Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing

Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing

by Kecia Clarke

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Don�t you want to know which foods are the greatest for your health and healing? Do you want to know why these foods can cure or prevent deadly illnesses? The answer should be yes! This book answers all of your questions. Eating healthful foods is very simple because most of the greatest foods are right in your pantry or refrigerator! One of the biggest excuses for not eating healthy is that most people think healthy foods are not delicious. Stop thinking that right now!!! Apples, garlic, beans, and onions are not only delicious but will prevent some of the most life threatening health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and even lupus! These foods actually save lives. If you dine out, you probably enjoy most of the foods discussed in this book! Simply adding these foods to your daily intake can literally prolong your life so your family can enjoy you longer.Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing will tell you about the foods that save lives and how they do it!
You will learn just how easy it is to eat the superfoods that give you energy, boosts libidos, lowers cholesterol and prevent heart disease! You will begin to teach your children the health benefits of certain foods.
By the end of this eBook, you should be looking forward to eating foods with the greatest benefits for well-being! You will check your pantry to ensure you have some of the ingredients necessary for a delicious healthy meal. Your family will benefit just because you add garlic or onions to most meals! Why not add apples to certain dishes? Everyone loves warm apples and have no idea about the health benefits! Healthy eating is great for the mind, body and soul! You will be inspired to be a better you!!! You will know how to eat your way to a longer life and better looking skin and possibly a better sex life!
This book encourages you to live your best life and feeling great is a fundamental part of abundant living. You�ll be surprised at how this book will allow you to realize that you do have most of the foods discussed in this book, but just didn�t know how to use them properly or don�t use them enough in your daily intake. You will definitely be inspired to use them more often after hearing about the wonder of these amazing foods! You will learn to love the idea of cooking for heart, health and youthful skin! Did you know:
� Bee pollen has outstanding benefits for young and beautiful skin?
� Fish combats early kidney disease, relieves migraines, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke?
� Garlic is heart friendly, fights hypertension, reduces bad cholesterol levels from 305 to 218 over 60 days?
� Kale boosts your immune system and has more calcium than milk?
� Milk and apples prevent dental cavities?
� Mint treats menstrual cramps and migraine headaches?
Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing will tell you about the foods that save lives and how they do it! shows you healthful food is also delicious food! Eating healthy is truly one way to enrich your life!
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About the Author

In the world of fitness and health and personal growth and development, Kecia Clarke is known as the �Talk Boss�! That�s because, when Kecia speaks, thousands of individuals know they�re getting the advice they need to become the person-- they �want to be�. Kecia inspires abundant living. Abundant living means finding your happiness by taking you passions and enjoying them every day! Only then will you be truly happy and prosper.

All of her books, regardless of the series, are both inspiring and informative. �Fitness is a Way of Life�,�Divorce without Drama�, and How to Enrich Your Life through Travel� --all are immediate on-line best sellers!The highly anticipated book, �Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing�, is expected to join the ranks of online best sellers too.

Kecia has three eBook series: 1) Fitness and Health series; 2) Travel series; and 3) interior design series. She is fitness advisor, a licensed travel agent, a licensed interior decorator, lawyer and motivational speaker.

Her new talk show, �Culinary Conversations�, recently premiered on You Tube! It is a great show!

Kecia Clarke has developed a loyal following worldwide, because people know, she �Practices What She Preaches�!! --by living, eating and breathing her work, and using the experience and knowledge she�s gained, she inspires others to do what they love and love what they do! She inspires others to be happy!

And here�s great news!!! You can now purchase Kecia�s E-Books AND sign up for her newsletter, �The Talk Boss�, at Keciaclarke.com. Of course, the books are offered on many other websites as well, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com!

Visit now and start becoming the �You-You want to be�!!!

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