Faces & Characters: Manual of Morphopsychology

Faces & Characters: Manual of Morphopsychology

by Louis Corman
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Morpho-psychology (often referred to as face reading) is a very precise diagnostic tool to understand an individual’s personality and character, and strengths and weaknesses, through the study of facial characteristics.

The French psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Corman, created Morpho-psychology after 20 years of intensive research and published his first book on the subject in 1937. It is a tool for self-awareness and self-development, for improved communication with others and invaluable for therapists, human resource specialists, team leaders, and in sales, amongst other professions, as well as in daily life. Through being able to analyse our own faces, we gain a deeper understanding of our own inner needs and behaviour, and with increased self-knowledge, we become more compassionate and understanding of ourselves.

By reading the faces of others we can appreciate how they act and react. In this way we can improve our relationships with our loved ones, understand our bosses, be more effective in business and with anyone we come into contact with in our community. We can use the information when we meet someone for the first time, whether talking to a shopkeeper, meeting a new client, going out on a date, and have an appreciation of who they are and their basic personality traits.

This book is the first and only official translation into English of the definitive work in French by Dr. Louis Corman ‘Visages et Caractères’. This book also exists in Spanish under the title ‘Rostros y caracteres’.

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About the Author

Louis Corman (1901-1995) is the creator of Morphopsychology.

He studied medicine at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris with professors such as Marie Curie.

Working as head of medicine in the psychiatric department at Nantes Hospital (Brittany, France), he founded the department of child psychiatry. To gain a better understanding of children with comprehension difficulties, he studied the relationship between facial and psychological traits. In 1937, he established the foundations of morphopsychology with the writing of 'Quinze leçons de morphopsychologie', (Fifteen lessons of morphopsychology) in which he established the laws which can be applied to every living being, based on the fundamental law of Dilation and Retraction.

As the author of numerous works, he founded the Société française de morphopsychologie in 1980.

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