Eyes of the Seer (The Vampire Flynn, #1)

Eyes of the Seer (The Vampire Flynn, #1)



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ISBN-13: 9780615558936
Publisher: Crimson Melodies
Publication date: 10/28/2011
Series: The Vampire Flynn Series , #1
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Peter Dawes is an author of urban fantasy, native to the Philadelphia, PA area. The stories he writes often focus on the paranormal, with real life people being thrown into extraordinary circumstances. The clash of good vs evil and hero vs villain is a staple of his work, though he is never content to leave the hero unscathed by the end of the day. There is always a trial experienced and a lesson learned, even if it's learned the hard way.

Far from being an archetypal author, though, Peter Dawes recognizes that what is black and white is often painted with shades of gray and even the heroes fall while the villains rise above. To Peter, the classic struggle epitomizes something within all of us that digs deep for the last mile, doggedly holds on to love, and sometimes ignores the safe path for the road less traveled.

He also may or may not be a vampire. He leaves that for the reader to determine.

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Eyes of the Seer 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
Eyes of the Seer by Peter W. Dawes is long...really long. It has levels and layers that unfurl gradually, but it is a good story, with good characters, and a really solid ending...for a minute. Without the Epilogue, this could have ended here. Now I will need to see what comes next. Nice tag.
TomWinshipTW More than 1 year ago
In “Eyes of the Seer,” Peter Dawes introduces us to a new vampire and a new vampire series … yet both feel like old friends. This isn’t a complaint. Dawes knows the classic vampire archetype and uses it to craft a tale that manages to be both timeless and refreshing at the same time. Flynn is, in many ways, the quintessential vampire. He’s a ruthless, heartless, soulless killing machine … but there’s still something endearing about him. Even while he’s sinking deeper and deeper into depravity, one can’t help but wonder whether or not there will be a chance for redemption and whether or no there is some hidden truth that will alter our understanding of the situation. I won’t spoil the fun, but I will say that Dawes: 1) doesn’t disappoint, and 2) isn’t predictable. In fact, he displays writing chops that are quite enviable. I truly enjoyed this tale and I look forward to reading more. Thankfully, “Eyes of the Seer” is the first book in “The Vampire Flynn” series and the second book is already in my possession. Well done, Mr. Dawes. I highly recommend “Eyes of the Seer” to all horror, paranormal, supernatural, and vampire fans.    
Noree More than 1 year ago
The Vampires: If you have read my blog ([...]) about vampires you know I am wanted to see vampires as monsters depicted in novels again. Or if they want to hold onto their humanity, I want to see a struggle. This book gives me both is spades. Though the vampire mythos is standard, because they are depicted as monsters makes it even better. Voice/Writing Style: One word comes to mind: elegant. It flows so easily that my eyes devour the next sentence and the next. I can never call my style elegant, but I truly admire those that can achieve this. Characters: This was defiantly a character focused story and not plot focused. Every character is well defined, even the tertiary characters. I could see their own motivations and. even though the story was in first person, I felt that each character acted like they were the hero in their own story. Peter takes me down to the pit of depravity and then brings the light with his quest for redemption. Monica was sassy and smart and I loved Robin. Point of View: The story is really a psychological journey of Peter, so I like that is is written in first person. I takes so deep into Peter that we can feel his struggle. Though, i'm a big fan of First Person anyway. Themes: This book really explores humanity, and the struggle of one's self. Peter struggles reconciling the man and the monster throughout most of the book. Also, on a more subtle level is the question of freedom. Are you responsible for the deeds you have done if you were manipulated? The author presents both of these theme beautifully. Action: Vampires fighting vampires. Let me just say that this is not a book you should let your kids read. It is dark and it is violent. I love it. The Bad: I really don't have much to say about this. Yes, the beginning started off a little slow, but it built up to the end, which was well worth it. When I got to the last few pages I wanted more. Overall: You should buy this book! Seriously this is a hidden jewel that needs more light.
JessaJF More than 1 year ago
Eyes Of The Seer,by Peter Dawes (A pen name I assure you) surprised me, not because it was trying to recreate mythos, but because it embraced it. I grappled with the star system because whereas the beginning of the story dragged a big, it MORE than compensated in the second half. Here is the 411. Peter Dawes is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. The story begins with a murder. Two people are dead at Peter's own hands, and these deaths were NOT an accident. From the scene of his transgressions, he is taken into the dark world of Vampirism. It is elegant, decadent, sexy, bloody, and PERFECT! This isn't Twilight folks, Peter is now a Vampire. He has enhanced senses, increased stamina, intense bloodlust, and a fondness for swords. He has disassociated from his humanity even further by taking on the new name Flynn. The ensuing story isn't puppies and lollipops. In a sophisticated and eloquent manner very reminiscent of early Anne Rice, we are taken through Peter/Flynn's journey from healer, to Vampire, to Assassin. Dawes lives in the real world, where a stake through the heart will do you in before you can say `ouch'. Vampires burn in the daylight, are reduced to piles of ash, need human blood to survive, and oh yeah, are KILLERS. They are Classic, and there is a reason such things are called Classics in the first place. All hail Bela Lugosi. Now go read this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Eyes of the Seer" is a great book! It is not your average vampire story. The characters have depth, the story is griping. Baring witness to Flynn as he struggles with what he is and good vs evil creates a character you want to see succeed. A must read!!