed my progress and process many times over the years. In Book III we dig into this deeper. The simple explanation or definition I have received from the guides is this:

Definitions ...

Soul: the power core, or battery pack for our bodies. Also, as defined by many resources, is the essence or immaterial (non-physical) cause of human life. Also as the animating element of a human body. From the voice of SOURCE, your Soul is the very life spark within you that allows for freedom of thought, decision making and all sensual experience. Upon death of the physical body the Soul detaches.

Spirit: The driver. The part of us that chooses and follows desires and finds new experiences.

The part of Source that is actively and continuously connected to all other sentient beings and elements. Also, there are other terms and definitions referring to supernatural beings and holiness, and ether.

Sometimes, we forget where we are. We forget that we are actual earth bound beings. Your Soul is earth bound. Imagine your Soul as your battery pack. Your Spirit is different from your Soul. It is your Soul that made the agreement to come back to earth. To have the mother and father that you chose. You are earthbound, as long as your human body continues to live. You, your Spirit ... you are one and the same, and the body your Soul inhabits belongs to you.

Spiritualists will often refer to their higher self, or their wise self. It's one way of referencing your true self — your Spirit.

Your Spirit does leave earth plane. Your Spirit is the traveler, the part of your essence that leaves your body on a regular basis to play in the grass and soak in the cool stream while you are working on your homework or performing your daily tasks. Allowing you to daydream while collecting a paycheck or making dinner or running a bath for the baby, the Spirit is off playing in the yard while your Soul is with you, your animating source. The mindless tasks, so rote and automated and "mind-numbing" no longer require your full attention, and therefore allow your Spirit to wander off.

And Spirit doesn't just wander off to one place ... Spirit splits off into 12 different energies to do work you only imagine (we delve deeper into this in Book III). Spirit is incredibly diverse acting as your own personal assistant, in essence (pun intended) handling small and large details to line up your days and nights harmoniously.

Yes, this is probably where you are wondering about the harmony ... perhaps you are wondering where your harmony is? We will get to that.

Your Spirit is in balance with your Soul, and ego is on the other end of that teeter-totter. The ego is the part of you that makes decisions based on what (you think) everyone else expects. What the outside world has inferred would be the "right" thing to do.

We have already shared that there is truth in the statement "GOD is everywhere, in everything." So, the energy that is GOD is the same energy backing both good decisions and bad decisions. That is not to say that GOD chose to make or encourage the deaths of many millions of human beings in the name of religion, from the crusades, through wars, holocaust, mass suicide, or genocide. GOD is the energy of all that is; the ego is wielding the sword. You are GOD energy, Source courses through you in and out. It is a constant flow. Ego is a construct of that flow.

We can (and for the lesser destruction and ongoing survival of the human race should) choose to listen to the true self; higher self; wise self ... our Spirit.

Somehow, in the wake of all things negative, frightening and ultimately disparaging, the masses turn to GOD to somehow make everything alright, and also to blame for the unconscionable. GOD is making everything "alright" in that the energy of thought in action, the power of thought in action, is GOD, in action. When you disparage (good word) about your own downfalls or your own perceived inadequacies, before releasing that destructive thought force into the "wild" (the "world") of humanity, analyze it.

Consider for a long hard moment, the effect this particular thought is going to have on those around you, their reaction to it ... and ultimately, the reaction and response of the world. The world at large knows not what to do with a negative thought that you send out about yourself, but to fulfill your desires.

You request to be down trodden, here you go.

You beg for lumpy thighs and to outgrow your favorite jeans? Make it so.

You wish a bully would pick on someone else ... and so they do.

You desire to be left at the altar ... as you command.

You fear the worst, and it is given to you in spades.

What do you really expect? From the creator of YOU, do you think this enormous source of everything and anything is going to give you turnips instead of radishes? Do you honestly expect you will receive something you don't somehow aspire to experience?

Those of you in wealthy communities do the texting. How often have you received a text that you can't understand, because the emotion is unclear? And how often have you perceived that someone is being mean to you, and hateful about someone else, when they are joking or being sarcastic? Perhaps you should reconsider the "fun" of sarcasm and practical joking.

And gossip. Oh, we know you don't think of it as gossip, but every time you speak, you are putting energy in motion. As you speak of someone and their problems or their weaknesses, you don't only give energy to their problems, but you stir up any inadequacies you may bear in your own experience. If you can choose awareness, you may also choose when to put the power of the spoken word into motion. It's easy to make that decision. As you speak outward about someone else and their difficulties, you put out into the vibration around you that you are now open to accepting that particular vibrational energy in return. So as you speak of someone's weaknesses, you are opening your field to weakness. As you speak of someone's disloyalty, you draw the same to your own experience. In the same respect, as you speak of how great your own life is, you are diminishing those negative forces and power that is building in your field. Imagine a car in the winter. You must start the engine, and let the engine warm up before you put it into drive.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Read it again. As you lie down to rest, what does your mind toss about? If you could spend that time speaking candidly with the creator of all that is about what you would like to create, what would you really wish to speak about? It is least likely the gossip between workmates and friends, more likely you would speak of your family, or health or loving relationships. Most likely you would turn to the mark you wish to make, the legacy of your life and existence on earth.

(Note to self: your mark may be invisible to the human eye, but indelible in many human hearts.)

Take into the void of your sleep tonight this thought energy: What would I think, how would I behave if I aspired to, TRULY desired, greatness? What would my next action and thought be if I wanted to live a SPECTACULAR LIFE? Perhaps imagine what a harmonious life would look like if you could design it exactly as you wish.

What will you speak about with the Creator this evening when you rest from your day's business?

Chew on that.


On earth, all of us have seen in cartoons or the idea has been presented to us in some way of our shoulder angel and devil.

If you can imagine that you don't actually have an angel and a devil on your shoulders, but more accurately, the Spirit guides who followed you in here to help you to find and follow your path — the path you chose upon re-entry — the path designed by you and GOD as you waited to be reborn on earth.

And, transversely, ego.

Not the devil. Not at all what I am saying. But, the one that is more likely to choose actions based on what they have seen in TV and movies, more likely to manipulate the numbers, the odds into their favor. And yet none of this is necessary. If you choose to listen to your Soul, you will have proper guidance and what is likened to a backstage pass to your chosen destiny.

Now, I know the question begs ... "What if I don't want my CHOSEN destiny?" then what?

Make it clear! Speak with GOD, and your guides ... your guides are chosen specifically for and because of you. All your "GOD given talents" are supported; you have back up from your guidance team. It may sound crazy nuts, but you have everything you need to succeed.

On any level, on every level.

Each of us has numerous paths we may take that will lead us to and through a happy successful existence. The problem is, for most people on earth, that we are spending excess time watching others, and thinking we want what they have. Sometimes, literally, and sometimes in the energetic sense ...

"Tom is so happy, and he is successful and healthy ... why can't I be more like him?"

Funny thing ... you can, but your happy, healthy and successful life probably looks different from his. As much as we are the same, we are different.

Yes, I say we. Although I am given this to write for everyone, it is ME, the higher, wiser (thank you!), TRUE SELF of Dawn you are communicating with right now. So what you are currently reading is being typed by earth bound Dawn, but the words are from the Spirit world ... from Dawn, the Spirit of Dawn.

If you are still confused about this ... don't fret. It takes many Spiritualists decades to wrap their heads around the concept given here. Many never do. And Dawn, earth bound Dawn is still a little confused.

We are all growing, changing, inspired to evolve at our own pace.

That is why it is so rare to see a long term relationship that actually holds in the recent years. And that is why a playbook is so important, understanding the spiritual and ego motivated actions of others. This will help you to better see how your own actions are being perceived and what fruit they bear.

Staying with someone through the surges of our own unique growing cycles is difficult. Think of how many times you have seen family members who can't tolerate one another even though they really love each other deeply. It's the way the individuals respond to growth that decides if there will continue to be an "US".



Your Soul is earthbound — bound to your body here on earth ... your energy source.

Your Spirit moves freely about the cosmos, although always tethered to your body.

Your higher self is your Spirit.

When you disparage and lament you release that energy into the world around you. Like attracts like, and so you attract like energy of despair and woe.

Gossip returns dirty dividends, so choose your words wisely.

What would you share about your day with the creator? What would you hide?

When designing your life, you and GOD didn't look at other people on earth and decided you wanted a life like this one or that one.

Together you decided what challenges you would like to face and what experiences you would enjoy.

Focus inward, on what makes you happy, exuberant. Inspire yourself to evolve.

Evolving with another in real time is a challenge for everyone. We each grow at our own pace.

Know that we aren't always perceived as we think we should be. Pay attention to the words you choose and your actions.



A ream of paper has weight. A simple ream of printer paper weighs 5 pounds. That is 500 sheets of paper.

Imagine if each of your thoughts was typed or hand written on a piece of bright white paper. And each thought that follows, also has its own piece of paper.


You and I both are aware of how the mind will spin on a single item sometimes for days. For instance, try making a decision about whether or not to quit drinking alcohol or coffee. It's a simple decision, right? But what happens is the complication. Take alcohol. For many it is a social expectancy. For many more is a ritual that ends their day. So to decide to give up alcohol, publicly or privately now takes on a whole new range of thoughts and ideas and "what if's" and "how do I's" ...

Coffee should be simpler, but is actually probably more difficult.

The addiction to food and drink is an amazing mystery. People are addicted to coffee, people who can't even drink it without the cream and sugar. So are they addicted to the coffee or the cream ... or the sugar? And coffee is everywhere, with a Starbucks on every corner and most businesses and doctor's offices providing it for free. And it doesn't even matter that their coffee isn't what you love (it's too weak or too strong) you will still have a cup or two, if you are truly addicted. We won't speak of drug addiction, although it follows the same patterns as food addictions.


Excerpted from Eye of Light Book II by Dawn Ann Totten. Copyright © 2015 Dawn Ann Totten. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, vii,
Epigraph, ix,
Acknowledgements, xi,
Preface, xv,
Introduction, xvii,
Reader's Guide, xix,
What Is A Playbook?, xxi,
Chapter 1 The Beginning, 3,
Chapter 2 What Is My Role?, 7,
Chapter 3 The Massive Power Of Thought, 15,
Chapter 4 Why Am I Playing This Position?, 23,
Chapter 5 Who Are My Supporting Characters ... My Team Mates?, 29,
Chapter 6 Where Do I Go From Here?, 36,
Chapter 7 How Do I Know This Is True?, 51,
Chapter 8 Building My Case For Humanity, 55,
Chapter 9 Delivering My Message, 60,
Chapter 10 Compromising With The Universe, 77,
Chapter 11 The Destructive Nature Of Ego, 82,
Chapter 12 My Shoulder Angel, 85,
Chapter 13 The End Zone How To Accept Your Wins!, 88,
Chapter 14 Exercises, Processes And Tools To Strengthen Your Spirit And Ease YourJourney, 91,
A Glossary Of Sorts, 101,

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