F**k It: Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is

F**k It: Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is

by John C. Parkin


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Is there a gap between how you’d like things to be and how they are?

Most likely there is, and it hurts. It may be a small gap or a freaking enormous ravine, but that gap is, in fact, probably the primary cause of pain and unhappiness for most people. Whatever it is that is stressing you out right now or causing you pain is right there in that gap, and stopping your life from being how you would like it to be.

What if you said ‘F**k It’ to the idea of how your life should be and found peace with your life just as it is? That’s going to shake things up and take the edge off your pain and discomfort way more than any pill could.

John C. Parkin, the maestro of saying ‘F**k It’, realized as he worked with people on his retreats that we can close that gap not by striving to be dfferent, changing the world or even learning how to peaceful – but by saying ‘F**k It’ and making our peace with life, just as it is.

Being at peace with life doesn’t necessarily mean being peaceful, and it certainly isn’t being passive; it means embracing life in all its colours.

This is a radical message that can create radical shifts in your perception of life, just as it is.

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ISBN-13: 9781401955717
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 376,636
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

John C. Parkin is the author of the bestselling F**k It books. The son of Anglican preachers, John realized that saying ‘F**k It’ was as powerful as all the Eastern spiritual practices he’d been studying for 20 years. Having said ‘F**k It’ to a top job in London, he escaped to Italy with his wife, Gaia, and their twin boys, where they now teach their famous F**k It Retreats in various spectacular locations. www.thefuckitlife.com

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Game of Life xi

Level 1 I'll be at Peace When 1

I get a Raleigh Chopper 5

The school holidays arrive 7

I'm back with my friends 11

I get my qualifications 13

They say 'yes' 17

There's peace in the world 19

I have my own car 21

I find my Ideal job 25

I have a place to call home 29

We have a family 33

The kids are off to school 35

We manage to pay the bills and mortgage 37

We have a larger house 39

The house is tidy 41

I'm a success 45

I'm wealthy 47

I win that award 49

I've lost this weight 51

I'm well again 53

I can take redundancy 57

The holidays arrive 59

We have a change of government 63

I've paid off the mortgage 65

The divorce is settled 67

I/we retire 69

The operation is over 71

This pain has gone 73

I'm resting in peace 75

Level 2 I Can Be at Peace Now 77

Honking the Horn of Peace 79

I can relax now 83

How peaceful am I now? 87

I can be grateful now 95

I can switch off my phone now 99

I can bring meditation to life now 103

I can sit and drink tea now, and be at peace 111

But I can't remain at peace for long (there's always something) 121

The family something 123

The money something 125

The geo-political something 127

The health something 131

The weather something 133

The me something 135

The environment something 139

The work something 141

The unclear something 143

The dying something 145

Level 3 F**k It. Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is 147

F**k It to caring 151

F**k It to positivity 155

F**k It to being good 159

F**k It to being authentic 163

F**k It to being patient 165

F**k It to how it's supposed to go 167

F**k It to loving 171

F**k It to loving yourself 173

F**k It to the linear process 175

From Mad Men to Peaceful Man 176

The Breeze of Peace 186

F**k It to doubt 191

F**k It. Be at peace with difficulty 197

F**k It. Be at peace with injustice 199

F**k It, Be at peace with stress and anxiety 201

F**k It. Be at peace with failure 203

F**k It. Be at peace with hurtful people 205

F**k It. Be at peace with bad things happening 207

F**k It. Be at peace with the bomb 209

Postscript 213

About the Author 217

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