Faces of Joseph

Faces of Joseph

by Joseph Babinsky


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Faces of Joseph by Joseph Babinsky

Faces of Joseph is a story of a man born and raised in a preacher's home, who sets his sights on finding his purpose in life. He weaves a life in the Christian Church as a Presbyterian minister, where he finds partial fulfillment in social-political activism. In the sixties, Joseph involves himself in the civil rights movement in Selma, Alabama. In 1970 he unites with other ministers for an Intra-Faith spiritual quest which takes them to London, Geneva, Rome and Israel. In the 70s and later 80s the the author undergoes two dramatic changes in the desert of Arizona . In the first experience he chooses to walk away from Presbyterianism to Pentecostalism. The second experience follows several years later where Joseph discovers an inner world of the spirit that opens the door to new self-awareness. The book ends with an unusual chapter where Joseph meets two very special people in a dream. Here, Joseph stumbles on a fantastic discovery that will lighten as well as enlighten the heart of the reader.

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Publication date: 02/06/2007
Pages: 248
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"Joey, what do plan to do when you grow up?"

This question is asked of Joey by his father. The year is 1945. Joey is ten years-old. Did you know that the age of ten is very important in the life of every child? Well, it is. During the ninth or tenth year time-period a life-defining event happens in the child's world. This moment colors the child's life in such a way that it will follow him both as a shadow and a guide.

The tenth-year event or experience differs of course from child to child. Each adult - if they care to take time to do this - is able to look back and find without too much difficulty some particular experience that stands out more than any other. One can also look further and discover that this tenth-year event follows throughout one's life as a life-theme or talisman.

In the life of Joey there were two such magnanimous experiences. The first life-defining moment for Joey was the question that his father asked him. The second event was the death of his beloved brother, Charles. Both experiences are related and are joined in Joey's life as one life-defining moment. In fact, we will discover that it is the death of Charles which brought the question from his father to Joey.

On the day when Joey's father asked him the question, Joey had been sitting alone in a chair listening to his older brothers as they were talking with their father. Earlier that same day the family attended a memorial service for Charles. Charles was killed in France in 1944 during World War II.

Of course the war years were difficult for countless families, and the Babinsky family was included. For them it was during the time of the celebrations and gaiety of Christmas. Christmas of 1944 was especially hard for Joey and all the Babinsky family. Joey heard about the death of Charles during the Christmas season.

This is how Joey describes his Christmas in 1944:
"I came into the living room and saw that my mother was crying; she was wiping away tears with her handkerchief, and with her other hand she was removing ornaments from our family Christmas tree. Dad was standing near the fireplace, holding a piece of yellow paper in his hand. He was sobbing really loud."

"What do you feel was happening, Joey?" I asked him.
"I remember that mom and dad had just opened a telegram they received from the War Department. The telegram was about Charles. They just received the news about Charles. He was killed in action in France. Soon the whole family knew what happened."

Table of Contents


Part One - The Early Years
1.  A Boy Named Joey
2.  A Boy Named Joe
3.  Joe Meets Socrates
4.  Seminary Years

Part Two - The Middle Years
5.  A Presbyterian Minister
6.  The Storm in Arizona
7.  A Pentecostal Minister

Part Three - The Later Years
8.  A New Pathway in the Desert
9.  Emergence of Joseph
10.  Joseph Meets Malachi
11.  Three at the River ~ Joseph's Dream

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Faces of Joseph 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Faces of Joseph took me on a journey with Joseph, the writer, who I dearly appreciate as a friend. He embarks on a tale that weaves its way throughout his life, which is most interesting and inspiring. His life has been full of great personal spiritual searching and sharing, and he has certainly changed direction often. In this story you can see clearly how Joseph follows his heart, seeking to better understand his soul, spirit and God. He has gone from having a mainstream religious identity to having a unique spiritual identity. Joseph shows the way from being a follower, which had served him well, to being one who follows a path he himself knows how to wisely, lovingly and joyfully create. I recommend others read this book, to get a glimpse into not only a highly interesting life story, but also to get a deeper glimpse into your own heart and the Spirit connecting hearts. I think many will relate to Joseph's story. It touched me on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Faces of Joseph is full of many surprises. You just might not be expecting the way this story turns out, and is still turning out, as Joseph continues his journey remembering, developing and expressing his connection with God.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book is a work of self discovery, very personal, almost like a shared, shaped journal and visualization exercise. I was impressed by the honesty and candor of the work. To achieve the unbiased perspective he has, he divides himself in two--acting as a questioner and as the boy or man he was in the past, answering the questions first person and in the moment. Joseph has a gift for remembering his emotional states, even as a young child. Many biographies or memoirs which I have read have left out the most important part--the meaning of events to the individual, the impact that each event has. Joseph is very detailed in his accounts, and is not afraid to share his fears, or even his logic which he may later deem faulty. What I liked best about the book was Joseph's major and startling changes in perspective as he grew and tried on different forms of spirituality and belief systems. Although all people change in their journeys, Joseph has chosen an extreme path to walk, embracing many elements which could be viewed as diametrically opposed. Each position is given due credit and respect--he approaches his life with the tenderness a father might have for a newborn son. I greatly admire the care and thought that went in to crafting this account of his experiences. No matter what a person's religious or spiritual orientation is, I feel they would be welcomed by Joseph's warm and open storytelling.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been blessed to have read many of Joseph's writings and his first book, Faces of Joseph. Having read his works, I became acquainted with a man who has thoroughly walked and lived his spiritual transformations. I've been heart-touched by his humble expressions that flow in silent strength and soulful essence. I am truly honored to know Joseph. Faces of Joseph is an excellent, enjoyable and inspirational read about one man's life pathway of questioning, seeking and spiritual explorations. Joseph has lived his talk and walk on his spiritual quest and has shared this through the writings of his book. I was heart touched and uplifted reading this well written book and I treasure it. I highly recommend Faces of Joseph for one's personal reading collection. ~Anna