Eyewitness to Miracles

Eyewitness to Miracles

by Randy Clark


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“This is such a wonderful book!”

~Bill Johnson, bestselling author of When Heaven Invades Earth

Never before has a minister of the gospel gone to such great lengths to meticulously record so many miraculous events: The blind see, the lame walk, and the dead are raised.

Dr. Randy Clark shares the captivating results of a global healing ministry and provides links to video testimonies through the book.

He also addresses the skeptics.

Eyewitness to Miracles is endorsed by university scholars and leaders from a variety of church backgrounds—Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, and Methodists.

After all, if Jesus healed people in his day, why shouldn’t we expect to see people healed today?

Eyewitness to Miracles is a remarkable read that will make you believe once again.

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ISBN-13: 9780785219057
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 05/08/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 545,491
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About the Author

Dr. Randy Clark is the founder and president of Global Awakening. He pursued theological studies in college, eventually completing a Masters of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. After years of ministry, Randy's life would drastically change in 1994 when he walked into a prayer meeting in a small storefront church near the Toronto Airport. That four-day meeting would turn into a worldwide revival, lasting over twelve years and impacting millions of people. Since then Randy has traveled to over 50 countries spreading the good news of God's love. He resides in Mechanicsburg, PA, with his wife, DeAnne. They have four married adult children and four grandchildren.

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In this chapter we will look at the amazing testimonies of those who were once blind, but now see. Each of these healings is corroborated by a video, which you can view by following the URL in the endnote.

We will begin with a story from Brazil.


In Brazil, a young man's eyeball was healed by prayer. According to the man's mother, he had not seen anything but a black spot out of his left eye from the time he was a baby. He had only 5 percent vision in that eye, and that was blurry and cloudy. But after someone prayed for him, the young man said that he could see. His mother confirmed that her son had never been able to see numbers, but the video shows him calling out the numbers he is now able to see.

In addition to that remarkable story, the following stories reveal that God is still in the business of giving sight to the blind.


In Forteleza, Brazil, a man blind from birth was healed and was able to see. In an update with a pastor and church-growth expert, we learned that the man had been born without the optic nerve attached to the back of his eye. A creative miracle occurred, and his optic nerve grew in where there had previously not been one.


During the last fifteen years, I have seen hundreds of blind eyes open, and many who were blind in both eyes healed. The prepon- derance of these healings occurred in Brazil, though others were in India, Cambodia, Argentina, Ireland, Guatemala, and several other countries, including the United States. The very first person healed of blindness when I prayed was a woman in Northern Ireland. I remember her to this day. She was in her home and told my associate, Mark Endres, and I that she missed being able to read the Bible. Her diabetes had destroyed her eyes, and she could no longer see. We prayed, and God gave her back her sight.


A few weeks later, Kirk Hintz, a friend from my church in St. Louis, was with me in Argentina. There were eleven of us on this trip. It was my first time to ever take a team with me to minister. Kirk was getting ready to go to sleep in our hotel room when he said, "Now I realize just how skeptical we are in North America. I am sitting here thinking about what I saw with my own eyes, and I am struggling to believe my own eyes. I prayed for a woman tonight who was deaf in her left ear and blind in her left eye. Her eye was white instead of brown. The second time I prayed for her, she opened her eye and it was normal, the white had turned back to brown, and she could see." I have never forgotten Kirk's head-on collision with his Western skepticism.


The next night I was praying for a woman who had neuropathy and colon problems. God healed her, for which she was very happy. When she started to leave, she told me that she was also blind due to her long battle with diabetes. Having just prayed a few weeks earlier in Northern Ireland for diabetes-induced blindness, I was excited to see my second diabetic blind person see. She was hesitant, not wanting to be prayed for, feeling thankful enough that she had been healed of her severe abdominal pain. I told her about the woman who had just been healed of blindness from diabetes a few weeks before, and asked her to let me pray for her. She consented.

She was a poor woman, and our meeting was being held out in a field, in a barnlike structure. Large bugs about four inches long, an inch wide, and half an inch thick were crawling on the floor of the building. I was convinced that those who fell with the bugs crawling over them were not in the flesh. I prayed several times for her as she gradually began to receive her sight. At first she could see only the brightness of a large, bright light over us. With more prayer, she could see objects but couldn't tell that they were people. After we prayed again, she could see what she knew were people, but they were very blurry and she couldn't see color yet. Then I felt the Lord impress me to tell her that I was going to pray for her one more time, and after this time she would be able to see.

I began to pray for her, and as I was praying, I had her husband, who had also been blind, come stand about four feet in front of her. When I finished praying I stepped out of her line of sight. She saw and recognized her husband, and they fell into each other's arms, weeping with gratitude for the ability to see each other again. These were my first two blind people who were healed. You never forget your firsts.


The most blind eyes and blind people I saw healed in one night happened in Goiania, a bustling city of more than one million people in southern Brazil. I was at the Videra Church, a highly educated church that had grown from three thousand the first time I visited to about thirty thousand average attendance. Once again I had a Global Awakening International Ministry team with me of about seventy people. The pastor, Aloisio Silva, had never seen a blind person healed until that night. There was a strong anointing for the blind. He prayed for two who were healed of blindness. There were four more blind people healed that night.

I prayed for one of the blind persons healed that night, a woman who was totally blind. During the interview to find out what might be the cause of the blindness, helping me pray more specifically, I discovered nothing to indicate it might not be blindness from a natural cause. I prayed several times, but there was no improvement. Each time I reinterviewed her to see if she could see any better, her answer was no.

Then I had an impression to ask her specifically when she went blind. What was going on at the time? Was there anything traumatic that occurred before her onset of blindness?

She responded, "The only traumatic event was the death of my father."

"How close was the onset of blindness to your father's death?" I asked.


I probed further. "Were you with your father when he died?" "Yes," she said.

Finally, I asked her, "Were you touching your father when he died?"


Suddenly, I felt I knew why she was blind. It was not due to a natural cause; neither was it due to the psychological trauma of her father's death. I believed it was caused by an afflicting spirit that had been in her father, and had entered her at the time of his death. I told her, "I am going to pray for you one more time, and after this prayer you will be able to see."

This is what I call a gift of faith. I do not say that to people in order to build their faith. There had been no improvement up to this point. I prayed, "I command this afflicting spirit to leave this woman, and I command her eyes to see. Eyes, in the name of Jesus I command you to see. I command this spirit of affliction to leave in Jesus' name."

Then I told her to open her eyes. When she did, she could see. We were all so excited to witness the blind see that night, and to see the authority we have in Jesus' name.


On that same night there was a man who was not healed of his blindness, which he'd had for more than fifty years. Six were healed, but he wasn't. This was a very unusual story. A woman on our team felt led to pray for this man. Following the method of prayer that we default to, unless led more specifically by the Holy Spirit, she interviewed him to find out what was wrong with his eyes. His eyes were white from about an eighth of an inch thick scar tissue that covered the entire pupil and cornea. Instead of Hispanic brown eyes, his were milky white. He was totally blind, having not seen a thing for fifty years.

The team member learned in the interview that as a five-year-old boy he had accidently spilled muriatic acid in his eyes. Thus, this was blindness by a natural cause and she ruled out psychosomatic blindness or an afflicting spirit. Then she spoke to the condition, commanding his eyes to be healed, for the scar tissue to disintegrate, and for the pupils and corneas to be reconstructed. After these prayers of command, she instructed the man to open his eyes to check if he could see anything.

When he opened his eyes, he could not see anything. She had initially felt led to go to this man and to begin praying for him at the beginning of the service. She prayed for him throughout the hour of worship, the two hours of teaching and ministry by word of knowledge, and then for more than another hour during the time the team prays with the laying on of hands. She prayed for more than four hours for this one person.

There are usually so many people to pray for that I ask the team not to pray too long for any one person. (There were about six thousand people in the building that night.) Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with people wanting prayer that I instruct team members to pray for two people at a time, using both hands. We do not stay long with a single person unless something is clearly happening to him or her during the prayer time. Nothing was happening to this man.

Why did the woman stay and pray so long? She told someone on the team that every time she planned to stop and to pray for someone else, she heard a strong impression —"Do not stop praying." But when the night ended with so many blind and sick people healed, she left the man still totally blind. I wonder how she felt that night. I wonder if she questioned whether or not she had heard God correctly or if she had missed God's directives.

The next morning she left with the team to return to America and to the other countries represented by our Global team.

Three days later I flew from southern Brazil to northern Brazil to join another Global team. Soon after I arrived, my phone rang. The pastor from the church we had just left was on the phone. He was very excited. He told me the story I have just told you. Then he added, "This man could not see anything when the night was over. Neither could he see anything the next day and night, but on the third morning, though he went to bed totally blind, he woke up with brand-new eyes and clear vision."

Since the man's records were at the local hospital, everyone knew he had been blind for fifty years. The pastor told me, "He is right now down at the hospital for the third time. The doctors keep asking him, 'Tell us again, how is it you can see?'" (like the question asked in John 9 of the man born blind). He added, "This is the greatest miracle in the history of our city!"

These people — and many more — have become firm believers in God's promises of healing, And I'm sure that today, each one would enthusiastically testify, "Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me" (Ps. 30:2). Will you call on Him today? The people on my team have experienced the truth of the benefits of Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension — the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to enable them to pray in the authority of Jesus' name to see healing and miracles in our day (John 14:12 and Mark 16:15–19).



When John sent his disciples to ask Jesus for evidence that He was the foretold Messiah, Jesus told them, "Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: ... the lame walk" (Luke 7:18–22). I have personally witnessed "the lame walk" because of the power of God, still present and active today. This chapter tells their stories.


While I was ministering in Guarulhos, Brazil, one evening in 2011, I had a very faint and very brief impression. I wasn't sure, but I felt as if I heard the word bicycle or motorcycle. I had a follow-up impression that someone was present in the meeting who had been injured. I admit that the impression was so faint I wasn't sure it was from God, but I wanted to find out if I was right, so I gave the word of knowledge. I said, "I think there might be someone here who was injured either on a bicycle or a motorcycle."

Immediately I noticed a young woman who began to shake. She was located right in front of me, in about the third row, seated on the end chair. I knew she was the one. I left the platform and walked down to find out what was happening. I knew by her trembling that God was touching her. When I reached her seat, I noticed the calipers (crutches that wrap around the arms just above the elbows) that were lying on the floor under her chair. I also noticed she had a bandage that wrapped around one ankle and covered the Achilles' tendon and the heel.

I interviewed her and found out she had been in an accident while riding a motorcycle fifteen years earlier. Her heel had been caught in the spokes of the back wheel. This resulted in a large piece of flesh and muscle being ripped out of her heel and Achilles' tendon area. She had had several surgeries. Her doctor had attempted a muscle graft, which had failed. The lady now had a hole in her heel large enough and deep enough that you could put a golf ball in it. When she tried to walk without crutches, the injured area would tear even deeper into her foot. She had not been able to walk without crutches for fifteen years.

She had come to this church because she heard there was going to be a healing meeting. She didn't belong to the church; she was a Baptist, and this was a charismatic church of about eight thousand people. She had taken public transportation across the city of Saõ Paulo, which has about 45 million people. The reason she made this arduous trek was because the doctor had told her she needed to have her foot cut off in the coming week because it was becoming necrotic. The flesh was dying and infection was setting in that would threaten her life if her foot wasn't amputated.

She had never heard of me, and I had not noticed her before giving this word of knowledge. I had not seen her come into the meeting on crutches. However, I knew it was the will of God to heal her because God had given me this word of knowledge, and by taking a risk and speaking it out, I found out I had been correct when I felt I had heard from God that someone had been hurt on a motorcycle. Also, the fact that the power of God was coursing through her body, causing her to slightly tremble, was encouraging to my faith. She not only told me her story but showed me pictures of the hole in her heel, which were quite graphic. (Later, when I showed the pictures in another church while telling her testimony, a young woman passed out and had to be carried out of the meeting.)

I began to pray for her. She told me she felt something happening in her heel. Then she told us that she felt as if she was supposed to try to walk without her crutches. When she attempted to do so, a smile spread across her face, because for the first time since the accident, she could walk without pain. She told us it felt like she was walking on marshmallows. The next day she was back at the church, dancing on the stage.

During the next few weeks, the entire hole began to fill in. The necrotic tissue turned from dark black dead tissue to pink. She did not need to have her foot amputated. A few years later she came to one of my meetings and danced onstage. She has since married.

I am so excited that I risked looking foolish and took the chance that I had heard from God at this church. By being willing to take that chance and step out in faith, I discovered I was correct. The word of knowledge created faith in this twenty-eight-year-old woman to be healed and created faith in me as a minister of healing as well. The even more exciting thing is, she was not the only person who was facing an amputation in less than a week who was healed. Two more women had likewise been told they needed amputations. Instead, they were healed and didn't have to undergo amputations of parts of their legs.


In 2010 I was in Uberlândia, Brazil, at a large church of several thou- sand. During the ministry time a woman asked for prayer. When I interviewed her to find out what her need was, she showed me her leg. Below the knee on the inside of her left leg, there was a large sore that had been infected for many years. She told us it was about four inches long and about one and a half inches wide. It was deep enough that you could see the bone. Doctors had tried many different types of antibiotics to kill the flesh-eating infection. Four doctors had concurred that the flesh was becoming necrotic and she needed to have her leg cut off just below her knee the following week.

When I began to pray for her, she told me she felt power going into her leg, especially in the area where the open sore was. I continued to pray several prayers for her healing, commanding the infection to die and the flesh to be restored.


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Table of Contents

Foreword xvii

Introduction xvii

Part 1 The Evidence for the Miraculous

Chapter 1 The Blind See 3

Chapter 2 The Lame Walk 10

Chapter 3 The Sick Are Healed 24

Chapter 4 The Deaf Hear 52

Chapter 5 The Dead Are Raised 59

Part 2 The problem with miracles in the Western Mind-Set

Chapter 6 Religion and the Age of Enlightenment 81

Chapter 7 Science and the Laws of Nature 86

Chapter 8 Philosophy and Theology 97

Chapter 9 Explaining Away the Miraculous 107

Chapter 10 Recovering the Ministry of Healing 114

Chapter 11 Verifying Healing 121

Chapter 12 Healing and the Placebo Effect 132

Chapter 13 Energy and a Case for Miracles 139

Chapter 14 Mount Carmel and the Coming End-Times Revival 150

Chapter 15 Being Used by God to Bring Healing 159

Note from the Author 167

Appendix A The New Testament Evidence 169

Appendix B The Old Testament Evidence 175

Notes 179

Bibliography 193

About the Author 199

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