Facing Millennial Midnight: The Y2k Crisis Confronting America and the World

Facing Millennial Midnight: The Y2k Crisis Confronting America and the World



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ISBN-13: 9781888848298
Publisher: Western Front, Limited
Publication date: 03/01/1999
Pages: 281
Product dimensions: 5.29(w) x 8.39(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Happy New Year
January 1, 2000, 7:10 AM3
9:15 AM6
9:45 AM8
Counting Down to Millennial Midnight11
What Is Y2K?13
The Hundred-Year Gap19
Greatest Crisis in History?24
Waking Up in the Dark25
Chapter 2
January 3, 2000, 8:00 AM--Monday37
4:15 PM42
6:00 PM43
The Cascade Effect48
Garbage in--Garbage Out53
Electronic Prozac55
Chapter 3
Friday, January 7, 2000, 7:15 PM59
Can It Really Get This Bad?64
The Only Silver Bullets Belong to the Lone Ranger68
What About Bill Gates?71
A World Without Telephones73
A Millennium War?76
The NORAD Test79
Smart Bombs Get Stupid81
Chapter 4
Monday, January 10, 200085
Joe Everyman88
20th Century Toys or 21st Century Junk?91
Don't Look to Washington93
But the Government Says Not to Worry96
Chapter 5The Pre-Millennium Bug
The Beeper Blackout101
In God We Trust, Others Pay Cash102
The Pre-Millennium Bug(s)104
01/01/99--Let the Testing Begin!105
The Waiting Game106
Gee, Thanks!106
Will We Make It?108
Chapter 6Whistling in the Dark
Gauging the Threat125
The "Non-Event" Scenario125
Reality Check126
Mission Critical Systems of
Federal Departments and Agencies128
The Temporary Inconvenience Scenario134
The Partial Disruption Scenario135
The Case for the Brownout Scenario141
The Blackout Scenario143
The Great Depression Revisited144
The Farm Bill of 1933145
You Can't Eat Money147
Don't Get Sick148
No Government to Help153
So, Which Is It?155
Chapter 7Y2K and the Global Economy
Easy Come, Easy Go162
Get Out of Debt--Now!164
The Emperor Has No Clothes165
Too Little, Too Late167
A Bug in the Hedges169
The Corporate Y2K Report Card171
What Do the Experts Say?174
Chapter 8Toward A New (er) World Order
Some Success Story!183
The Global Report Card185
Missing the Point186
Who's Afraid of a Little Bug?189
Denial Is Not a River in Egypt195
What About Japan?196
Dragon Their Feet198
Panic in the Streets201
Millennium Madness?205
Going Global207
Let's Get Gorby!208
Sounds Familiar, Somehow!209
Chapter 9Thinking the Unthinkable
What You Don't Know Will Hurt You217
How's That Again?218
Kind of Critical, Anyway!221
Not Another Conspiracy Theory!222
The Technology Administration?226
Direct and Kind of Stern!228
Chapter 10Now That You Know, Now What?
Assess the Threat238
How Long Will the Crisis Last?241
Prepare for the Unexpected244
Develop a Checklist246
Y2K Survival--The Basics246
Your Y2K Checklist250
I Don't Feel So Good!251
Financial Preparations253
Rounding Out Your List255
What About Rover?257

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