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The Facebook Marketing Book

The Facebook Marketing Book

by Dan Zarrella, Alison Zarrella
The Facebook Marketing Book

The Facebook Marketing Book

by Dan Zarrella, Alison Zarrella


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How can Facebook help you promote your brand, products, and services? This book provides proven tactics that you can use right away to build your brand and engage prospective customers. With 500 million active users worldwide, Facebook offers a much larger audience than traditional media, but it's a new landscape loaded with unfamiliar challenges. The Facebook Marketing Book shows you how to make the most of the service while skirting not-so-obvious pitfalls along the way.

Whether you're a marketing and PR professional, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you'll learn about the tools and features that will help you reach specific Facebook audiences. You'll also get an in-depth overview, with colorful and easy-to-understand introductions to Profiles, Groups, Pages, Applications, Ads, Events, and Facebook etiquette.

  • Approach Facebook's complex environment with clear, actionable items
  • Make sense of the social networking world
  • Be familiar with the technologies you need for social network marketing
  • Explore tactics for using Facebook features, functionality, and protocols
  • Learn how to set specific campaign goals
  • Determine which Facebook features are relevant to your campaigns
  • Plan and execute Facebook marketing strategies
  • Measure the results of your campaigns with key performance indicators

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781449388485
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/15/2010
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dan Zarrella has written extensively about the science of viral marketing, memetics and social media on his own blog and for a variety of popular industry blogs. His work has been featured in The Twitter Book (O’Reilly), and many leading newpapers and periodicals. He is a popular speaker and was recently awarded Shorty and Semmy awards for social media and viral marketing. Dan currently works as an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot.

Alison Zarrella currently works as an interactive copywriter and social media consultant for clients ranging from small, local businesses to big name brands. She has written for industry blogs such as Mashable and been featured as a social media and Facebook expert in radio interviews and guest lectures.

Table of Contents

; Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Networking; 1.1 Who Uses Facebook?; 1.2 Impact on Today’s Media; 1.3 Big Brands on Facebook; 1.4 How You Can (and Should) Use Facebook; 1.5 Creating Valuable Content; Chapter 2: Facebook Profile Basics; 2.1 What Is a Facebook Profile?; 2.2 Facebook Profiles for Business; 2.3 Facebook Profile Tabs; 2.4 Setting Up a Facebook Profile; 2.5 Profile Interactions; 2.6 Summary; Chapter 3: Facebook Page Basics; 3.1 The Difference Between a Page and a Profile; 3.2 What Requires a Facebook Page, Not a Profile; 3.3 Types of Pages; 3.4 Creating and Customizing a Facebook Page; 3.5 Facebook Page Tabs; 3.6 Page Applications; 3.7 Page Optimization; 3.8 Promoting Your Page; 3.9 Page Interactions; 3.10 Summary; Chapter 4: Facebook Group Basics; 4.1 Groups Versus Pages; 4.2 Groups Can Be Good—Sometimes; 4.3 When You Want a Group; 4.4 Creating a Group; 4.5 Managing a Group; 4.6 Monitoring and Managing a Group; 4.7 Using Groups to Supplement Your Page; 4.8 Summary; Chapter 5: Facebook Events; 5.1 When to Use an Event; 5.2 Creating an Event; 5.3 Breaking Through the Clutter; 5.4 Sending Invites; 5.5 Integrating with a Page; 5.6 Promoting Your Event; 5.7 Event Follow-Up; 5.8 Summary; Chapter 6: Facebook Application Basics; 6.1 Create Inherently Social Applications; 6.2 Improve Existing Social Behaviors; 6.3 Learn from Success; 6.4 Clarity, Simplicity, and Speed to Engagement; 6.5 Integrate with Viral Facebook Features; 6.6 Development; 6.7 Art and Copy; 6.8 Launching and Promoting Your Application; 6.9 Summary; Chapter 7: Customizing Your Facebook Page; 7.1 Page Icon; 7.2 Designing Assets and Media; 7.3 Content; 7.4 Branded Patterns and Days; 7.5 Exclusive Stuff; 7.6 Custom Tabs; 7.7 User Applications; 7.8 Summary; Chapter 8: Developing a Facebook Content Strategy; 8.1 Competing with Other Content on Facebook; 8.2 Optimizing for Both Facebook and Search Engines; 8.3 Summary; Chapter 9: Cross-Promoting Content on Facebook; 9.1 Least Shared Words; 9.2 Meta Mentions; 9.3 Most Shared Words; 9.4 Digits; 9.5 Linguistic Content; 9.6 Video; 9.7 Parts of Speech; 9.8 Readability; 9.9 Social Plug-ins; 9.10 Summary; Chapter 10: Facebook Page Management; 10.1 Exclusive Deals for Fans; 10.2 Frequent Status Updates; 10.3 Timely Redesigns; 10.4 Promotions; 10.5 Monitoring; 10.6 Moderation; 10.7 Responding; 10.8 Advertising; 10.9 Summary; Chapter 11: Advertising on Facebook; 11.1 Where to Send Users; 11.2 Creative Content Design; 11.3 Targeting; 11.4 Budget; 11.5 Bidding; 11.6 Ad Stats; 11.7 Summary; Chapter 12: Analytics and ROI; 12.1 Insights for Page; 12.2 Insights for Applications; 12.3 Facebook Ads Analytics; 12.4 Tracking; 12.5 Summary; Acknowledgments; About the Authors; Colophon;

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