The Faces of Immortality

The Faces of Immortality

by Everett Coles


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Re-edited and re-illustrated...

Meet Gyle Meredon, a freelance police investigator whose young daughter is abducted. Meredon must trace his daughter across the Cluster- the human settled worlds - and beyond, to the worlds Outside; rough, unfinished worlds. Whom can he trust? Who knows what happened to his daughter or why? Which world does the mysterious KZ come from and who is selling Immortality?

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Review by Nick Gevers (Locus Magazine)
In The Faces of Immortality, Everett Coles the full-blown revenge space opera. His model in this is the Demon Princes quintet of novels (1963-1981) by Jack Vance, the American master of baroque SF and science fantasy: a very difficult act to follow, yet Coles carries off his affectionate homage quite ably.

Inhabitants of many worlds have sometimes grown significantly away from human norms; perilous technologies are regularly on the loose. As in Vance, this poses severe difficulties in maintaining general peace and order.

Many ideas in Faces directly (and pleasurably) recall elements from the Demon Princes, Coles builds on such Vancean riffs, elaborating twists and parodic delicacies of his own. The lost world of Lokmar, with its tragic political schism and dark legacy, has considerable grandeur of the kind Vance achieved in his early works especially. It's also pleasing to see Vance's robust-baroque prose style captured so reliably in Faces, my favourite passage being the encounter between Meredon and a pair of farmers arguing over crop damage inflicted by goats... It's very comforting to think that new authors are so well equipped to carry on Vance's brand of picaresque entertainment, and even enrich the formula at times.

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