Facebook for Grown-Ups

Facebook for Grown-Ups

by Michael Miller

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Facebook started out as a social network for high school and college kids. But now grown-ups like you are getting connected, too–even if you use Facebook much differently than your kids do. If you’re a grown-up looking to join the Facebook bandwagon, Facebook for Grown-Ups is just the guide you need. You’ll learn how to use Facebook to reconnect with old friends and family members and keep them up-to-date on what’s happening in your life.


Facebook for Grown-Ups shows you how to open a Facebook account, find new friends, post status updates, and share family photos and videos. You’ll learn how to become a fan of your favorite performers, join a business network, and create your own topic-specific groups. And if you’re worried about privacy, Facebook for Grown-Ups shows you how to keep your personal information from becoming public knowledge. You’ll even learn how to keep track of what your kids are doing on Facebook–without them knowing it.


Read this book to discover how grown-ups can take advantage of everything Facebook has to offer. It’s not just for kids anymore!

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ISBN-13: 9780132639743
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/29/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
File size: 12 MB
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About the Author

Michael Miller has written more than 100 non-fiction how-to books in the past two decades, including Que’s Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, and Windows 7 Your Way. He is also the author of Que’s Facebook Essentials video and Pearson Higher Education’s Introduction to Social Networking textbook.


Mr. Miller has established a reputation for clearly explaining technical topics to non-technical readers, and for offering useful real-world advice about complicated topics. More information can be found at the author’s website, located at www.molehillgroup.com.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

How This Book Is Organized 2

Conventions Used in This Book 3

Get Ready to Facebook 4

Part I: Getting Started with Facebook–and Social Networking 5

1 Welcome to Facebook: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore 6

What Social Networking Is and How It Works 6

What Is a Social Network? 8

Why Do People Use Social Networks? 8

What Other Stuff Does a Social Network Do? 10

Who Uses Social Networks? 10

How Did Social Networks Develop? 11

Say Hello to Facebook 12

Things You Can–and Can’t–Do on Facebook 14

Things to Do 14

Things Not to Do 16

Why Grown-Ups Use Facebook 17

Social Networking Do’s and Don’ts 19

Do These Things 19

Don’t Do These Things.20

2 Signing Up and Getting Started 23

Before You Sign Up 23

Creating a Facebook Account 24

Find Friends and Complete Your Profile 25

Filling Out Your Profile 29

3 Getting Around the Facebook Site 37

What’s What and What’s Where on Facebook 37

Signing In 37

Welcome to the Home Page 38

Profile Pages 41

Navigating the Facebook Toolbar 42

Searching Facebook 44

Signing Off 46

Part II: Facebook for Friends and Family 49

4 How to Find Old Friends–and Make New Ones 51

How Facebook Helps You Reconnect 51

Why Friends Are Important 53

Making Friends with People You’re Already in Contact With 54

Finding Friends You Email 54

Finding Friends You Instant Message 56

Finding Co-Workers 57

Searching for Long Lost Friends 58

Finding Former Co-Workers 58

Finding Former Classmates 59

Searching by Name or Email Address 60

Accepting Friend Requests 61

Exploring Facebook’s Friend Suggestions 62

Finding Friends of Friends 63

5 Visiting Friends and Family on Facebook 67

Catching Up with the Facebook News Feed 67

Viewing the News Feed 67

Viewing More Updates from More Friends 70

Viewing Only Status Updates from Your Friends 71

Hiding Friends You Don’t Like 71

Hiding Updates from Applications and Games 72

Commenting on Friends’ Posts 73

Liking What You See 74

Sharing a Posted Attachment 75

Getting to and Getting to Know Your Friends’ Profile Pages 76

Displaying a Profile Page 76

Navigating a Profile Page 77

Reading the Wall–and Leaving Your Own Comments 79

Viewing Your Friends’ Personal Information 80

Looking at Photos 81

Viewing Other Tabs 82

6 Keeping Tabs on Your Kids 85

Making Your Children Your Friends 85

What to Do If Your Kids Hide from You on Facebook 86

Viewing Updates Without Being a Friend 86

Viewing Updates as a Friend of a Friend 86

Creating a Surreptitious Identity 87

Using Facebook to See What Your Kids Are Up To 89

Using Facebook to Contact Your Grown Kids 90

7 Organizing Your Friends List 93

Creating Friends Lists 93

Editing Your Lists 95

Displaying Status Updates from List Members 97

Deleting Custom Lists 98

Getting Rid of Unwanted Friends 98

Blocking Unwanted Users 99

Part III: Keeping in Touch with Facebook 103

8 Updating Your Friends on What You’re Doing 105

What Is a Status Update? 105

Where to Update Your Status 107

How to Update Your Status 108

Posting a Simple Text Update 108

Attaching a Photo 109

Attaching a Video 110

Attaching an Event 111

Attaching a Link to Another Web Page 112

Tagging a Friend in a Post 113

Determining Who Sees Your Status Updates 114

Setting Universal Status Privacy 115

Setting Who Can View Individual Updates 117

Deleting an Accidental Status Update 118

Deciding What to Write About 118

Employing “Facebook Grammar” 121

9 Exchanging Private Messages 125

Understanding Facebook’s Private Messages 125

It’s Just Like Email–Except It Isn’t 126

Reading and Replying to Messages 127

Deleting Messages 129

Sending a New Message 130

Adding Attachments to a Message 131

Attaching a Picture 131

Attaching a Video 132

Attaching a Web Link 133

10 Chatting with Your Kids–Live 137

What’s Chat–and Who Uses It? 137

Understanding Instant Messaging 137

Welcome to Facebook Chat 138

Who’s Chatting with Whom? 139

Who’s Online to Chat With? 139

Doing the Chat Thing 141

Managing Your Chat Settings 143

Part IV: Sharing Your Life on Facebook 145

11 Sharing Family Pictures 147

What’s Good–and What’s Bad–About Sharing Photos on Facebook . 147

Facebook Photos: The Good 148

Facebook Photos: The Bad 148

So Is Facebook Good for Photo Sharing, or Not? 149

Creating a Photo Album 151

Uploading New Photos 152

Editing, Moving, and Deleting Photos 154

Tagging People in Your Photos 155

Sharing Photos with Others 157

Managing Your Photos and Albums 158

Viewing Other People’s Photos 160

Viewing Photos and Photo Albums 160

Adding Your Comments 162

Tagging Yourself in a Photo 163

Sharing a Photo 163

Printing a Photo 163

Downloading a Photo 163

Downloading Multiple Photos 164

12 Sharing Home Movies 167

The Ins and Outs of Sharing Videos on Facebook 167

Shooting Videos for Facebook 167

What to Upload 168

Editing Your Videos 169

Uploading Your Videos 169

Displaying the Video Tab 170

Uploading a Video File 170

Recording a Webcam Video 172

Editing Video Information 174

Sharing Uploaded Videos . 175

Posting YouTube Videos 177

Watching Your Friends’ Videos 180

Watching a Video in the News Feed 180

Watching a Video on Its Own Page 181

Viewing Your Friends’ Most Recent Videos 182

13 Sharing Birthdays and Events 185

Why You Might Like Events 185

Searching for and Attending Events 186

RSVP’ing to Events 188

RSVP’ing from the Event Page 188

RSVP’ing from a Status Update 190

RSVP’ing from an Email Invitation 191

Creating New Events 192

Viewing Your Events 194

Celebrating Birthdays 194

Part V: Doing More with Facebook 197

14 Personalizing Your Profile Page 199

What Can You Personalize on Your Profile Page–and Why Would You Want To? 1 99

Choosing What Posts to Display on Your Wall . 200

Changing Other Wall Settings 201

Changing Your Profile Picture 203

Customizing the Tabs on Your Profile Page 205

Managing Sidebar Boxes 206

Adding New Boxes 206

Rearranging Boxes 207

Deleting Boxes 207

Editing What You See in Sidebar Boxes 207

Editing Your Profile Information 208

15 Becoming a Fan 213

Understanding Fan Pages 213

The Fan Page as Fan Club 213

Liking a Page 215

Navigating a Fan Page 215

Finding Fan Pages 216

Creating Your Own Fan Page 217

Create a New Page 218

Invite Others to Become Fans 219

16 Meeting Others in Groups 221

Understanding Facebook Groups 221

Group Activities 222

Running the Group 223

Finding and Joining Groups 224

Viewing Your Groups–and Your Friends’ Groups 225

Participating in a Group 226

Creating Your Own Group 228

Group Administration 229

Access Levels.229

Group Features 229

Creating the Group 229

Customizing Your Group 231

Letting Others Know About Your Group 232

17 Networking for Business–and for Jobs 235

Understanding Facebook Networks 235

Joining Your Work Network 236

Networking Professionally 237

Finding Other Business Professionals on Facebook 237

Managing Your Professional Contacts 238

Networking via Facebook Groups 239

Job Hunting on Facebook 239

Reworking Your Profile 240

Becoming a Fan of Potential Employers 241

Asking for a Job 241

18 Finding Fun Games and Applications 243

Understanding Facebook Applications 243

Discovering Applications and Games 246

Browsing for Apps 246

Searching for Apps 247

Using an Application or Game 247

Viewing and Managing Your Applications–and Those Your Friends Are Using 249

Viewing Your Applications and Games 249

Managing Your Apps and Games 250

Apps for Grown-Ups 252

19 Using Facebook on the Go 257

Connecting from Your iPhone 257

Viewing the News Feed 259

Posting a Status Update 261

Posting a Picture 262

Viewing Friends’ Profiles 265

Checking Messages 265

Chatting with Friends 266

Connecting from Other Smartphones 267

Connecting via Text Message 269

20 Buying and Selling in the Facebook Marketplace 273

Understanding the Facebook Marketplace 273

Shopping for Something to Buy 275

Browsing the Marketplace 275

Searching the Marketplace 277

Viewing an Item Listing 278

Sharing and Commenting on a Listing 279

Contacting a Seller–and Buying Something 280

Selling Your Own Stuff 281

Listing an Item for Sale 281

Ending Your Listing 283

Part VI: Basic Facebook Housekeeping Chores 287

21 Keeping Some Things Private 289

Understanding Facebook Privacy 289

Changing Facebook’s Privacy Settings 291

Sharing Your Personal Information–or Not 291

Setting Custom Sharing Options 293

Hiding Your Information from Other Websites 295

Removing Unwanted Fan Pages 297

What to Keep Private–and What to Share 298

22 Managing Your Facebook Account 303

Changing Account Settings 303

Controlling When and How Facebook Contacts You 306

Leaving Facebook 307

Index 313

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Facebook for Grown-Ups 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
DWWilkin on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The large print is one of the first things I noticed about this book and it led me to question, since this was called 'Grown-Ups' that my nearly fifty year old eyes must be failing as well as those this book is targeted at. But my eyes are not that bad for reading. Driving is another story.Having some ideas about the publishing trade, such a tactic seems driven to also increase the size of a book, and as I looked at Mr. Miller's work I was struck that there was a great deal of padding. That this book really should be smaller, thinner than it turned out. That the many step by step examples were constructed often to increase the thickness of this book. And then that often those same examples, needed more diagrams, and then the explanation of what decisions you can take mean.I have been a Facebook User for several years, so nothing that Mr. Miller revealed was new to me. That gives me a very good basis to see if he communicated whether an existing feature in FB (And they have changed some items since he wrote the material, even as he pointed out about the Privacy and Security areas) can be adopted by his readers.Were I to give this to my mother, an even older generation of Grown-Up or my wife, they both would find it useful, were they to go through the material. I think that this book suffers from the narrative for sometimes Mr. Miller is quite helpful, guiding a new user with insight on a part of Facebook that a novice will readily want to use. Other times, he glosses over parts that a new user should be adding.Where the biggest failing is, because of the folksy way the book has at times, is that there is no overall step-by-step guide. There are sections, for signing-up, for privacy settings, for uploading your pictures (though tagging them comes later? That should have occurred in the same place.) What there should have been, IMHO was an overall step-by-step instruction. Tell the reader about Facebook (FB) and then after all that, point out that here on your first day of use, you want to be ready to do the following things; sign-up, upload a few photos, find a few family members, friends, groups.Without that, a new user, of a certain age, often gives up and still can not understand how FB is useful. With this book, if they are able to have the patience in their interaction with FB and thumb back and forth from chapter to chapter, they may indeed become experts. That extra star would have been awarded if Mr. Miller had added that one bit. For I believe the target market are just such people, first-time users who want to go to the site and do the things that get them immersed in it. Five to ten things to do in an uber step-by-step guide would have aided that process.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago