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Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther


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The Teach the Text Commentary Series utilizes the best of biblical scholarship to provide the information a pastor needs to communicate the text effectively. The carefully selected preaching units and focused commentary allow pastors to quickly grasp the big idea and key themes of each passage of Scripture. Each unit of the commentary includes the big idea and key themes of the passage and sections dedicated to understanding, teaching, and illustrating the text.

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ISBN-13: 9780801015403
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Series: Teach the Text Commentary Series
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.75(h) x (d)

About the Author

Douglas J. E. Nykolaishen (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is an ordained minister and professor of biblical studies at Ouachita Baptist University. He and his wife, Cora-Fay, live in Arkansas.

Andrew J. Schmutzer (PhD, Trinity International University) is professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute. He is coauthor of Between Pain & Grace and has published in Bulletin for Biblical Research and Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. Andrew and his wife, Ashley, live in West Chicago.

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Teach the Text Commentary Series ix

Introduction to the Teach the Text Commentary Series xi

Abbreviations xiii

Ezra and Nehemiah Douglas J. E. Nykolaishen

Introduction to Ezra and Nehemiah 3

Ezra 1:1 4 9

Cyrus Is Moved to Rebuild the Temple

Ezra 1:5-11 16

Exiles and Temple Vessels Are Returned to Jerusalem

Ezra 2:1-70 22

Exiled Judeans Resettle in the Promised Land

Ezra 3:1-6 29

The Returned Exiles Reinstate the Prescribed Sacrifices

Ezra 3:7-13 36

The Returned Exiles Celebrate the Laying of the Temple Foundation

Ezra 4:1-5 43

The Rebuilding Judeans Encounter Opposition from the Surrounding Peoples

Ezra 4:6-24 50

The Opposition Stops the Rebuilding

Ezra 5:1-17 57

God Empowers His People to Resume Rebuilding in the Face of Continued Opposition

Ezra 6:1-12 64

The Recovered Decree of Cyrus Leads Darius to Ensure the Temple Is Restored

Ezra 6:13-22 71

The Judeans Celebrate the Dedication of the Temple and Passover

Ezra 7:1-28 77

Ezra Is Sent to Jerusalem

Ezra 8:1-36 83

Ezra Leads a Group of Exiles to Jerusalem

Ezra 9:1-15 89

Ezra Prays about the Sin of the Israelite Community

Ezra 10:1-14 96

The Judeans Decide to Send Away Their Foreign Wives

Nehemiah 1:1-11 103

Nehemiah Prays for God to Help Him Overcome Jerusalem's Trouble

Nehemiah 2:1-9 110

Nehemiah's Bold Request Is Granted

Nehemiah 2:10-20 116

Nehemiah Prepares to Begin despite Opposition

Nehemiah 3:1-32 123

The Judeans Rebuild the Wall around Jerusalem

Nehemiah 4:1-23 130

Nehemiah Leads the Judeans in a Successful Response to Their Opponents' Tactics

Nehemiah 5:1-19 136

Nehemiah Relieves the Economic Hardship of the People

Nehemiah 6:1-14 143

Nehemiah Resists His Enemies' Attempts to Intimidate Him

Nehemiah 6:15-7:73a 150

Nehemiah Is Prompted to Prepare to Repopulate Jerusalem

Nehemiah 7;73b-8:18 157

The Israelites Rejoice after Understanding and Obeying God's Law

Nehemiah 9:1-37 164

The Israelites Acknowledge God's Constant Mercy in Response to Their Rebellion

Nehemiah 9:38-10:39 171

The Israelites Commit to Honoring God through Obedience

Nehemiah 11:1-12:26 178

The Laypeople and Temple Personnel Implement God's Plans for Settlement and Worship

Nehemiah 12:27-47 185

The People Celebrate the Dedication of the Wall of Jerusalem

Nehemiah 13:1-31 191

Nehemiah Restores the Purity of the Judean Community

Esther Andrew J. Schmutzer

Introduction to Esther 201

Esther 1:1-8 208

Ahasuerus, a Narcissistic King

Esther 1:9-12 214

Vashti Defies a Self-Centered Ring

Esther 1:13-22 220

Ahasuerus and His Nobles Overreact

Esther 2:1-11 226

A Complex Identity Is Kept Hidden

Esther 2:12-23 232

A New Queen and a Foiled Plot

Esther 3:1-6 238

Haman's Decision to Annihilate

Esther 3:7-15 244

An Evil Scheme Is Set in Motion

Esther 4:1-17 250

Mourning, Fasting, and Risking

Esther 5:1-14 257

Esther Intervenes and Haman Still Schemes

Esther 6:1-13 263

Honor Craved and Honor Deserved

Esther 6:14-7:10 270

Esther Is Revealed but Haman Unmasked

Esther 8:1-17 277

Neutralizing an Edict of Death

Esther 9:1-10 283

The Jews Are Vindicated

Esther 9:11-19 289

Further Defense and Reversals in Susa

Esther 9:20-10:3 295

Purim Is Established for All fetes Everywhere

Notes 301

Bibliography 306

Contributors 308

Index 309

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